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N 159 B 5.4K C 107 E Jul 24, 2013 F Aug 11, 2013
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Number 16 Beach

Rye, Victoria, Australia

Canon 5D Mk III
Canon 17 - 40mm f4L
Lee Big Stopper
Exposure - 211 sec.
Aperture - f/8
ISO - 200
Focal Length - 17mm

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Lightroom 4

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Tags:   australia 5dmkiii beach beautiful canon clouds leebigstopper leefilters longexposure morningtonpeninsula movement ocean rocks sea seascape still surf victoria water waves

N 605 B 33.6K C 245 E Jan 14, 2011 F Jan 18, 2011
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Just spent an amazing weekend in Tahoe for a friend's birthday. Three days and nights of partying, hot-tubbing, feasting, breathing the clean mountain air, and of course, photography boot-camp style.

I visited Tahoe for the first time as a photographer about 6 months ago and fell in love with its beauty. There is something about the white granite boulders in the clear blue water that is just mesmerizing. Although I live at the coast, my heart is always in the mountains, a fact that I was strongly reminded of this weekend.

Here's a shot from my first sunset of the weekend. Little did I know this light was only a precursor of amazing things to come. :)

*Due to stricter enforcement of the flickr rules, photographers are no longer allowed to promote their workshops and prints in their photostreams. However, it is still allowed to have this information in one's profile.*

Tech Notes on this Photo

Nikon D300s
Tokina 12-24 mm
f/9 - sharpest spot on my lens but still provides sufficient DOF at 12mm; helps defocus scratches, drops, and dust on my filters/lens
6 sec
12 mm on a crop sensor
Lee 3-stop and 2-stop soft GND Filters, handheld at an angle roughly along the slope of the hill to the left.

In Raw Converter (Nikon Capture NX2)
- Processed single raw file twice, once for sky, once for foreground
- Global contrast for added pop
- Slightly darkened and added contrast to the sky to add oomph
- Brightened foreground by ~2/3 of a stop and added contrast
- Brightened snow and hill on left

In Photoshop:
- Noise reduction via Neat Image
- Selective sharpening of rock in foreground and hill on left
- Curves layer to slightly brighten image
- Curves layer to add a small amount of global contrast
- Hand blended in another shot which was ~2/3 stop darker in order to recover bright highlights at the horizon

Thanks for looking!


Tags:   joshua cripps photography nature lake tahoe california america zephyr cove pines beach granite rock alpine snow trees reflection sunset red orange purple yellow beautiful mountains sierra nevada nevada

N 88 B 3.4K C 87 E Jan 29, 2010 F Feb 16, 2010
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I have been to Death Valley every year since 2004. I have seen some of the most unique conditions in Death Valley (even seen people kayaking near Badwater in 2005). This year during our workshop we got some of that unique conditions at Badwater. The salt flats were full of water about 1/2 inch deep. On our first day the sky went wild and the entire valley was filled with light, textures and colors. Here is a sample of what we saw. The students have some great images from this location under a very unique conditions.

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Tags:   Art Landscape Nature Water Reflections Salt Patterns Canon 5D MKII Canon 17-40 F4L iHDR HDR Sky Clouds Mountains Storm Death Valley National Park California Badwater TheUnforgettablePictures APlusPhoto SuperAPlus

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It is the morning of our fifth day in the backcountry. By this time we have hiked over 20 miles, not counting bushwhacks, side trips, getting (slightly) lost and such. My buddy Mark says, "I'm surprised that Gary isn't heading for the falls to see about some morning magic." I thought the sky was too overcast, but a quick glance tells me that maybe, just maybe, something special is about to happen. I race for the tent and grab my gear.

The trail to the Colonnade Falls overlook is not exactly one that I am willing to run along. It is full of jagged rocks, muddy, slippery areas and such. But when the trail allows it, I run. I jog. I do whatever I have to do to get down to that overlook.

Set things down. Don't kick the camera over the edge. Find the GND filter. Get that stupid ring to screw onto the front of the camera the first time. Find the level. Check the ISO. Splay the legs on the tripod. Get down low. Try f/16. Try f/22. Find the sweet spot.

{click} {click} {click}

Chimp my shots. Watch the sunrise fade.

Smile the smile of success.

Return up the trail.

Permit for backcountry trip: $20.

Gas to get to Yellowstone: $80.

Room at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge before the trip: $160.

Sunrise over Colonnade Falls: Priceless.

Tags:   ColonnadeFallsSunrise_5602 Colonnade Falls Yellowstone September 2010 waterfall dawn It was a good, good day Galen Rowell 3 Stop Hard GND

N 2.4K B 52.4K C 405 E Mar 23, 2009 F Mar 25, 2009
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24.01.2010 : Wow, what can i say.. After this image made it to the flickrblog i have been swamped by attention, thank you everybody who left comments and faved, i am overwhelmed and humbled by all the feedback. It really means a lot to me, thank you so much my wonderfull flickr friends for all your kind critique.

03.09.2009 : hooray!! this image just won me an olympus E-P1, with two lenses!

*Replaced with better, square crop 02.03.2009*
*Replaced with slightly brighter version 20.05.2011*

I have really been blessed with some quite stunning scenery lately, or maybe i am actually getting better at taking pictures :) I spotted these tracks while skiing this weekend, im guessing they where made by a fox.

Taken around brekkhus, in the mountains east of bergen.

We got caught in a blizzard on the return on sunday, total whiteout, and had to backtrack to the cabin for another night. So i missed work on monday, but got to spend another day in the mountains, and take this image.

Tags:   norge skitur tur turlaget vestlandet stølsheimen brekkhus snø snow white lines tree tracks minimalistic winter vinter mars march norway mountains skiing nature Bildekritikk trails landscape europe minimalism dunes beautiful footprints wallpaper quiet calm alone clean simple canon powershot g9 tranquil peaceful unruffled undisturbed serene course path desktop monochromatic ArtLibre ArtLibreS NSFF Årbok 2010 NSFF Bronse flickrhivemind Flickr Hive Mind Group Group SonyPhotoChallenge PhotographyBLOG Silvery White #Flickr10