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488 items

Athvi Govandi 2008 2
298 photos

Athvi Govandi 2008 1
333 photos

Athvi Malad 2011 2
292 photos

Athvi Malad 2011 1
314 photos

Instagram Stories
138 photos
old images new stories posted at Instagram than cross posted here i stopped using Twitter I hardly come to Flickr www.instagram.com/firozeshakir/

Lockdown Eased 2021
261 photos, 3 videos

Corona Curfew 10 Extended Lockdown
82 photos, 1 video

Corona Curfew Lockdown 9
344 photos, 1 video
my lockdown series due to covid 19 pandemic

Corona Curfew 8 Lockdown Extended
451 photos, 2 videos

New Mural Ranjit Dahiya 2 Bandra
294 photos, 2 videos

Corona Curfew Lockdown 7 Bandra
490 photos, 3 videos

Aftermath Cyclone Tauktae Bandra
83 photos

Joe Trumpet Player Bandra Bazar Road
129 photos, 23 videos
Documenting the music of Joe who lives in my area plays for East Indian weddings funerals and Holy Communions ..

My Videos Assorted
2 photos, 102 videos

Corona Curfew Extended Lockdown 6
416 photos, 6 videos

New Mural Chapel Road Ranjit Dahiya
523 photos, 7 videos
shot this recently...

Corona Curfew Extended 5
396 photos, 19 videos
documenting the lockdown since March 2020..in #bandra ..

Corona Curfew Lockdown 4 Extended
436 photos, 15 videos
my lockdown series ..

Corona Curfew Lockdown 3 2021
300 photos, 8 videos
I am documenting the lockdown,, in Bandra Mahim and Bhendi Bazar

Corona Curfew 2 Extended Lockdown 2021
218 photos, 7 videos

Ramzan Documentary 10
276 photos, 15 videos

Ramzan Documentary 9
306 photos

Ramzan Documentary 8
299 photos

Ramzan Documentary 7
297 photos

Ramzan Documentary 6
299 photos

Ramzan Documentary 5
297 photos

Ramzan Documentary 4
290 photos

Ramzan Documentary 3
302 photos

Ramzan Documentary 2
298 photos, 1 video

Ramzan Documentary 1
297 photos, 1 video

Ramzan Memories
341 photos

Janta Curfew Bandra 14 April
117 photos, 15 videos
a new lockdown in Maharashtra the state where I live in Bandra Mumbai...fight against pandemic and covid 19..

Gudi Padwa Memories
469 photos, 1 video

Corona Curfew .. Lockdown Extended 1 2021
433 photos, 19 videos
Since Friday night all shops establishments are shut till Monday early morning ..fight against surging virus pandemic in our city..Mumbai

Peersab Fakhru Miya 2012
215 photos

Malangs 2012
274 photos

Beggars at Ajmer 2012
123 photos

My Trip to Pushkar 2014
200 photos

Sufi Monks Malangs Rafaees 2014
134 photos

Beggars at Ajmer 14
89 photos

Peersab Fakhru Miya 2014
362 photos

Remembering Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra no6 Ajmer...
198 photos

Dam Madar Malangs Ajmer
112 photos

The Forgotten World of Muslim Beggars Ajmer
276 photos

Rafaees Bawas Sufi Monks Ajmer
150 photos

Rafaees Bawas Jalali Chowk Ajmer
345 photos

World of Syed Masoom Ali Baba Asqan Madari Ajmer
181 photos

Remembering Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra no6 Ajmer
204 photos

Bandra Stories And Poems New 2
366 photos, 6 videos

My Stories Beyond Bandra
121 photos, 1 video

Bandra Stories New 2021
452 photos, 23 videos

Painted Walls 2021 New
221 photos, 2 videos

Naga Sadhus 3
336 photos

sakhis of vrindavan
3 photos

Naga Sadhus 2
479 photos

naga sadhus 1
52 photos

Aghori 7
153 photos

Aghori 6
330 photos, 7 videos

Aghori 5
468 photos, 3 videos

Aghori 4
474 photos

Aghori 3
364 photos

Aghoris 2
443 photos

World of Aghoris at Khamakhya 1
414 photos

2 photos, 1 video

Tennis 2 2021 under coach surendra pawar bandra
167 photos, 18 videos

Lockdown memories Bandra 2
305 photos, 6 videos

LOCKDOWN Bandra Memories 1
207 photos, 17 videos

My Bypass Surgery
18 photos, 1 video

Kolis Bandra Bazar Fish Market 2
19 photos, 2 videos

Bandra Bandstand 5
432 photos, 8 videos

Bandra Bandstand 4
439 photos, 3 videos

Bandra Bandstand 3
442 photos, 5 videos

Bandra Bandstand 2
485 photos, 12 videos

Bandra Bandstand Documentary
33 photos
A documentary of a walkers paradise

Earcleaners 2 Documentary
20 photos, 1 video

Swacch Bharat Bandra 2021 2
76 photos, 2 videos
My series on garbage dumps in Bandra .. and the BMC cant do anything about it..

Muslim Beggars of India New Documentary
15 photos

A Poets Rant 2
2 photos

Lockdown Continues Pandemic Covid 19 2021
336 photos, 13 videos

Shiasm 3
10 photos

Unlearning Photography
34 photos

Firoze Shakir Poetry 2
4 photos
my poetic pathos ..without profit or loss ,

Lockdown 5 Extension 1 August A
512 photos, 23 videos

Lockdown5 Extension 1 July
466 photos, 6 videos

Instant Upload
19 photos
uploaded with Uploader for Flickr for Android

Lockdown5 D Bandra
553 photos, 1 video

Lockdown 2020 Bandra 5C
434 photos, 18 videos

Lockdown 5 B
622 photos, 7 videos
Lockdown till 30 June

Lockdown 5 A Bandra
430 photos, 13 videos
Extended from 1 June 2020

Lockdown 25 March 2020
453 photos, 6 videos

Lockdown Extension 2020
423 photos, 10 videos
A record of the lockdown in Bandra since 25 March.. a record for posterity .. mostly shot in Bandra the mask was mandatory

Zehra Shakir
211 photos, 15 videos

Bandra Bazar 2 ..
662 photos, 9 videos
My Bandra Bazar stories ..from 15 April 2020 with extended Lockdown

Janta Curfew 22 March 2020
447 photos, 10 videos
shot this morning when our city was locked out.

Happy Holi 2020 Versova Gaon
312 photos, 8 videos
shot on 10 March

Mumbai Bagh Nagpada CAA Protests
121 photos

Mumbai Pride 2020 Azad Maidan
154 photos
shot on Feb 1 my first real shoot after my heart attack

153 photos, 2 videos
Shot our 71 republic day today thanks to ray fonseca ..A close friend

Launch Dilip Kumar Peerless Icon Coffee Table Book
162 photos, 3 videos
by Dr Trinetra Bajpai and Anshula Bajpai at Title Waves Bandra I was invited by eminent film journalist Mr Ali Peter John

FirozeShakir Storyteller
2235 photos, 2 videos

Street Photography Street Stories 4
4687 photos, 38 videos
My sequel to Street Photography

Pitru Paksha Banganga 2019
741 photos
I am the only Muslim shooting this Hindu religious event since 20 years . This event is celebrated by North Indian migrants living in Mumbai to pay homage to their dear departed ancestors...

193 photos
Documenting #GSBSevaMandalGanesha #KingCircle since last 18 years thanks to Dr #BUPai and late Mr #DineshPai.. #SuneelShenoy others .. #JaiShreeGanesha #GSBCommunity #Hinduism

Lalbaugh Chya Raja 2019
498 photos, 2 videos
Shot this evening at Lalbaugh Chya Raja Pandal first look for Press and Media only ,,

Eid Al Adha Namaz Bandra Station 2019
364 photos, 2 videos
shot this morning ,,,on my canon 7 d

Meghalaya Shillong Day Trip 2019,
248 photos
This was a on day trip to Shillong Meghalaya known as the Scotland of the East ,, this trip was sponsored by the gentlman a Hindu who had bought my flight tickets for Guwahati from Mumbai and he paid...

Ambubachi Mela Kamakhya 2019
2070 photos, 4 videos

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2019
609 photos, 4 videos
shot this morning ,,,

Hope and Hinduism Part 3
205 photos, 1 video

Marriammen Feast 2019 Madraswadi Worli
314 photos
I was invited by dear friend Shanmugham I have shot this iconic Tamil feast of body piercings for many years .. Vanakam

Hinduism Message of Universal Peace 3
590 photos
My new series on Hinduism promoting Hindu Muslim amity ...bhaichara and brotherhood.

Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach 2019
500 photos
Shot at Juhu beach did not shoot the finale due the sad demise of my friend Bhima Davendars mother who passed away. It was Bhima who introduced me to this feast ,, Om Shanti Om

Street Photography 3 ..
19570 photos, 130 videos
My new set on street photography visual art street stories .. what life teaches me through the lens .

Good Friday 14 Stations of the Cross Bandra Mount...
481 photos, 4 videos
Shot this Lenten Walk for over 3 hours to show my solidarity with the Christians of Bandra

Gudi Padwa Shobha Yatra 2019 Girgaum.
867 photos, 10 videos
#gudipadwa2019 #shobhayatragirgaum #firozeshakir Gudhi Padwa (Marathi: गुढी पाडवा IAST: Guḍhī Pāḍavā) and Konkani: संवसार पाडवो,Sanvsār Pādvo) is a...

Aghori Maha Holi at Manikarnika Ghat Kashi
2772 photos, 2 videos
Shooting the Holi of the Dead with my Aghori Guru Sri Manikandan at Manikarnika Ghat crematorium from 18 March to 19 March Story board of my journey images and videos

Haji Malang Urus 2019
3073 photos, 32 videos
I was going to shoot the Urus of Haji Malang Baba on these battered legs immediately after shooting the Kumbh Mela Basant Panchami Prayagraj...

Kumbh Mela Prayagraj 2019 ...
11 videos
Shot from 6 Feb to 11 Feb 10 Feb Basant Panchami Shahi Snan www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhcBCK29bxquQKkzX2XlCv2Hhj...

My Mulchandani Connection
75 photos, 7 videos

Urus of Haji Abdur Rehman Shah Qadri Dongri...
439 photos, 3 videos

Urus Fakhruddin Shah Baba 2019 Mahim
440 photos
the second famous sufi shrine at Mahim

Mahim Police Sandal 2018
217 photos, 3 videos
First day of Urus of Makdhoom Shah Baba 2018,

Urus of Makdhoom Shah Baba 2018
1674 photos, 16 videos
shot today ,,

Chhath Puja Juhu Beach 2018
224 photos, 4 videos
Shot this evening my humble tribute to Chhath Maiya and the peaceful people of Bihar settled i Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Fire at Nargis Dutt Nagar Slums Lalmitti Bandra...
68 photos
The fourth fire in this slum at Bandra Reeclamation,,,

GSB Seva Mandal Lord Ganesha 2018
368 photos, 2 videos
shot on 14 September 2018 thanks to Dr Bhujang Pai and my dear friend from Dubai Sunil Shenoy ,

Lalbaug Chya Raja 2018 A Documentary
1139 photos, 4 videos
Today I shot the first look for the press called Mukut Darshan. 11 September 2018 includes Visarjan too

Mount Mary Feast Bandra Fair 2018
35 photos

Dahi Handi Govinda Dadar 2018
250 photos, 15 videos
Shot this morning with my friend Magic Eye Deepak Ambebal...

Eid Ul Adha Bakra Eid Namaz Bandra Station 2018
387 photos, 4 videos
#eiduladhanamaz #bandrastation #firozeshakir This morning barefeet went and shot the Eid Ul Adha Namaz Bandra Station it rained heavily but the mamaz went on people soaked to the bones . I prayed...

Khamakhya Ambubachi Mela 2018 Assam
4532 photos, 36 videos
This is my third trip to Khamakhya I took diksha of the Aghori from Aghori Guru Manikandan.

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz 2018 Bandra Station
492 photos
Shot this morning ,, I have bn shooting this iconic namaz both Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha since 18 years ,..

Late Mrs Minal Babaji Shelar Mother of Advocate...
314 photos, 4 videos
She was our Mother too she loved us all and she passed away this morning on 3 June 2018. I completely broke down.. she loved me my wife my children and my grandchildren.. This set is my humble...

Mr Danny Denzongpa An Actor Emotes
320 photos
The look of Bioscopewallah my most difficult assignment under Deb the director and Shamim bhai the producer..

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli 2018
759 photos
W invited today 27 May 2018 to attend their Marriammen feast 2018..by my friend Shanmugham he had put my photo on his feast banner ,,

Marriammen Feast Makrandeshwar Nagar Worli 2018
386 photos, 8 videos
I was invited by my friend Sundernd Nd today I could not say no to him though I was not too well..I shot for some time and returned ,,met my good friend Shanmugham too,,a great reunion..

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2018
419 photos
I was shooting here after 7 years ..last I shot here was in 2011

Marriammen Feast 2018 Nehru Nagar Juhu Beach
997 photos
Shooting what nobody shoots Marriammen Feast Juhu Beach. I was invited by Velu the head priest Marriammen Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu and my friend Bhiman Devendra . I could not attend the morning...

The Story of Gambhir Singh Lost for 40 years...
184 photos, 1 video
He live 40 years in Mumbai as a vagrant ex army officer of Manipur Rifles somebody saw my video and he got connected through social media he became a celebrity overnight and a messenger of love hope...

Chilla of Baba Gor Kurla East
195 photos, 1 video
Chilla means replica of the Original shrine of Baba Gor in Gujrat close to Bharuch.. This chilla is a doorway to all communities with the message of Peace Hope Humanity ,

Sandal Syed Ali Mira Datar Darukhana Reay Road...
302 photos, 9 videos
This Shrine at Reay Road is a replica of the original shrine of Holy Saint Syed Ali Mira Datar Unjha Unava . Famous for exorcism and holistic healing of possessed souls called Hazri. I shot the...

Urus of Siddi Saint Baba Gor Ratanpore And Siddi...
2100 photos, 24 videos
This is an added chapter to my earlier documentation of the Siddis that I shot several years back at Mahim Urus and 100 Urus of Haji Abdur Rehman Shah Baba . I made good Siddi friends Janu Bapu Juma...

GudiPadwa 2018 Girgaum..
1222 photos, 1 video
shot today 18 March 2018

#FarmersProtest #Famers March Nasikh To...
1327 photos, 8 videos
The farmers are protesting against the current state government regarding waiver of their loans and farmer suicides and failure of crops due to inclement weather and are seeking a healing touch and...

Holi 2018 Versova Gaon
492 photos, 8 videos
I shot this event in 2017 too this is perhaps my best Holi shoot at Versova Gaon fishing village ..my videos of this event at You Tube

601 Urus of Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur...
3788 photos, 32 videos
Shot from 2 Feb to 5 February 2018 the annual celebrations of Holy Saint Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur seat of oldest Sufi Madarriya Silsila www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhcBCK29bxqut1uXDMReP_ZUIg...

My Best Friend Bipins Birthday Party
76 photos, 4 videos
friends from Canada attended the party that had classical dance performance ,, i had black tea while others had premium beverage ..

Urus of Bismillah Shah baba Rafaee VT Station...
730 photos, 8 videos
Another extension to my documentation on Qadri Rafaee Silsila an old Sufi order pating homage to Hazrat Ahmed Kabeer and Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani Ghaus Pak Dastagir. I was invited to the Holy...

103 Urus of Syed Haji Hazrat Abdul Rehman Shah...
1482 photos, 20 videos
The Shahi Sultan of Dongri.. Shot this evening thanks to the Trustees Mr Rehman and others , volunteers Nasir Bhai Rafaee and Dongri Police Station..there is a cosmic connection between the Holy...

Gyarvi Jashn In Memory of Late Peer Habibuddin...
980 photos, 19 videos
My new set on Qadri Rafaee Silsila thanks to Nasir Bhai Rafaee Dongri..this set is about Qadri zarb rituals hardcore body piercings and more ..all videos on YouTube...

Sandal of Hazrat Hisamuddin Baba Aminullah Al...
1322 photos, 21 videos
The no 1 Sufi Qadri Rafaee Silsila Shrine of Saint Hazrat Hisamuddin Baba Aminullah Al Rafaee Dongri . I documented the dargah and the sandal thanks to Nasir bhai Rafaee ..

Sufism 2 Rafaees Malangs Qalandaris Dargahs
13449 photos, 99 videos
My new collection part 2

Maharashtra Bandh Dalit Protest Against #Bhima...
425 photos, 5 videos
Shot today on a injured leg from Linking Road Bandra Danda Carter Road and finally prayers at Ambedkar sabs statue Khar Pali

Qadri Rafaee Silsila .. Nasir Bhai Rafaee Dongri
7211 photos, 97 videos
My new documentation ,, as sub head in Sufism.. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhcBCK29bxquXPKYAWa5_6iEH9...

Urus Hazrat Ismail Qadri Shah Baba Jamli Mohalla
290 photos, 7 videos
I was invited by Nasir bhai rafaee Dongri to the Sandal of Ismail Shah Qadri Jamli Mohalla off Null Bazar

Urus Fakhruddin Shah Baba Mahim 2017
444 photos, 8 videos
A famous sufi shrine at Mahim I have been documenting for several years

Urus of Makhdhoom Shah Baba 2017
783 photos, 21 videos

Mahim Police Sandal Makdhoom Shah Baba 2017
331 photos, 5 videos
Shot today ,,The Mahim Police tribute to the Holy Saint Makhdhoom Shah Baba . The Mahim Police pays homage to the Holy Saint next others will follow but first offerings by Mahim Police ,,

Chehlum in Lucknow 2017
695 photos, 7 videos
Came specially to shoot this event Chehlum Arbaeen 40 day Martyrdom of Imam Hussain grandson of our Holy Prophet ,, Cutting of my head with 2 daggers in each hand is my form of mourning for our...

Garib Nagar Fire Bandra East 2017
448 photos, 4 videos
Shot on the 3 rd day after the fire that devastated part of this iconic slum and vote bank shot entire series on cell phone Vivo 7

Chhath Puja Juhu Beach 2017
311 photos, 4 videos
shooting this feast every year due to my poor health could not shoot it in 2019

Moharam in Chennai Ashura 2017
2806 photos, 33 videos
Thanks to Meesaq and Ashfaque bhai of Royapettah who gave me a place to stay I reached here 0n 26 September shot Shiasm and Hindu temples at Mylapore

Shiasm in India 2
4585 photos, 44 videos

Pitru Paksha 2017 Banganga
879 photos, 2 videos
Shot this morning as heavy rains lashed my city ,, I was barefeet .. First I shot religious tonsure Next Beggars at Banganga The Pind Dan Returned by train to Bandra

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Visarjan From Lalbaugh to...
1472 photos, 4 videos
Shot barefeet walking with Raja 5 September 7 am till Visarjan Chowpatty 6 September 6 2017. Thes pictures are my tribute to Lalbaugh Chya Raja Pandal Mr Sudhir Salvi all other karykarts and...

Bakra Eid Namaz Bandra Station 2017 Eid Ul Adha
367 photos
Eid Mubarak ..shot this morning barefeet .. I could not shoot the Eid Ul Zuha as I was in Guwahati Assam

Fort Chya Icchapurti Ganpati of Mr Ravindra Surve
150 photos

GSB Seva Mandal Lord Ganesha King Circle 2017
199 photos, 3 videos
shot this evening

Ismail Shah Baba Urus Parel
562 photos, 17 videos
Documentary of a Sufi Shrine

#LalbaugchaRaja2017 First Mukut Darshan
699 photos, 5 videos

World Photography Day 2017
123 photos, 2 videos
I have no formal training in photography .. I took up photography to get rid of my alcohol dependence . My gurus are Mr Shreekant Malusht he introduced me to his camera club PSI Mumbai Fort he made m...

Maratha Kranti Morcha ..Ek Maratha Lakh Maratha
859 photos, 7 videos
Shot this morning from Byculla Zoo to Byculla Bridge and than up JJ BRidge till Crawford Market did not go to Azad Maidan whre the protest was to culminate as my legs were in bad shape,

Late Mr Vijay Khatus Ganpati Workshop Parel
73 photos, 3 videos
Mr Vijay Khatu whom I knew since 2008 did a few days back due to cardiac arrest ,,

Khamakhya Ambubachi Mela 2017
2569 photos
Documenting Aghoris Naga Sadhus Tantrics and Hijra Shamans . Shot the Eid Namaz too with my friend Laurent Salesse . my second trip to Khamakhya

Hope And Hindutva Part 2
20440 photos, 149 videos
extension of my earlier set on Hinduism..

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi 2017
552 photos, 31 videos
I was felicitated this evening by my friend Shanmugham with flowers and 3 shawls for shooting their Marriammen feast every years,, I am perhaps the only Muslim in Mumbai shooting this feast at Juhu...

Street Photography 2 Firoze Shakir
24756 photos, 243 videos
As Flickr does not allow more than 65535 images in an album I have to make this second set of my street images ..

Marriammen Feast Juhu Nehru Nagar 2017
848 photos, 24 videos
Shot last night thanks to Velu head priest and Bhima

Chadiyan Walk Delhi To Ajmer 550 km ..Ajmer Urus...
8792 photos, 69 videos
Humbly shot by me ..walk took 13 days with the Sufi monks carrying the standards of Ali from Dargah Qutbuddin Bhaktiar Kaki to Ajmer Sharif Includes Dhamal at Jaipur and Ajmer

Happy Holi Versova Gaon
687 photos, 8 videos
The Kolis celebrate Holi Versova Gaon Andheri

600 Urus Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur 2017 Camera...
3270 photos
I was appointed as the Khalifa of Syed Masoom Ali Baba Madari Asqan

600 Urus Of Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur 2017 Mobile...
1091 photos, 61 videos
I was appointed the Khalifa of the Dam Madar Malangs of Mumbai by Syed Masoom Ali Baba Madari Asqan ,,at Makanpur 2017 Accompanying me were my friends Boaz and Laurent Salesse

Urus of Fakhruddin Shah Baba Mahim 2016 Rafaee...
560 photos, 15 videos

Urus of Makhdhoom Shah Baba Mahim 2016
1461 photos, 8 videos
I shot the first day of the Urus with the presentation of the Sandal by Mahim Police to the Holy Saint

Athvi Chup Tazia Navi Street Photography Lucknow
31 videos

Chalo Bombay House Silent Protest March To Bombay...
473 photos, 3 videos
Photo journalists were attacked by the Tops Group security guards outside Bombay House office of Tata Sons ..I shot this protest today from Press Club of Mumbai to Hutatma Chowk and finally to...

Chhath Puja Juhu Beach 2016
294 photos, 1 video
shot this evening

Moharam in Hyderabad Ashura 2016 Plus Street Shots
1 photo, 22 videos
My documentary on Shiasm in India shot in Hyderabad from 9 October till 14 October ..it includes strret photography too.

Paksha Banganga 2016..Pitru
856 photos, 7 videos
Through the cosmic eye of a Muslim Beggar Poet

My Tryst With Mr Raghu Rai NCPA and Allahabad...
73 photos

Eid Ul Adha Bandra Station 2016 Bakra Eid
303 photos, 4 videos

Lalbagh Chya Raja Darshan 2016
1296 photos, 4 videos

GSB Seva Mandal 2016 King Circle
194 photos
shot this evening ,,

204 photos, 2 videos
You Tube Happy Hour at Little Door Andheri ,, You Tube Creator Day Boveda Bistro off Oshiwara 17 Sept 2016 I was the oldest You Tube Creator @YTCreatorsIndia

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2016
500 photos, 2 videos
shot today on a badly injured leg

Khamakhya Ambubachi Mela 2016
4160 photos, 24 videos
I was flat broke but thanks to Mr Shatrughan Sinhas wife Ms Poonam Sinha who sponsored my trip ,,I could have never made it . This trip my first trip to Assam was inspired by French photographer...

First Juma Ramzan 2016
55 photos

Last Rites Of Mr Vikas Mohan Mentor Friend and...
107 photos, 1 video
his funeral was today 31 May 2016

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli 2016
307 photos, 17 videos
shot today 29 May 2016..

Marriammen Feast 2016 Juhu Beach Nehru Nagar 2016
507 photos, 10 videos

Marriammen Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu Morning Rituals...
130 photos
shot at the Marriammen Temple this morning

Chatti Jashn Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra no 6 -2016
330 photos

9 videos
Shot the Shahi Snan 22 April thanks to my Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj Triveni, Juna Akhara, Naga Sadhus First Shahi Snan Ling And More

Ajmer Urus 2016
1757 photos, 1 video

Dargah Of Bu Shah Ali Qalandar Panipat Haryana
167 photos
Ali Dam Dam Dam a Dam Mast Qalandar

Urus Of Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur 2016
58 photos
With My Malang Mentor Syed Masoom Ali Baba Asqan at Makanpur,,he is 102 year old

The Malangs at Panihar Gwalior
764 photos, 4 videos
Was invited by Peer O Murshad for the Chalisvan of the mother of his nephew Gaddi Nasheen Syed Razzak Ali Baba Asqan Madari, Hindus consider Syed Masoom Ali Baba here as Avatar of Lord Shiva

Pablo Bartholomew 60/60 Exhibition Sakshi Art...
231 photos

Bandra Reclamation Promenade ,,,
490 photos, 5 videos
My new set part of my Bandra Blogs Street Stories and Videos

Urus of Fakhruddin Shah Baba Mahim 2016
569 photos, 1 video
world of the rifai silsila and incredible india . unseen india

Urus Of Makdhoom Shah Baba Mahim 2016
812 photos, 3 videos

Athvi Chup Tazia Navi Lucknow 2015
1454 photos, 3 videos
shot in lucknow , this year 2015

Chhat Puja 2015 Juhu Beach
238 photos, 1 video
The Bihari Ethos In Mumbai

Moharam Ashura in Lucknow 2015
1 photo, 18 videos

Pitru Paksha 2015.. Tribute To Muslim Hindu Amity...
734 photos, 3 videos

Memories of Ali Shah Greatest Matamdar of Mumbai
56 photos

Lalbagh Chya Raja Darshan And Visarjan 2015
542 photos, 1 video
First I shot the First Day Darshan and than the Arti And Visarjan today27 Sept 2015

Ganesh Visarjan Girgaum Beach 2015
446 photos
shot today 27 September 2015

Nerjis Asif Shakir Shoots Mount Mary Fair ,, 13...
248 photos, 1 video
youngest street photographer of bandra

Eid Al Adha 2015 Bandra Station Road
660 photos, 1 video
shot today

GSB Lord Ganesha King Circle 2015
442 photos, 1 video

Laurent Salesse in Mumbai 2015
85 photos
a unique friendship since 2007 from Lucknow to Maha Kumbh till the present

Mount Mary Fair 2015 shot by Marziya Shakir 7...
131 photos

Nasikh Kumbh Mela 2015 Ramkund And Tapovan
960 photos
I shot this in a single day

HTC Desire 826
550 photos, 29 videos

HTC Desire 826
4463 photos, 63 videos

69 Independence Day At Bandra Reclamation...
236 photos
My new set shot this morning

Congress Protest Against BJP At Bandra...
423 photos

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz 2015 Bandra Station
498 photos, 1 video

Akhri Alvida Juma Bandra Ramzan 2015
131 photos
Shot today at Bandra Station Road Mosque..the last Friday before Eid Ul Fitr

Tennis Under Coach Surendra Pawar
4141 photos, 148 videos
at MET Grounds .. Bandra Reclamation the most versatile dynamic Tennis Coach of India

100CANON (3)
235 photos
Uploaded from Windows "D:\maju 3 roza\DCIM\100CANON" on ACER-PC

38 photos
Uploaded from Windows "D:\100EOS7D" on ACER-PC

100CANON (2)
463 photos
Uploaded from Windows "D:\town gan\DCIM\100CANON" on ACER-PC

100CANON (1)
228 photos
Uploaded from Windows "F:\marz roza\100CANON" on ACER-PC

141 photos
Uploaded from Windows "D:\red light\101CANON" on ACER-PC

232 photos
Uploaded from Windows "D:\red light\100CANON" on ACER-PC

Prayer Meet For Departed Soul of Mr Rasik Solanki...
129 photos

Marriammen Feast Madraswadi Worli 2015
275 photos
Shot today 31 May 2015

Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli 2015
311 photos
Shot yesterday ...

Marriammen Feast 2015 Nehru Nagar Juhu
1179 photos

Chatti Jashn Peersab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 2015
211 photos

Ajmer Urus And Pushkar 2015
2252 photos, 1 video
I went to document the 803 Urus of Khwajah Garib Nawaz on 24 April and visited Pushkar and returned this morning 28 April 2015

Haji Ali Dargah 2015
104 photos

Swacch Bandra Bazar Road And Garbage Porn
3352 photos, 157 videos
And this is the Bandra where I live Bandra Bazar and adjoining areas .. And I have added the garbage sites of Bandra Reclamation and other areas ,, I taught my grand children photography...

Fiasco 2
611 photos, 3 videos

Asa Mi Tasa Mi By Prof Shreekant Malushte
167 photos
Book release I shot today 16 March 2015 message from mr malushte Thank you very much dear friends and students for coming and gracing the occasion. High regards to our prominent speakers, Padmashri...

Christians in Mumbai to form human chain on March...
275 photos
shot at bandra sv road lucky signal today

EarCleaners of Bandra Talao
898 photos, 83 videos
My tribute to the ear cleaners of Bandra Talao Kassim , Nabi Raju ,, who will be evicted from this place after the talao is renovated and they have been part of this iconic pond since 40 years ,,...

Firoze Shakir Poetry..
9582 photos, 5 videos
My poems personal thoughts poetically paraphrased...a very long stilted journey on broken wings on flight of fancy.,..

The Greatest Superstar Mr Rajesh Khanna RIP 18...
655 photos
All the photos on this gallery are protected by the international laws of copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum, transmitted or manipulated without the explicit...

100 Urus Haji Abdul Rehman Shah Baba Qadri Dongri
569 photos, 2 videos
Shot today and my visiting the Rafaees my old friends Hassan Ganda , and others.. Shot on 2 March the sandal of Baba

Dam Madar Malangs of India
8150 photos, 65 videos
I became a Malang in 2011 at Ajmer and a Khalifa in 2017 with the blesings of Syed Masoom Ali Madari Asqan.

Marziya Shakir
14812 photos, 11 videos
This is the birth of Marziya Shakir today the worlds youngest street photographer disciple of Camera Guru Dr Glenn Losack MD Of Manhattan New York My granddaughter who came to our lives on 24...

Marziya Shakir Photographer No1 Jr
2166 photos
All the photos on this gallery are protected by the international laws of copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum, transmitted or manipulated without the explicit...

DD New Look
215 photos
shot today 4 march photo shoot

Shiasm in India
34294 photos, 64 videos
My entire set of Shia Images shot in India ,,and tagged as SHIITES AND SHIAISM, Shi'aism, Shia, Shias, Shî'ah, sheee, shi, Moharam shot in Mumbai Lucknow Kolkata Hyderabad Chennai Jaorah...

Bandra Bazar Fish Market
951 photos, 5 videos

Hope and Hindutva Hinduism
70406 photos, 76 videos
Hope and Hindutva is a message of Universal Peace to Humanity from the land of Mysticism India. Shot as tribute to my culture and heritage as a Beggar Poet from Mumbai.. The pictures of Naga Sadhus...

75 Year Celebration Holy Name High School Fort...
235 photos
Diamond jubilee celebrations and reunion at my Alma Mater Holy Name High School.. today 17 January 2015

Phata Poster Nikla Hero
48 photos
My acting in the film as an actor and working stills I shot

New Flickr - Getting Used To It
170 photos

Nerjis Asif Shakir
7510 photos, 26 videos
My elder son Asif Shakir celebrates his birthday and God gifted him a daughter Nerjis born today 17 July 2011 12.55pm.. Marziya Shakirs baby sister....

Mumbai Pride March 2015
3 photos
Shot after a 3 year gap..

Nerjis Asif Shakir Youngest Street Photographer
762 photos, 2 videos
I start my granddaughters official set of photography, street photography , with her documentation of Mount Mary Fair 2014 ,,,pictures shot by her on Canon EOS 60D

Ramesh M Anniversary
4 photos
17 jan 2015

Our House Majlis 2014
58 photos
Shot today 23 Nov Sunday 2014

Remembering Late Mr Anil Bhartiya of NPPA .
118 photos
A gathering of friends photographers paying tribute to Mr Anil Bhatiya at Press Club of Mumbai 13 October 2014.

Chehlum In Lucknow 2014
917 photos
Documenting the 40 Day of The Martyrdom Of Imam Hussain also known as Arbaeen barefeet in Lucknow winter at Nakhas and than following the procession to Talkatora Karbala about 8 miles on an injured...

Eid Ul Adha 2014 Bandra Station Road
396 photos
shot this morning..

GSB Seva Mandal Lord Ganesha 2014 On Visarjan Day
413 photos
My new set as tribute to the Lord and his followers Gaud Saraswat Brahmins including other communities too..

Chatth Puja 2014 Juhu Beach
435 photos
Shot today 29 October with my friend Boaz

Durga Visarjan 2014 Juhu Beach
768 photos
Shot today 3 October 2014

Moharam In Hyderabad 2014
3504 photos, 2 videos

Pitru Paksha Banganga 2014
631 photos
Shot today 24 September 2014 at Banganga Walkeshwar .

Word Up Indiblogger Meet Blue Frog
229 photos
Shot at Blue Frog Event Sponsored By Big Rock

Marziya Shakir 7 Birthday
24 photos
her birthday is on 24 November because of Moharam we are celebrating it early ,,

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan Arti 2014 At The Pandal
781 photos, 4 videos
Shot today the King of King Of Mumbai.

7 Day Ganesh Visarjan Juhu Beach 2014,
145 photos

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2014
247 photos
My new set shot today Eid Mubarak to All

Ajmer Sharif Urus 2014 And Pushkar ..
1292 photos
All the photos on this gallery are protected by the international laws of copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum, transmitted or manipulated without the explicit written...

Alvidai Jumma Akhri Jumma Bandra Station
115 photos
my new ramzan set .. last friday of ramzan

Dabbawalas of Mumbai
1491 photos, 3 videos
The Dabbawalas I have shot as I captured them on the soul of my camera lens.. My pictorial tribute to a hardworking race , a selfless society of men serving humanity with dedication , love devotion...

Ramzan Mubarak From 2007 To 2020
3364 photos, 16 videos
Dedicated to all of you and a very Holy Month .. My series on Ramzan at my house and in and around Bandra where I stay and areas I visit during Iftar time in town... Ramadan since 2007 till 2015....

Poetry In Praise of Spammers
104 photos
All the spam mail I got ingeniously turned them into poetry

Marriammen Feast 2014 Madraswadi Worli
779 photos
All the photos on this gallery are protected by the international laws of copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum, transmitted or manipulated without the explicit written...

Marriammen Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2014
605 photos
All the photos on this gallery are protected by the international laws of copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum, transmitted or manipulated without the explicit...

Fishes ..Aquarium Fishes
321 photos, 1 video
a new set for fish lovers ,..

Chatti At Peersaab Fakhru Miyas House 2014
380 photos
eve of chatti at peersaabs house

46 photos
Shot yesterday ,,, at the Taj

65 Republic Day Bandra ..26 January 2014
174 photos
shot by nerjis asif shakir 2 year old and me this morning on Canon 60 D

Our House Majlis 2013
124 photos
Shot by one of my sons today..

Shree Balasaheb Thackeray Last Journey Last Rites
709 photos
A Tribute to the Greatest Indian Warrior Shree Balasaheb Thackeray shot today 18 November 2012 the last journey and the last rites at Shivaji Park. My Humble Pictorial Tribute to a Grandson and...

My Friends From Italy - In Mumbai
44 photos
mostly shot by Nerjis Asif Shakir

Delhi Street Photography 2013 2014
820 photos
Shot during my Moharam Ashura trip. and in Feb 2014

Moharam In Delhi Ashura 2013
1076 photos
My new documentary on Ghame Hussain In India ,,,,

Eid Ul Adha Bandra Station 2013
291 photos
My new Set .. shot this morning

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2013
724 photos
Shot this morning 4 October 2013

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2013
680 photos
shot at lalbagh chya raja pandal includes the other lalbagh ganpatis too, today 18 september 2013 7 am

GSB Seva Mandal Lord Ganesha 2013 Dedicated To...
90 photos
Shot today barefeet

Lalbagh Chya Raja Darshan 2013
90 photos
Shot today nothing short of a miracle ..

Unveiling Of Mr Rajesh Khannas Statue ..Walk Of...
339 photos
All the photos on this gallery are protected by the international laws of copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum, transmitted or manipulated without the explicit...

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station Road 2013
542 photos
Shot today 9 august 2013 8.15 am

Ramzan 2013
340 photos
Memories of Ramzan past and present .. vintage scenes nostalgic moments .. in the Holy Month of Ramzan and the Beggars ...the benefeciary of Ramzan Hope .

Ganesha Workshops Parel And Lalbagh 2013
238 photos
Shot Aug 2 2013

Marriamman Feast Madras Wadi Worli 2013
1382 photos
Shot today thanks to Shanmukhnanda and Sundar ..

Ajmer Urus 2013.. My New Set..
1640 photos
I leave for Ajmer ... I stay with Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6 My Patron I stay with Peersaab Syed Masoomi Ali Baba Madari Asqan..I am a Dam Madar Malang.. I shall pray for all of you .. who...

596 Urus Of Hazrat Zinda Shah Madar 2013 Makanpur
2352 photos
Shot on 29 March 2013 till 30 March the Urus at Makanpur. Dam Madar Beda Par My first visit to Makanpur ,,I shot the Allahabad MahaKumbh 2013 too. my first visit to Urus of Zinda Shah...

Slumbai-Mumbai Demolition Dairies
570 photos, 2 videos
my new set.. dedicated to slumdog millionaires

Mad People Of India -
523 photos, 8 videos
Are they really mad .. only time will tell my new set of mad people as an ethnicity shot and poeticzed over the years ...

Marriammen Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2013
1435 photos
Second part shot on 8 May 2013

Haji Malang Urus 2013
862 photos
My new set .. a documentary of my visit to the Dargah ..

Murud Janjira Bullock Cart Race On Gudi Padwa 2013
385 photos
After Jallikattu They Should Lift The Ban On Bullock Cart Races In Maharashtra

Marriammen Feast Animal Sacrifice Nehru Nagar...
230 photos

Dargah of Hazrat Syed Ali Mira Datar Unava Gujrat
429 photos, 9 videos
My series on the various famous Dargahs of India.

Dargah of Hazrat Waris Ali Shah, Dewa Sharif,...
911 photos, 6 videos
Dargah of Hazrat Waris Ali Shah, Dewa Sharif, Barabanki.. a spiritual visit ... by a Dam Madar Malang from Mumbai Shah Ast Hussain Badshah Ast Hussain Ya Waris Piya ..

Urus of Sultan Shah Baba Vijapur Gujrat
581 photos
My new set I shall update it later once I finish my Lucknow backlog..

Muslim Beggars of India
6624 photos, 21 videos
Everything changes , but not the destiny of the Muslim beggar..remains unchanged as the bombs explode and Muslims go on killing Muslims unabashedly .. The only Jehad to change the Poor Muslim...

Bollywood Connections
3346 photos, 1 video
My connection with Bolywood and documentation of moments some crazy memories ..

Filmi Chakkar
33 photos
Pictures at a shoot in Mumbai,

NCPA Summer Fiesta 2013: Catch 'em young -...
96 photos
Shot at NCPA Today I was the model...

Painted Walls Of Mumbai
2171 photos, 19 videos
Wall Art In around Bandra And Other Areas

Zinnia Fatima
1548 photos, 5 videos
Zinnia Fatima Saif and Afreens first child born on 13 October 2011at Masina Hospital Byculla.. zinniafatima.blogspot.in/

Nerjis Asif Shakir First Birthday 15 Shaban and...
146 photos
As per Muslim calendar Nerjis Asif Shakir celebrates her first birthday with her family on 15 Shaban and later on 17 July she celebrates her first birthday with Asif Shakir her dad..

Zinnia Fatima First Birthday 13 October 2012
75 photos
Zinnia Fatima aka Zaira Saif Shakir celebrates her first birthday with family and friends ..

Nerjis Asif Shakir's Mundan Religious Tonsure And...
27 photos
Mundan 22 July at home and the Akika on 23 July 2011 at Noorani lane bandra

5 Birthday Marziya Shakir ..
212 photos
Her birthday is on 24 Nov .. but as it will be Moharam time her parents decided to celebrate her birthday as per Muslim calendar..

Firoze Shakir Self Portraits
4117 photos, 14 videos
My change of attire is twice a day, I did not wear shoes or slippers for a year and half I have been advised to wear something to avoid a diabetic foot..so temporarily I wear a pair of cloth...

Appu My Friend
193 photos
Appu is an enigma, a phenomenal force who taught me to walk barefeet feel the earth kiss its heart with my feets sole..and this is a pictorial tribute to a giant of a man in a world of commercialism...

Firoze Shakir Poetry -2 Hubcap Shit Head
81 photos
Poems against racism written to drive away the spirit of a racist white Australian poet

Maria Leper Lady of Boran Road Bandra
430 photos, 2 videos
She was a Hindu became Maria a Christian her life did not change she still begs at Bandra her daughter Mary begs wants to convert to Islam Marys two children are studying in a Catholic orphanage....

Arti By Shiv Sainks Led By Shri Eknath Shinde At...
193 photos
I was gasping for breath I came to rest at the temple and shot this invited by Loksatta photographer Mr Ram Singh ...

Shree Kapoor Khamkhya Tantric Guru
1 photo
A tantric guru, promoting the Yoni cult, androgynous angst and a study in contrast.. a holistic healer and affiliated to Khamkya Yoni Temple Assam. This is my tribute to him as a Malang of Mumbai..

Late Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Naga Sadhu Juna...
96 photos
My Naga Sadhu guru a very simple man who respects humanity a scholar a healer and into tantra and exorcism.. I met him during the Nasik Kumbh and we have a great cultural bond,. he died of serious...

Chehlum In Lucknow 2013
1471 photos
Shot on 3 Jan .. part of Shiasm in India a 50000 image set at Flickr.com... includes my Kama Matam shot by my relative Guddu ..

Choti Bargah 2012 Chatta Bazar
885 photos
My sub set of Moharam in Hyderabad 2012

8 Moharam Hussaini Koti 2012
634 photos
The most beautiful moment shot .. in humlity and gratitude

Bibi Ka Alam 2012
1065 photos
Shot on Ashura day from Panje Shah till Chadar Ghat .

Moharam in Hyderabad 2012
1185 photos
All my images of Moharam in Hyderabad will be in this main set subdivided as Choti Bargah, Hussainikoti 8 Moharam, Ashura at Bargah and Bibi Ka Alam.. 2012

6 Moharam Kaisar Bagh 2012
3 photos
Shot tonight after aborting Delhi trip ...

Ashura Bargah 2012
200 photos
My moderated set on the rituals of Ashura in the Memory of The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain

Our House Majlis 2012
213 photos
Today 9 Dec 2012

Bakra Eid Namaz at Bandra Station Mosque And...
423 photos
Shot this morning..

7 Day Ganpati Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012
441 photos

Pitru Paksh 2012 Banganga
1188 photos
Shot today 15 October 2012 My documentary of Hope and Hindutva as a Message of Peace Harmony Mutual Coexistence ...in Amchi Mumbai.. shot though the cosmic eyes of a beggar poet .a barefeet blogger.

Bengali Durga Pandals Mumbai 2012
863 photos
My first outing on a badly injured swollen leg ..it is healing but slowly .. I shot Nutanpally Durga Puja Bandra this evening , a puja that my grandaughter now 5 year has been shooting since she...

Chhath Puja 2012 Juhu Beach..
380 photos
Due to the sad demise of Hindu Hriday Samrat Shree Balasaheb Thackeray the celebrations were low key and the Devotees of Chhath Maiya paid Shraddanjali to His Departed Soul.. Om Shanti Om.

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2012 ..
673 photos
Shot this morning at 8 am from Lalbagh to Nagpada

Lalbagh Chya Raja Darshan 2012
439 photos
Shot today 19 Sept 2012

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012
937 photos
This is a picture shot by Sagar Bekal at Bombay Durgabari Samiti Durga Puja .. but I am using it as my Introduction to my new Durga Visarjan set shot at Juhu Beach this evening ...

GSB Seva Mandal GSB Ganesha Visarjan Journey 2012
695 photos
my new set shot today 5 day of immersion

423 photos
The most beautiful Pandal in South Mumbai

Ganesha Pandals 2012
626 photos
Ganesha Pandals .. 2012 my new set

338 photos
Shot on 19 September in the evening ..

Indiblogger Vodafone Speedfest Meet Mumbai 2012
289 photos
Part 2 of Lewis Hamilton Speed Fest series shot at Grand Hyatt 16 Sept 2012

Ganesh Gully Mumbai Chya Raja 2012
69 photos
Shot on 19 Sept

Bandra Bazar Market and Bazar Road
15578 photos, 80 videos
Bandra Bazar Road ..

Football Marathon 2012 Shot By Marziya Shakir 4...
153 photos
marziyashakir.blogspot.in/ Shot by worlds youngest street photographer Marziya Shakir 4 year old on the Canon EOS 60 D.

Bandra Ganesha Workshops Shot By Marziya Shakir...
50 photos
Shot on 1 Aug 3012

Tejukaya Chya Raja Pandal 2012 Lalbagh
100 photos
Shot on 19 Sept 2012

Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganesha Pandal Bandra...
292 photos

207 photos
Shot today in two parts , one at the Hyatt and later at the racing venue BKC .and watch ... .Lewis Hamilton race down the streets of Mumbai as he does donuts, wheel runs and more in the MP4-27 F1...

Carter Road Bandra Rocks
1671 photos, 4 videos

Mount Mary Feast 2012 Shot By Marziya Shakir 4...
104 photos
Mount Mary feast shot by Marziya Shakir o Canon EOS 60D ..

Ganesha Workshops Lalbagh 2012
153 photos
Shot on 31 August 2012 .. part of my Hope and Hindutva series ..

St Stanislaus High School Bandra
329 photos
A prestigious high quality school led by Fr Jude Mascrenhas , pictures I have shot and documented their school as my Bandra Blogs .. . stanislausbandra.in/

Anna Hazare Victory March Carter Road Bandra
306 photos
Shot on Sunday,

The Nokia Apptasting IndiBlogger Meet...
250 photos
240,226 items / 2,019,333 views My new set on The Nokia Apptasting IndiBlogger Meet shot today at 5.30 pm at Taj Lands End .. Mumbai.. My humble tribute to Indibloggers the cream de la creme of...

Love Poetry Hate Racism
332 photos
My poems on racism in poetry...

The Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation
129 photos
a pencil sketch of line on the streets of bandra reclamation,my tribute to her spirit of survival..

Street Photography by Firoze Shakir
92147 photos, 297 videos
Street photography is the Mother of all Photography, raw emotions, mans survival, mans defiance, all interfaced on an urban battlefield called The Street .The street photographer has to be a wordless...

Barbers of India Religious Tonsure
3979 photos, 24 videos
I love shooting street barbers going about their work on the roads known as hajams their life is really tough ..

Kashmiri Beggars
188 photos
a sad story of lost hope and humanity i am ashamed to call them beggars..

Dahi Handi 2012
213 photos
Shot this morning at Dadar .. 10August 2012

Christian Ethos
11723 photos, 32 videos
Collection of pictures I have on Flickr of the Christian angst including my genre called Jesus Poetry.. Dedicated to Fr Lawrie Serrao and Fr Jaun .. Jesuits

The Silhouette of the Hijab
1736 photos
My new set at Flickr a Muslim womans world her strength and her resilience to survive for the sake of her womanhood and progeny..and a protective shield of faith called the hijab.. in all its...

Ramzan Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station Road 2012
292 photos
Shot today 20 August 2012 ..

Ajmer Urus 2012
1414 photos
Shot from 26 May to 29 May 2012 ... this set includes dam madar malangs beggars of ajmer and pictures of my host peersaab fakhru miya hujra no 6 . pictures shot at pushkar 2012 are in a new set ..

Circle of Confusion A Poets Rant
7700 photos, 58 videos
First I called this set Bandra Blogs but than the Blog died of OD .. I renounced Blogging and now I simply tell stories Bandra and Beyond

Hijras of India
19 photos
Hijras of India I have been photographing the Indian transgenders or Hijras since about a few years , I would have not succeeded in this effort without the blessings of the Hijra community and...

14 Stations of the Cross Good Friday Lenten Walk...
912 photos
shot today barefeet from 10 am till 4.30 pm.

Good Luck Irani Restaurant Near Mehboob Studio...
351 photos, 3 videos
My new set on the famous joint and the number of lives It has changed.. A tribute to big stars who ate here once when they were starting out as Bollywood Strugglers

The Blind Beggar Boy of Bandra
79 photos

Bandra Worli Sea Link
207 photos

House Madrsa Bazar Road
73 photos
Teaching of Arabic and teachings of the Holy Book ..to the liitle kids of Bazar Road ..

Wake Up Bandra Walkathon 2 Prayer March Mount...
328 photos
I shot the Prayer march today my new set at Flickr.com as a tribute to the peaceful loving Christian community of Bandra.. where I live ..this set includes the prayer march and my Jesus poetry...

CC TV Project Launched at Bandra Police Station...
47 photos
shot 25 May 2011 Launch of the CCTV Project inaugurated by Ms Priya Dutt MP and Additional Commissioner of Police Mr Amitabh Gupta under the aegis of Senior Inspector Samad Shaikh of Bandra Police...

67 photos
My new set showing my sufferings my plight with my internet service provider MTNL Broadband and my poems letters to their erstwhile GM.. My Set On MTNL Broadband a Nightmare on Demand dedicated...

World of Advocate Ashish Shelar Bandra
2948 photos, 5 videos
All pictures shot of Ashishjis life in Bandra , in this set .. which all belongs to a collection of the same name.. I have a great respect for Advocate Asish Shelar and he has been a great support...

Bandra Mount Mary Feast 2011
259 photos
The feast starts tomorrow but I shot it a day in advance ..

Siddis of India Lost Tribe of Africa
2803 photos, 25 videos
People of African descent drummers and acrobatic dance performers .. They languish in India from the world of the Zulu fighters .. this is survival in modern times misplaced humanity .. pain and...

Welcome MV Pavit Ruia Park Mora Village JUHU
154 photos
If a ship full of hoodlums, terrorists had to enter our territorial waters leave aside the security forces even our somnolent system of law administration would never know ..first it was MV Wisdom...

MV Wisdom Juhu Beach
94 photos
Shot recently...

14 Stations of the Cross Good Friday Lenten Walk ...
1043 photos
I walked barefeet with the Christian community to share their pain and to show my solidarity with their spirituality ..that touches us all with peace hope and humanity.. I walked with Jesus Christ...

Tattoo Art
77 photos

Al's Tattoo Parlour Bandra
54 photos
Al is a very dear friend a self made man,.a remarkable tattoo artist,

Swine Flu Basics , Symptoms Precaution -
84 photos
A new set on the outbreak of Swine Flu in Mumbai and pictures shot at Bandra Bazar Road..

India Win World Cup 2011
69 photos
Memories , poems and nostalgic moments of the World Cup I am not much of a cricket fan but I joined the band wagon from the semi finals..India v/s Pakistan.

230 photos
Shot 13 Oct 2009

Launch of Bandra Times
97 photos
My new set on Flickr shot this evening..

Mumbai Bandh 5 July 2010
161 photos
Mumbai Bandh shot this morning

The Bohras of Mumbai
533 photos

Fire Near Badri Bohra Mosque Bandra Bazar Road
160 photos
I shot this two hours back,.,,today..

The Parsis of Mumbai
338 photos

227 photos

Patla Cross Feast Day Bandra Reclamation
213 photos
I shot this today 3 May.. invited by Clarence Gomes of Bandra Times.. Rahebar Khan was the Chief Guest..

194 photos
The passing away of a doyen of the GSB Community .. a dear friend he shall be missed by all My humble tribute to Amit his son Anita his daughter and the rest of their family .. and above all the...

Marriamman Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2012
774 photos
Shot today on 20 May 2012 on Canon EOS 7D

Marriamman Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2012
1028 photos
Shot today in two pats 9 May 2012

Pushkar Revisited 2012
194 photos

Animal Slaughter Ritual Marriamman Temple Nehru...
116 photos

Juloos In Memory Of The First Martyr Hazrat...
162 photos
Shot last night 28 OCt 2012

Chehlum in Mumbai 2012
842 photos
Shot today in two segments the procession and the hardcore matam in the Shia cemetery..my pictures were shot by my son..

Ashura Mumbai 2011
1209 photos
Shot on 6 December at Amin Imambada than the procession on the streets and finally the cemetery segment

Athvi End of Moharam Malad Malvani 2012
645 photos
Shot today .. 1 Feb 2012

Pappu Bhais Kurla Juloos 2012
308 photos
Shot last evening an important Shia segment

Guru Nanak Park Juloos Bandra 2012
238 photos
Shot last night without Marziya Shakir ..a tribute to Munir Bhai one of the organizers in hospital recuperating from a heat attack, please pray for his speedy recovery...

Nawab Kashmiri Greatest Actor of Indian Cinema
23 photos
Pictures kind courtesy of Manu Kashmiri,..his youngest son living in MUmbai

9 Moharam Mumbai 2011 Byculla Savoie Amin...
1 photo
Shot on 9 Moharam along with Dr Glenn Kim and Viola

Sufism Rafaees Malangs Dargahs
54963 photos, 214 videos
A collection of all Sufi related sets images I have Shot Till Date

Interestingness. My 200 Popular Posts at...
14 photos
This is a view of your 200 most popular bits, ordered by interestingness.

Mumbai Bomb Blast 13/7/2011 Dadar
289 photos
Shot today..

Turner Road Traffic Signal Kids And Other Traffic...
337 photos
Children of a lesser God at traffic signals praying to God that they are nt caught by the Dhobles of Indian society who have prevention but no cure..

Pictures Shot on Canon EOS 7D
2919 photos
Pictures shot on the Canon EOS 7D..

Book Launch of Rajiv Sonis's Seher By Hon...
188 photos
book of launch of a very dear friend from delhi rajiv soni.. seher-book.com/

Holy Namers Reunion 2012
375 photos
My Alma Mater . I studied here from 1963 to 72 /73 .. Ramesh Mulchandani and Dennis Fernandes were my best childhood friends ..

Cathedral of Holy Name Wodehouse Road
82 photos
Shot on March 28 with due permission from Fr Caesar parish priest..

Haji Malang 2012
52 photos
This includes only the Urus of Sultan Shah Baba shot last night I returned back to Mumbai this morning

Ajmer Sharif Urus 2011
1739 photos
Shot by me in Ajmer barefeet...

Mahashivratri 2012
25 photos
Hindus celebrate Mahashivratri today..

Our House Majlis 2011
233 photos
shot today 25 Xmas day

Bakra Idd Namaz And Kurbani 2011
469 photos
My new set ..

Chhath Puja Juhu Beach 2011
414 photos
shot today barefeet...

Abhijeet Bhattacharya's Lokhandwala Durgotsav...
214 photos
The most famous Durgotsav event in Mumbai at Abhijeets at Lokhandwala Andheri..

DN Nagar Durgotsav Andheri Mumbai
190 photos
My new set .. shot today 4 Oct 2011 part of my Hope Hindutva series ..

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2011
588 photos
Shot this evening..

Durgotsav - Durga Pandals Mumbai
591 photos
A collection of all Durga related pandals I shot this year..

Master Chef India 2 Indibloggers Meet Mumbai RK...
496 photos
Shot today 15 October 2011.. MasterChef India 2 Indi Blogger Meet at RK Studios.. Indi Bloggers is a fruitful platform for young old bloggers and nestled in the soul of this community is love of all...

The Queen of Hijras Laxmi Narayan Tripathi My...
1 photo
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is my Hijra Guru guide mentor and this is my humble tribute to her strength courage to showcase and fight for Hijra human rights .. It has taken me years to shoot all these...

Heena Hijra Wild Beauty Queen
2 photos
My tribute to the most beautiful Hijra of Mumbai queen of the hijra cages

Hijras at Haji Malang 2010
1 photo
Pictures shot at the Urus Haji Malang 2010 dedicated to my hijra Guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi..

Simran Dancers Birthday Party 2008 Madh Island
1 photo
Old pictures I have housed in a separate set here at Flickr as a tribute to my good friend Simran transgender beauty of Mumbai.. A Private function attended by all Simran dancers friends straight...

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2011
961 photos
Shot today 27 Sept 2011

Durga Workshops Lalbagh 2011...And Bandra SV Road
459 photos
shot today..24 Sept 2011

Lal Bagh Chya Raja Darshan 2011
362 photos
I shot this moment which is nothing short of a miracle.. I shot it for all my friends..

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2011
1105 photos
shot today..

GSB Seva Mandal GSB Lord Ganesha 2011
416 photos
My new set shot today 1 Sept 2011

661 photos
Shot today 5 Sept 2011 from King Circle to Dadar Tilak Bridge

Mr Pratap Sarnaiks Dahi Handi Vartak NagarThane ...
264 photos
I shot this yesterday .. will post pictures later ..

148 photos
Shot today..

Ganesha Pandals 2011
387 photos
Ganesha Pandals of Mumbai..

Lalbagh Chya Raja Auction .. 2011
319 photos
Shot today.. 18 Sept 2011

Idd Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station Road 2011
528 photos
Today the Muslims in Mumbai celebrate Ramzan Idd Eid Ul Fitr ..

India Against Corruption Victory Celebrations...
492 photos
Shot today at Azad Maidan and Gateway of India..Anna Hazare Victory Celbrations

India Against Corruption Round 2 August 16 2011...
1235 photos
India Against Corruption.. Round 2 The fightback for the Jan Lokpal Bill .. and images captured of a new fight new struggle Round 2 led by Mayank Gandhi and his team mates in Mumbai .. This...

Eid e Ghadeer Procession Jashn Kaisar Bagh 2011
163 photos
On 18th Zilhijjah of the year 10 A.H. (10 March 632 CE) ,after completing the last pilgrimage ,the Holy Prophet(pbuh) along with around 100,000 Muslims reached a place called 'Ghadir-e-khumm' near...

21 Ramzan Martyrdom of Imam Ali
2 photos
shot this morning

Ramzan Mubarak 2011
697 photos
This is my new set of Ramzan 2011

Marriammen Feast Macchimar Colony Mahim 2011
1180 photos
Shot today 29 May 2011

Marriammen Feast Madras Wadi Worli Seaface 2011
1155 photos
I shot this today 15 May 2011...

Marriamen Feast Juhu Beach 2011 Nehru Nagar
1147 photos
This is a set of the rod and hook piercing rituals

Marriamman Feast Sion Koliwada 2011
826 photos
Shot today 21 May 2011 my documentation of Marriamman feast and piercings.

Marriammen Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2011 Goddess...
551 photos
The Marriamman feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 4 May 2011..

Haji Malang Urus 2011
1368 photos
This set is a tribute to the memory of Aiee late mother of Kumar Abhijeet Ketkar Rani and Raja.. This is my humble tribute to a very kind soul a very warm human being I had the good luck of being...

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan To Mount Mary
340 photos
My new set shot this morning at 4 am The Marian Sewa Foundation organized the 23 All Mumbai Walking Pilgrimage from Cross Maidan to Mount Mary.. the walk was flagged by Cardinal Oswald Gracias on...

Pablo Bartholomew Revisited At Sakshi Art Gallery...
55 photos
A few pictures I took of his talk and his journey reminisces and his tribute to his father Richard Bartholomew. Chronicles of Past Life Photo Exhibition Saturday, February 19 at 6:30pm - March 7...

Da Mir Pan Zlatko From Croatia Cyclists On Wings...
188 photos
Damir and Zlatko traveling the world on cycles to spread love through music..mission of peace ..

Dargah of Mir Sakhi Sultan Shah Baba Haji Malang
246 photos
This is the Doosri Salami and the dargah has Hindu Khadims Rohan Patil and his father.

Haji Malang Urus 2010
1652 photos
Shot n 30 Jan 2010 till 1 Feb 2010,..

The Fire At Garib Nagar Slums Bandra East Mumbai
1659 photos
I shot this aftermath of the fire this morning that has devastated everything, nothing remains .. nothing at all. Shot on Saturday 6.30 am to 10 .30 am

Mahashivratri 2011
136 photos

Rocky The Slave Directed by James John Barla
66 photos
a dynamic stunt director James John Barla begins his new feature film Rocky the Slave

Juloos E Haidery 13 Rajab Mumbai 2011
377 photos
My new set at Flickr commemorating Hazrat Imam Alis birthday..

Jafari United Social Troop JUST India Shia First...
109 photos
My New Set for the hoolistic healers of JUST iNDIA their service to Shia Society Akka Maula Hussain ..to Imran Bhai Akram Bhai and all of you at Just India.. A barefeet photo bloggers humble...

Athvi Amary Juloos Malad Malwani 2011
605 photos
Short today at Malad Malvani no 6 ..this ends Moharam and mourning of the Shias..

Mira Road Juloos 2011
277 photos
I was accompanied here by good friend Mohomed Ali Aga Iran..and shot this barefeet..

Hazri And Holistic Healing at Hussain Tekri Jaora...
587 photos
A set within a set of the Hazri or possessed people and other invoking Bibi Fatima Zehra , Hazrat Ali, Bibi Zainab, Bibi Sakina Hazarat Abbas and Imam Hussain.. The penance in the sewer pond is...

Kashmiri Shias at Hussain Tekri Jaora 2011
105 photos
Kashmiri Shia ki Pukar zulm se dar jaen ye to nhn mumkin, chorden krna matam o majlis nhn mumkin, hum ko salamti ki dua BIBI ZEHRA S.A se mili hy, jhoote munafiqon se dar jaen ye nhi mumkin, kisi...

Chehlum in Hussain Tekri Jaora 2011
1684 photos
The Hussain Tekri Jaorah Chehlum happens one day before the Mumbai Chehlum , I shot this and returned this morning to shoot the Mumbai Chehlum today. The shrine of Hussain Tekri was built by the...

Moharam in Mumbai 2010 Not Shot By Me
304 photos
These are pictures given to me by my dear friend Munna Bhai of Dongri.. to share as was not in Mumbai I was shooting Moharam in Chennai..

Zuljana Faith and Fidelity
777 photos
I have shot Zuljana all over India and am trying to house all of them in a single set at Flickr .. Zuljana fascinates me and I have tried to shoot his moods his tryst with destiny at Karbala...

10 Safar Juloos In Memory of Bibi Sakina Dongri...
183 photos
shot on 14 jan dongri

Majlis For The Soul of Late Ali Akbar Shirazi at...
104 photos
shot today 11 jan 2011 mira rad

Ali Reza Shirazi's Mount Mary Juloos 2011
275 photos
shot on 9 jan 2011

Guru Nanak Park Juloos Part 2 Bandra Shia Mosque...
24 photos
shot late last night

Guru Nanak Park Juloos Bandra 2011 Part 1
137 photos
Shot by me and the children s zanjir matam shot by Marziya Shakir 3 year old street photographer.

Our House Majlis 2011
164 photos

Fakhruddin Shah Babas Urus 2011
241 photos