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Butterflies and Other Insects
56 photos

Corvids, Icterids, and Jays
38 photos
A work - and I do mean work - in progress. I'm going through all of my posted images and finding the myriad of crows, ravens, blackbirds, Icterids (Bullock's Orioles, Red-winged blackbirds, etc.) and...

12 photos
Living vicariously through other peoples' dogs ... and once in a while, a cat or horse. I've had five terriers in my lifetime, and I have three photos that are presentable. The only dog I know in...

Doves and Quails
34 photos
Why doves and quails? Because they, as with owls, have their own unique families. Though they sit, they're not passerines. Though they run, they're not roadrunners.

61 photos
Images Chosen by Explore

Herons and Egrets
54 photos
Some of the better images of herons and egrets over the past 12 years. The archives are chock full, but I try to only post the B+ and above.

Just Interesting Or Cute
49 photos

Lichen, Algae, Fungi
22 photos

78 photos
Most from National Parks of Western U.S.

Monterey Coast and Big Sur
49 photos
The Most Spectacular Seascapes and Pacific Wildlife in California

Mt Rainier
13 photos

Mostly Wildflowers
52 photos
Almost all endemic to Mt. Diablo Foothills, and all from Western North America

MY Favorites
202 photos
Of the thousands of photos in my files, I tried to choose 50 of my personal favorites. Some of these have been on the list since the day I shot them. On the other hand, as I got better, some of my...

256 photos, 1 video
Dragonflies and Damselflies

31 photos

Reptiles and Amphibians
16 photos

Selected by Cornell University
50 photos
Lab of Ornithology

Songbirds Including Thrushes
18 photos

Sparrows, Swallows, & Flycatchers
70 photos
Twelve Species of Sparrows, Mostly in the Foothill grasslands on and of Mt. Diablo. Flycatchers were added to this album because, where I find flycatchers, I also find sparrows: feeding and food,...

Tits and Chickadees
26 photos
The tits, chickadees, and titmice constitute the Paridae, a large family of small passerine birds which occur mainly in the Northern Hemisphere and Africa. I love these birds, frustrating though...

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons
34 photos

Woodpeckers and Sapsuckers
43 photos