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N 1 B 1.1K C 4 E Jun 9, 2014 F Jun 9, 2014
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if you Google search rape
than it is the two raped girls
hanging from the tree an
article by the independent
you read..uttar pradesh
the rape capital in the
lead ..is the only news feed
our policing , our investigations
dont curb the crime no remedy
serial rape day in day out indeed

#wakeupakhilesh,,they beg
plead and beseech
practice what you preach.
.insensitive your words
your disregard to courteous speech
the criminals way out of reach
women s honor day in day out
they breach..feeding on the blood
of humanity like leech ..
somnolent un awakening dreams
is rape the only lesson in your
system of education they teach

Tags:   uttar pradesh wake up akhilesh street shadows street photography they

N 2 B 1.8K C 5 E Jun 5, 2014 F Jun 5, 2014
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a face
that has
yet not
learnt to
to be
the birth
of a girl
a curse
looked down
upon reviled

a moment lost
in agony i
shot on my

her eyes haunting
my soul captivating
my imagination
as i politicized
this beggar childs
profile ..i almost
saved her from
the jaws of a
human crocodile

she was being lured by a drunkard
i took his picture and he fled from her ..
he was offering her rs 10.. and asking her
change ..
i fired him ..but this is mumbai where her
own parents living on the road near the jari mari temple bandra force her to beg .

Tags:   ganesha workshop bandra hope and hindutva

N 4 B 3.5K C 3 E Jun 4, 2014 F Jun 4, 2014
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Aviary is down
my poems my blogs
now on hold my face
envisions a frown
urban brown
aviary support
curt rude
their silence
Flickr customer
care cuts a sorry
figure as unresponsive
no answer no sound
as i go round and round
mouth gagged hands
bound framed within a
frame photo shopped
pathos ..a blogger
waiting to be found
art in the background
pain in the foreground
a lovelorn poet hits
the dirt ..sardonically
satirical profound
Venus on the mound

Tags:   aviary sucks aviary aviary support selfie flickr customer care beggar poet urban brown aviary sucks double time

N 4 B 1.1K C 0 E Jun 2, 2010 F Jun 3, 2014
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pain and pathos
on the street
last but
not the least
your eyes
a betrayal
of fate
can feast

dedicated to dr glenn losack md

we are all beggars till we meet someone who is more beggarly than us..a moment my camera seized ..a moment unreleased

Tags:   street photoography muslim beggar street life street photography poems by firoze shakir beggar poet of mumbai firoze shakir poetry

N 2 B 1.0K C 0 E May 24, 2010 F Jun 3, 2014
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she sits silently
gestures with
her eyes
her eyes talk.
.people see
her walk..hearts
made of rock..
a few give her
some coins ,,,
her doomed
destiny all
doors locked

this is the fate of a
neglected muslim mother
you should not at all
be shocked ..she begs
round the clock

Tags:   street photography street scenes bandra street life muslim beggars