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I began blogging earnestly since August 2005 , my earliest tryst with blogging began at Buzznet, Fotothing and Blogspot. Webshots.
Due to unavoidable reasons , I deleted my Buzznet accounts , I had two, photographerno1 and commentatorno1.
I deleted my old blogspot account.
So Webshots and Fotothing are my two oldest surviving accounts.

Later came Wordpress and Flickr .

I dont post new stuff at Webshots and at Fotothing its basically off and on.

At Blogspot I have 3 sites all blocked from public view as a protest against an archaic tool called Word Verification.

At Word Press I have 3 sites ...

Firoze Shakir Poet

Now at the same time when I had these accounts my son Asif Shakir created ..Photographerno1 in Nov 2005..

This was a photo gallery ..it still is and does not have the required infrastructure of blog site.

I also had to pay for the uploads, so I on the advise of my son created the Flickr Pro account in Jun 2007.

(But Flickr is where all my blogs originate ...63770 blogs 299292 views till date )

I discontinued posting at Photographerno1.com completely , but it has a link that sends the viewer to my Flickr homepage.

Strangely the referral does not show on my Flickr dashboard.

I have 8275 files in 58 albums , not a single comment, viewed 968113 times.

I tried to upgrade it but it is a tough task,so it now serves as an archive ...but it has some great memories..my hijda quest began from here...

8275 files in 58 albums and 1 categories with 0 comments viewed 968467 times


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Today 23 January 2009 .

I cross 7000 blogs in 23 days my highest posting in 19 months..
I have done this working on Sundays and during the nights without coming into the way of my professional work as a gents couturier.

Also because there was a lot of events to shoot ..specially Moharam , that we Shias celebrate for 2 month eight days.

My G9 was stolen or I might have shot more , carrying the Nikon D 80 is a load on my mind.. and is not a friendly sight for my kind of street photography.

All my friends at Flickr..I owe it to them, those who come to my photo stream, comment and have encouraged me.

Also luckily the hate comments are down..

I was a bit hot headed when I joined Flickr in June 2007 got upset on racist remarks on my Shia posts, I hit back , now I have matured sobered down, I could not change my detractors I changed myself..

Because there is no Comment Moderation tool here at Flickr I delete a hate comment and block the person from further commenting on my pictures.

On the whole Flickr has been a great blogging experience ...fabulous friends and contacts.

I have learnt much from photographers like Kowalski , Dragon Fly..Aleem , Sarka, William the new friends ..and many others ..

The older ones like Tom Andrews my American Photo Guru here at Flickr, Benn Bell, Yorrik Dread And Friar,Designldg, Marius Muscalu..Debbie , Bernie, Daikitora and many others to name a few ...

I thank everyone here at Flickr.. for guiding me towards my goal..which is Photography is a movement of Peace ...and Brotherhood...

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My referrals from Alpha Inventions have gone up to 12%..overtaking Yahoo , Google , and other search engines.

Thanks to Cheru Jackson the whiz kid..he single handedly has revolutionized the concept of blog trafficking ..free enlistment but there is a paid service that keeps your blog 100 times on the reading cycle..

All my new blogs posted at Flickr are enlisted at Alpha Inventions.com ..several times a day..

We all want others to see our images our words, our world that is why we blog..or is there any other reason..

I fell in love on the internet I blogged my balls off literally, ready to forsake my wife kids everything..but the poet in me came to my senses the kitchen rolling pin does that to many an errant husbands..

I gave up Alaska for good much before Palin made Alaska a name to reckon with.

Than came a madness called the Blog Goddess..hopefully I came out of this poetic reverie too..

So blogging is about being human ,falling rising falling...

And as I write this music of our national songs play outside for another Republic Day.. 26 Jan 2009...the public is still being kicked around by politics and politicians , huge government friendly scams on the exchequer..the rich become greedily rich, the not rich bitch, and the poor well he is given his due on voting day than put back for another 5 years ...

The poor in India is considered an incurable disease by the powers to be and the best Indian .. is dead Indian of course..


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The above is a dashboard view of my blog stats from my site Firoze Shakir Poet...on 26 th Jan 2009


Alpha Inventions the brain child of Cheru Jackson has kick assed my graph upwards.. this poetry site is a sampler of my Flickr blogs..at Wordpress Org..

At photographerno1.wordpress I have crossed over 200000 views

At Flickr I will cross over 300000 views

At my Hijdaeunuchblogs I have crossed over 150000 views..

Both my hijdaeunuch blogs and my poetry sites are new..

My parent site photographerno1.com as mentioned earlier without Alpha Inventions enlisting is 968487 views

Alpha Inventions
blog booster
in conjunction
removes all tension
honorary mention
my blog of a soul
in detention
profitable views
added readership
without recession
the blog
is life and resurrection
a graph
going upwards
in the right direction
me a photo blogger
at cross section
away from
a racist poet hunted
no tears
no sweat
no compunction
the spirit is willing
the body in dysfunction
lead kindly light
a shia blogger
no spiritual malfunction


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One person on Flickr whom I owe a lot in terms of learning, guidance is Fred Miller ..he has always been there for me at any given godforsaken hour..

He was the one who told me to join Now Public an interest pubic reporting site ..


Fred Miller is the best friend to have on a rainy day.. he is there with his sunshine smile and help at hand,, may his tribe increase..Fred if he comes to Mumbai.. is going to be treated to draught beer , fish and chips at Cafe Leopold Colaba Causeway ..though I shall order only black tea..I am a non alcoholic beverage myself sizzling with photo blogs nonetheless..

I have been at Now Public all day yesterday posted 4 stories , the members are extremely cooperative , and at hand for help..

I have appealed to them to vote for my Hijdaeunuch blogs for the Photo awards 2009..


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