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User / firoze shakir photographerno1 / A Cosmic relationship Between A Two Year Old Child And An Italian Fairy Godmother
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Nerjis was 2 year old when she met my dear friend Manuela Nessi and shot her pictures , and two years is a long time and now 4 year old she remembers Manuela and just spoke to her on the phone ,,sometimes I wonder how this is possible ..the way she talked to Manuela is as though they are the oldest of friends ,,making m feel like an outsider overhearing their conversation.. sometimes I wonder is there some kinetic force at work, in the camera that bonds people , makes you connect with people million miles apart , and it is not simply because of the pictures you shoot ,,it has to be something to do with the camera ,, amazingly on the flip side I lost friends because of the camera too ,,
The reason Nerjis remembers Manuela is she has a very powerful retentive memory , she remembers minute details and this is a child I used to call her a Malang when she was born.. she knows all the beggars in Bandra and they love her because she will stop my wife or her mother ,, tell them to give them money,, so introducing Nerjis to the streets of pain has its positive effects too.. but again this post is about Manuela ,, who has a very rare quality of making friends and keeping them cosmically attached as her friends ,, I met her through Deepak Amembal and she is actually a friend of Anjali Bhonsule and all three came one day to shoot Bandra backlanes the rustic part of Bandra and our hallowed garbage ..and from day till this Manuela and I have remained friends ,.. I was to meet her yesterday in the daytime but than luckily my wife reminded me I had a meeting with Mr KRK.. so I will meet Manuela today at Linking Road ,, might take Nerjis too.
So picture taking is not merely shooting pictures but weaving stories .. real stories in a make believe world of film and fantasy
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  • Taken: Nov 27, 2013
  • Uploaded: Oct 4, 2015
  • Updated: Jun 7, 2017