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Apr 22 2009
The Real Chester Cheetah
Inspiration thanks to this wonderful piece of television history:
It ain't easy being cheesy
Yeah Niel Peart! Yeah Rush!
365 Days

For FGR: Whoas! I Love Cheetos

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Sep 25 2007
SOTTS Triplets
365 Days

So it all started when www.flickr.com/photos/daverexwood/435080157/in/pool-sotts/, the Explore Whore that he is, decided to get attention. He bought the most stripey socks he could find at Target and posed like a total girl. And it worked. Well, of course, us girls got pissed and fought to take back our rein over the Explore Socks Department and "requested" the socks from him. We made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
And thus followed that:
ambrosialove out-tutu'd everyone.
62uolegnaiam seduced the country.
Cherron out-legged the crowd.
Skyemama knocked everyone onto their knees.
Dyxie out-striped the population.
alaskanmariner explored unknown territory.
northpolemama gave us the chills.
mivox went above our heads.
Kungfukitten created life where there was none.
Qathi barked up the right tree.
Amanky never stopped swimming.
Rachel-B out-jumped everybody.
Rachel.::.K told a story that was too cute.
kisluvkis made the best damn bridesmaid in history.
A girl and her dog found no place like *under* home.
pebbles. out-rocked the universe.
SaylaMarz went all Renaissance on thy bottoms.
Chronicity danced our heads off.
Artsy T sang happy birthday to the president.
soulbella. surrendered to the world.
sadandbeautiful (Sarah) had way too much fun.
pi c’s did the unspeakable.
.tara. took over St. Louis.
The Flooz zoomed through New York City.
Brooklyn Hilary out-shined the sun.
www.flickr.com/photos/jillwrites/964350279/in/pool-sotts/ did it again, oops.
wwcutie like, totally, such as.
Toxic Cherry Girl became more desirable than a Red Rider BB Gun.
Agent Retro out-posed pin-ups.
redjade75 defined ‘elegance.’
And now I, evaxebra, out-zebra’d all those zebra-loving zebraholics.
On to PhotoKat. May she out-do us all!


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Feb 4 2009
My Flickr buddy Steve got me an awesome housewarming gift: Guinness! What a total sweetheart! Thanks for thinking of us, Steve!
365 Days

For FGR: Octopus On Yo Head

Tags:   365 365 Days evaxebra scampion Guinness Flogging Molly Octopus Head Ewa Eva Xebra

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One of my favorite shots from Disneyland!

Dude, this photo was taken at like 12:20 on the first day at Disneyland! I've already posted over 40 photos and I haven't even made it to the second day. I hope that no one minds the flooding of my stream - I figured it was a Flickr-inspired event so I gotta post all the photos I like...

LAST YEAR'S TEACUP SHOT - no wide angle lens back then!

Ride #6: Teacups

Tags:   Teacups Spin Happy SAL1118 Ewa Disneyland Bat's Day Bat Bat's Day Goth Gothic Fun Park Theme Park Fun Amusement Ride Attraction evaxebra Disney Anaheim Bat's Day At The Fun Park Jason PunkJr Montine Fuzzirella Adam Revlimit Sarah Drivinginheels Southern California SoCal California Silly Awesome Joy Happiness The Happiest Place On Earth That's What She Said So's Your Face So's Your Mom Eva Xebra

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I really needed a diptych (my “tower of onion rings” and then “empty tower of onion rings” photos were not as interesting as I had hoped) and since many people have requested that I divulge my “Doll” photo secret I had this idea. Although I have learned over the years that divulging secrets always ends up hurting me (the people I teach always end up being much better, they get way ahead of me and leave me in the dust, and then forget about me) I’ll tell you anyway because I LOVE to teach. At least I’ll always be remembered wherever zebras are found, right? Anyway, I got this method from a book and then I thoroughly over-did it. :-D
Book: “The Photoshop CS2 Book for digital photographers” by Scott Kelby. I love it.

Ewa’s Secret Method on how to convert Photo 1 into Photo 2 all in Photoshop:
Step 1: Lots of makeup, fake eyelashes, a wig, and a cute model.
2: Crop and rotate until satisfied.
3: Filter; Sharpen; Unsharp Mask: Amount: 100%, Radius: 1 pixel, Threshold: 0.
4. Use the magic wand tool to roughly select out all the skin. Doesn’t have to be perfect.
5. Ctrl-J to put it in a new layer.
6. In the new layer: Filter; Blur; Gaussian Blur: Radius: umm, about 15 pixels I guess.
7. In the “history palette” that’s always in the way, hit the little box to the left of where it says “Gaussian blur.” This activates the “History Brush.”
8. Then click the action above it (should be “Layer Via Copy”) to get rid of the blurry face.
9. Now you’re ready to doll it up! Pick the History Brush out of your tool, pick a good size you like (I pick one that’s as big as my eye). Make sure the setting is “normal” and the opacity is like “60%” or less if you want less doll-iness (I don’t know why you would!)
10. Now paint over the skin (in layer 1, not your original layer) carefully not smudging the lips and hair – which shouldn’t happen too much since you selected out the skin. Another reason I had you select out the skin is that the Gaussian blur makes the lips and eyelashes bleed color everywhere and that never looks right.
11. Anyways… I like to lower the opacity when going over the nostrils and the eyebrows to keep the details.
12. Now most of you will run off and have fun with this new tool, but there’s still a lot more work to be done!!
13. Flatten Image, do the Gaussian blur trick again on the original image, but this time use a very very small History Brush and correct all the little pieces you missed last time, especially around the eye and nose.
14. Now around the lips and eyes I like to pick the “Blur” tool (under the “Smudge” tool – 60% opacity) and blur out any last remaining wrinkles, shiny spots, and whatnot. Dolls ain’t got that!
15. Now I use the “Magnetic Lasso Tool” to select out my eyes (only the iris and pupil) – Hit shift while you do it to select both.
16. Select; Feather; 5 Pixels
17. Ctrl-J to put in a new layer. Leave this layer alone until later. I always like to work on the eyes separately.
18. Ctrl-M to open up the Curves menu. Have fun. I always pull bottom further down and the top further up to increase the contrast.
19. Now I always have a gross yellow cast on my photos (fake lighting) so messing with colors is crucial. And fun. Ctrl-B to open up the Color Balance menu.
20. Mess with the colors. For this shot:
Shadows: -18, +5, +27 (blue shadow is by far my favorite thing to do – Gothify!! Weeee!!)
Midtones: -20, +8, +32
Highlights: -14, -4, +16
21. Make the cheeks pink by picking out a red color with the eyedropper then choosing the Paintbrush tool. Under brush, pick hardness 0%, then under Mode, pick “Color,” Opacity 10%, and hit the Airbrush icon. Add some rosy cheeks!
22. Now for the eyelashes, note that one of them is sort of crooked so I like to color in the area around the eye more black with a small, black paintbrush to hide that flaw in my eyelash-putting-on-skills.
23. Notice that my eyes are all red and bloodshot from studying. You gotta clean that up! Select out the sclera (the white part) of the eye. Ctrl-J to make new layer.
24. Ctrl-U to hit up the Saturation Menu (one of my faves) and desaturate the eye and then brighten it until it looks perfect. You can smudge it a little too for those pesky thick capillaries. Visine works too.
25. Now my favorite, favorite step. Click on that layer with the eyes from before and hit Ctrl-M.
26. Image; Adjustments; Brightness/Contrast: Brightness -15, Contrast +30.
27. Hit Ctrl-B again for the colors. Ramp up that Green!
Shadows: 0, +16, +23
Midtones: 0, +12, +14
Highlights: 0, +18, +10
28. I also got rid of the glare from the window by copying a part of the left side of the eye, then pasting it on the right and rotating it until it fits. I love the new photoshop! Then FLATTEN!
29. Ok, second to last step: Ctrl-U again to ramp up the Saturation. I like to increase all the colors except red to like 20. Increased red saturation always makes the skin look bad.
30. Last step: realize this photo sucks: select a much better photo and start over.

3. Diptych. Take two related photos and present them side-by-side as a single entity. How the two photos relate is up to you...this one should really test your creativity. If you're not familiar with diptychs, just search Flickr.
Take a Class With Dave and Dave

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