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This evening I was invited by Mr Shreekant Malushte my photography Guru teacher for the release of his second book Asa Mi Tasa Mi at Matunga Cultural Center .. at 6 PM.

So I took a cab from Bandra and was there at about 5.30 pm . I met my Guru thanked him and was here till 8 pm , it was his book release under the hands of some of the great doyens of Maharashtra ..primarily Mr Madhu Mangesh Karnik and others .
There were speeches and each guest spoke about Mr Maludshtes contribution to fine art photography and photo journalism.

The Book is in Marathi prized at Rs 250 .
A lot of ex students friends of Mr Malushte had come to be part of his book release and his son Himanshu made sure that it was a success , Mrs Malushte too looked proud and happy the strength behind Mr Shreekanth Malushtes journey from Maharashtra Colleg as professor to his Snap Institute that teaches digital photography less theory more practicals and outings ,, I believe Mr Malushte has mentioned me in his book..

I took up photography to give up my chronic alcoholism , and now its been over 17 years after taking the camera in my hands I have never touched alcohol or cigarettes.

And photography I found is more intoxicating than alcohol , I began photography with a film camera and Mr Malushte helped me along taking me to Manor , Konkan and various outings at Alibagh bullock cart race , Murud Janjira.
Various Hindu festivals Ganpati Govinda and ..inspired by him I shot the Nasik Kumbh , Battis Shirala Snake Festival and the recent Maha Kumbh.

What I learnt from Mr Malushte , I bequeathed to both my grand daughters Marziya Shakir now 7 blessed by Mr Malushte shoots the streets beggars on Canon 7D with vertical grip , Marziya has been shooting pictures including Mr Rajesh Khanna since she was 3 year old .

Nerjis Asif Shakir now 3 year old blessed by Mr Malushte shoots on Canon 60 D she shoots beggars hijras , she has shot Mr Prem Chopra and most of the Hindu festivals in Bandra including St Peter Church.

And all this is because of Mr Malushte .. and here I must mention my other two Gurus who I met through Mr Shreekant Malushte .. late Mr BW Jatkar and Late Mr KG Maheshwari..

And so I left the function along with an old friend also a student of Mr Malushte .. Umesh Salgaonkar ,, I went to his house to meet his son Yash and his wife .. after almost 12 years.

I met many friends at the book release and if I begin naming them it wont end but a few like Ganesh from Ratnagiri Gangan , Pradip Salgaonkar , Vishwas Morye , Venay Paralkar Lotankar , Chitra Gokhle Vilas Ghosle and Mr Prasad Pawaskar respected Secretary PSI Mumbai and Shashank Ranjit.Nitin Pawar, Dr Suvarna Gawde,, others ..

And this is my new set series at Flickr.com

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