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Ya Hussain Alvida

Today is the last day of Shia mourning ..it is called Athvi or 8 Rabilawal..
If the pandemic had not happened I would have been in Lucknow shooting this iconic event that begins at Nakhas with the Chup Tazia procession and meeting Baney bhai and doing my Kama Matam at Kazmain.
But it was not to be Moharam like other feasts celebrated by us Indians has been muted ...low key .
Shias mourn for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain this mourning lasts for 2 month 8 days includes Ashura Chehlum and Athvi.
For 2 month 8 days I only wore black attire no jewlery..all my colored clothes were locked up .
Tomorrow the Shias celebrate Eid E Zehra 9 Rabilawal or Navi ...I have mostly shot it in Lucknow at Kazmain or Makbara .
However due to the lockdown I have been posting slide show s of my Flickr archives .
The present one is Christian Ethos..25 videos ..I have uploaded about 9.
Christianity has played an important role in my life as a child at the age of 5 I studied at Private European School Colaba it was affiliated to Methodist Church..
Later I joined Holy Name High school..my education and partvof my upbringing was the Roman Catholic Church .
Here I must reiterate though a Muslim the priests I considered my teachers mentors like Fr Stephen Nazareth and Fr Leslie Ratus helped me understand life ..there was no attempt to convert me at all.
So I am documenting this ethos of Christian way of Life shot by me .
I could never be a bigot thanks to my Shia parentage my Christian Jew Buddhist Parsi Hindu friends...they opened up the doors of their Faith ...and the camera that came very late in life helped me capture the nuance of my feelings...my emotions .
I shoot all faith respect all faith.
Thought a few who don't know me should be able to read my thoughts through my pictures here on Instagram.

#ChristianEthos .
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  • Taken: Oct 26, 2020
  • Uploaded: Oct 25, 2020
  • Updated: Nov 9, 2020