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N 17 B 4.3K C 13 E Jan 17, 2005 F Feb 21, 2018
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Greetings to you,

I am Mrs.Helen Wong, from Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. (China)I have a
business proposal of USD$30,000,000 (Thirty Million United States Dollars Only)
for you to transact with me

Contact me via my email address: helenwong012@yahoo.co.jp

Mrs. Helen Wong rekiretki@pp.inet.fi

Thank you
hope magnified
dear mrs helen wong
i think i remember you
vaguely we met at
chungking mansions
in hong kong,,but
we parted so long
your business proposal
of USD$30,000,000
Thirty Million United
States Dollars Only
is a blessing in
disguise ..i am sure
this transaction can
never go wrong
the flesh is willing
the humble spirit
strong ..we both
are gods chosen one
to his benevolence
we belong..life is
lyrical dreams become
songs..i accept your
generosity .. will be
your slave livelong
i shall hold you in the
highest esteem even
when some other offer
comes along ..

我愛你 [我爱你]
good luck i love you
mrs helen wong

this picture was shot by one of the greatest photographers of india .. late prof bw jatkar of mumbai dadar

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N 3 B 1.3K C 4 E Dec 11, 2013 F Dec 10, 2013
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Please can you help me re-profile fund? I am Ms Teresa Au, HSBC Hong Kong, head of corporate sustainability Asia pacific region. A sum of (USD$23,200,000.00) (Twenty three million, two Hundred Thousand dollars) Million was deposited by our Late customer who died without declaring any next of kin before his death in 2006.

My suggestion to you is to stand as the next of kin to Fadel Ahmed. We shall share in the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you. Please contact me via this e- mail: mrs_tere@126.com. Thanks


i was about
to drown myself
in the toilet bowl
leaving behind
my debt filled body
my pockets with
countless holes
till the message
from sweet mrs au
not related to mao
sent feelers to
my beggar poets
soul..she was
going to give
me blood diamonds
instead of coal
in her drama of
i had to play
a cameo role
phata poster
nikla zero
jail ke andar
bajao dhol
yeh duniya
pokhal phir
bhi gol
aam admi
age bol
jhol hi jhol
rock and roll
money that
she stole
a trick so
old ..delhi
main wapas
re poll ..
modi wave
rahul wave
kejriwal wave
public sold
out in the
winter cold

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N 8 B 2.1K C 2 E Feb 18, 2014 F Feb 18, 2014
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Dear sir/madam,

I must apologize for infringing on your privacy .I am Miss. Annie Santos from Benin West Africa currently working in multi-million dollar LNG Benin so I have this opportunity to influence over invoice on a lucrative foreign Contract award through my office and was able to amass a fortune worth about $9Million USD through inflated over invoice. The contractor has been paid off leaving me with the floating sum in the local bank here. So I writing this email to seek your assistance to present you as a sub contractor so that you can receive the over invoice fund and we split it 40% 60%. Email me at (missanniesantos@rediffmail.com ) If you're interested to partner me in this deal So that I can give you comprehensive details, Do accept the best of my personal assurances as this transaction is absolutely risk free from all what you may think. I Hope to read from you soon.
Best regard
Miss. Annie Santos Joachim.

Annie Santos nasirzadeh@hbi.ir

thank you
annie ,,for
getting in
touch with
me ..you
dont need to
we both need
each other
equally ..
children of
fortune faith
that give birth
to hope
we are human
shall enter
transact this
blindly .
after all
life is a one
time affair ,,,
lets lead it
kindly i shall
arrive in Benin
to personally
work out this
i have decided
to give my share
of this money
to charity ..
to create a new
order of politicians
of beggar children
who will bring change
make this nation of
mine more orderly
work to prosper
not just individually
but together with
caste color creed
collectively ,,,tears
no more on the soul
of humanity.. liberty
freedom justice equality

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N 7 B 4.3K C 4 E Feb 18, 2014 F Feb 18, 2014
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Do Get Back to me on this transaction

Good day,
Am Mrs Ailen Liu,I have a proposal for you,
I know this is an unconventional way of introducing my self to you,
Do get back for further details.at Mr.Alienaliu9@foxmail.com

Kem Coan Kem.Coan@kirbycorp.com

Thank you
Mrs Alien Liu
So happy that I
beggar poet
perpetually broke
received this message
from you..let me tell
you the other ladies
who sent me messages
i got unfairly screwed
because of them my
beggar ass got chewed
all hope bestrewed ..
on black better viewed
one was Helen the other
was Sue ..giving this
penniless poet his dues
walks barefeet without
shoes..bloggers are never
part of breaking news ..
to be a part of a corrupt
system of yellow journalism
we refuse ..once upon a time
we were gifted the pro gift at
Flickr ..no no more ..too
many messages to
ms mariisa mayer regarding
this issue .. they report abuse
flatly refuse .. i miss my friend
anuj nair ..no faves no comments
now what is the excuse ..what
the deuce ..bemused.. WTF
my blogs who the devil let lose ..
round my neck Yama has just thrown
his noose ...because he has a bad throat
he silently screams FAIRUZ..FAIROOZE
FAIROOSE ... I set you free this time
as i have urgent work in Belarus ,,,sex tours
orgiastic deaths ..no time to snooze...

Tags:   spammers beggar poet selfie mrs ailen liu pro gift flickr yama belarus sex tours ms marissa mayer anuj nair

N 7 B 1.6K C 2 E Jan 8, 2014 F Jan 8, 2014
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My Name is MR FULHAM MARTINS United Kingdom, my resolve to contact you for
investment plan in your country. its no
more a secret that investment is thriving fast in your country, am ready to
invest in any sector such as Manufacturing, Agriculture, Real Estate, Hotel
Business that can bring good turnover at expected time.

Therefore, if you choose to be of assistance am ready to send the CONSIGNMENT
FUND BOX to your country regarding the investment
collaboration/Partnership on

whatever moralities the investment will entails over there in your country.
Nevertheless, Am presently in United Kingdom, Therefore if you are ready to
collaborate/Partnership with me in this investment. Thanking you in
and i will be looking forward to read your reply ON;

EMAIL; EMAIL; martin.fullharm@hotmail.com
Thanks With Best Regards.


Regarding your
investment plan
i only hope it
is not criminal
or goes against
god and man
i would want you
to invest in Indian
Politics ..good
windfall in short
wants money
for elections
my good man
we could start
Aam Admi Mutual
Fund..for the common
man or get 500 crores
to promote dynastic politics
lets become adman
with your money
we can ..
make more money
produce a bollywood film
with Mr Salman Khan
that could be the talk
at Cannes ,.or a joint
production with international
Jackie Chan.....or make a
film with Ranbir Kapoor
call it Indian Superman
with a good 3D cameraman
there are a lot of possibilities
with your money investment
we could topple the government
in Sudan...we could even make
a great movie of peace brotherhood
with the filmmakers of Pakistan..
non state actors aplenty ,,,we need
no middleman.. or remake Horseman
once again in Afghanistan...

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