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365 Days
4803 photos
This is where you can find a picture of me for every day! There's more than 365 because I kept going... This is for the group 365 Days.

Luna's 365 Days
2216 photos

Ash's 365 Days
1071 photos

451 photos, 4 videos
These are the photos that I knew were in Explore at one point or another...

29 photos

207 photos

253 photos, 1 video
Animals always look great in photos!

20 photos

20 photos

Arts And Crafts
6 photos

Art Show
39 photos
Usually for the USC Med School art show I post my landscape photos, but enough people convinced me to choose some of my self-portraits this time... So I'm going to post 4 365 Days shots and I need...

1325 photos

Ash Is Growing
37 photos

Ash's Friends
19 photos

Awesome Husband
1307 photos, 1 video
I Love Ryan

Bat's Day At Disneyland
331 photos
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

72 photos

Big Bear
32 photos

Birthday Parties
26 photos

322 photos

37 photos

24 photos

164 photos

437 photos, 1 video

74 photos
It needed it's own set.

Color Me!
29 photos
I love colors. I know my favorite animal is a zebra, but black and white is not for me!

74 photos

70 photos

34 photos

690 photos, 5 videos
Non-goth Disneyland!

1446 photos, 9 videos
These are pictures of my favorite person, ME! (The non-365 pics, anyway)

649 photos, 5 videos
Photos of or with my family. You gotta get tired of me sometime!

14 photos

Flickr Bingo
17 photos
I'm joining Sungazing and her friends in this fun game she created!

Flickr Friends
193 photos
Fabulous Fun With Friends From Flickr!

Flickr Video
31 videos
Video? Who woulda thunk? And I totally love it!

104 photos
Just food.

Forman Family Medicine
47 photos

Fourth Of July
25 photos
Illegal fireworks! Woo!

Friends, Etc...
117 photos

Gold (and Red) Stars from CWD
51 photos
I'm in a class with Dave and Dave - they give out gold stars. I'm a gold star whore so now I have to post them in their own set :-D

46 photos
Yeah. I appreciate all that is goth. So?

578 photos, 3 videos

Hong Kong
189 photos

37 photos

192 photos

Imperial County
84 photos
AKA The Desert in Southern California.

Interestingness Abounds
70 photos, 2 videos
These are my 72 most interesting photos according to Flickr. Yay Interestingness! Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 9th January 2018 at 5:05am UTC

32 photos
Dec 2002 - Jan 2003

Kansas City
24 photos, 1 video
For the AAFP National Conference 2011.

Knott's Berry Farm
106 photos

Lake Havasu
30 photos

Las Vegas
29 photos

Lebowski Fest
17 photos

Long Beach
149 photos

Los Angeles
204 photos, 1 video
Almost all of my shots are from LA, but in this set I've picked out the most representative photos so you see how I interpret this crazy, huge, horrible, awesome, interesting, aggravating, and...

3023 photos
All the photos of my little girl, not in her 365 Days.

Luna Is Growing
77 photos

Luna's Friends
236 photos

3 photos
Gross stuff.

Medical School
89 photos
Pictures of what I do most of the time... study.

Museum Of Ice Cream
55 photos
Temporary installation in Downtown LA - 2017

138 photos
Ah, nature, gotta love it!

Need Humor?
91 photos, 1 video
I'm a bit silly and I like to be a bit of a clown. These are some of my funniest of photos (in my opinion).

347 photos

Not Nature
198 photos
I just put everything else here.

Orange County
330 photos
Now that I don't live in LA any more, I had to make a new set for the OC. Personally, they're practically the same thing.

Palm Springs
23 photos
Jeff's Birthday January 2012

66 photos

215 photos
July 2012

Paso Robles
44 photos

Photographer Rights Protest
24 photos
June 1 2008 Union Station, Los Angeles

632 photos, 4 videos
June 2008 Ryan, Shaun (his brother), Lukasz (my dad), and I went on an journey to Poland to visit my grandmother and my aunt. And to eat Polish food :-D

40 photos
I got a Polaroid camera as a gift from a good friend. This is me trying to use it.

Playing Dress Up
136 photos, 1 video
We're all a mixture of all the people we've met, movies we've seen, music we've heard, things we've learned, and events we've experienced. I like to pick out the individual influences and show them...

18 photos
For some reason people think I'm a photographer so they ask me to take photos of them for special events. This is all they get.

Puerto Vallarta
257 photos

10 photos

Renaissance Faire
69 photos

85 photos

95 photos

Road Trip 2011
223 photos

31 photos

93 photos

San Diego
252 photos

San Francisco
63 photos

Santa Barbara
34 photos

Santa Nella
14 photos, 2 videos

Scans From The Past
93 photos
Some shots I scanned in from way back before I had the digital fever!

52 photos
I love photographing sculptures and things like that. I just adore the textures and the monotone that clashes with the background colors.

90 photos

Shaun And Kit's Wedding
37 photos
Sep 18, 2011

17 photos
Behold the wonder that is the <a href="Sisterhood of the Traveling Socks!!

10 photos

Take a Class
197 photos, 4 videos
Take a Class With Dave and Dave Assignments! Take a Class With Dave and Dave

14 photos
Free to use! Please link back to this set so others can get the hook up too :-D

49 photos

Tutorials and Explanations
7 photos
I love to teach and I figured why not do it online? So here is how I do some stuff.

Ugly Doll
92 photos
I just got Ox. He's my favorite because not only does he have an "X" in his name, like me, but he has an 'X" on his face too!

Under- Appreciated
54 photos
According to Flickr, all these photos here just suck. Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 7th January 2018 at 8:00am UTC

Universal Studios
114 photos

98 photos

615 photos

9 photos

22 photos, 5 videos
My favorite type of undead!