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126 items

80 photos

Darkroom prints
438 photos
The photographic process is only completed really once the physical print can be held. A digital scan can be really nice, but it is not nearly as gratifying.

Lith prints
128 photos

Tintypes - Ambrotypes - Dry Plates
27 photos

Foma liquid emulsion
29 photos

Cyanotype & Salt prints
25 photos

135 photos
Holga WPC (6x12 / 6x9 wide pinhole camera) and some Diana F+. Piglet and Polaroid Pete (Wheehamcams) 5x7 MuiSui 4x5 Bob Rigby

X-ray film
56 photos
Green sensitive. ISO is dependent on the light: from 50 iso inside to 400 iso in bright sunlight. Best developer so far: Rodinal 1:100 for 6 minutes.

Expired film
136 photos

42 photos

Dunes & Trees
693 photos
Mostly taken in the famous national park "Kennemer Duinen" just a few km's from my house.

Personal fave dunes & trees
229 photos
and some beaches as well...

Mist or Fog
120 photos

30 photos

119 photos
Strange, quiet, lonely, maybe a little ugly, maybe magical... Personal favorites.

City Trees
27 photos

City Objects
209 photos
Photos on the street or in an urban environment, where people are not the main subject of the photo.

Street Photography
115 photos
Out on the street, with people as the main subject on the pictures. Some indoor candid shots included for bonus. Street photo's where people are NOT the main subject are in the set "City...

Trains & stations
66 photos

Abstract / simple
35 photos
Please feedback on my choices.

50 photos

106 photos
Old or new, full view or detail, sometimes in ruins.

26 photos
All mechanical, no batteries. Bellows preferred.

26 photos

Through the eyes of my mother
10 photos
I recently started a new long time series, called "through the eyes of my mother". She has strong feelings for some of the things she sees, and I feel the need to help her expressing it.

44 photos

Industrial shots
60 photos

70 photos

34 photos

60 photos
Sea, beach, lakes or any other water shot.

Black and White
1048 photos
My favorite colors.

228 photos

Cambo SC
57 photos
5x7 view camera, made in the Netherlands.

Diana F+
20 photos
I have started film photography again after getting a Diana F+ box as a birthday present in June 2011. It is not my favorite camera, but I have a soft spot for it.

Franka Solida II
1 photo

FKD 18x24cm
6 photos

Fujica GSW690
52 photos
6x9 negatives, 65mm wide angle lens

Graflex Crown Graphic
107 photos
Restored by Jo Lommen (JoLo). In perfect working order again, I mean really perfect!!

Holga WPC (wide pinhole)
46 photos
Holga plastic camera. 6x12 or 6x9 medium format film. Pinhole ca. 0,3mm, F135. Cheap and very good results!

Kodak Retina IIc
30 photos

Minolta Autocord
23 photos

Mui Sui 5x7 pinhole
16 photos

Nikon F70
2 photos

Piglet - 6x6 pinhole
37 photos
Shift pinhole camera by Wheehamx, F100, shift capabilities, extra wide angle. Great stuff!!

The Robert Rigby pinhole camera
18 photos

Voigtlaender Avus
26 photos

Zeiss-Ikon Box Tengor
15 photos
1939 "advanced" 6x9 box camera by Zeiss Ikon. It has a tripod socket and a cable release! It's uncoated Frontar lens is 105mm, F11 and surprisingly sharp. The king of boxes!

57 photos

7 photos

16 photos

10 photos

De Cruquius
5 photos

Cyprus 2018
22 photos

34 photos

39 photos

France (not Paris)
69 photos

Around Haarlem
84 photos
Pictures taken in and around Haarlem, the Netherlands.

90 photos

Japan 2014
16 photos

Japan 2016
24 photos

Jordan 2012
5 photos
Wonderful country, nice people.

Morocco 2018
11 photos

44 photos
My favorite city in the world.

Scotland 2019
14 photos

Scotland 2012
13 photos
October 2012

Spain (not Barcelona)
28 photos

9 photos

USA 2015
25 photos

ADOX Golf 63 S - sold
26 photos
Folding camera from the '50-ies, with a pronto shutter (B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200) and a self timer. Aperture from F6.3 up to F22. It seems to have developed a light leak, which is very...

Agfa Click
4 photos
now with flipped lens!

Agfa Isolette I
3 photos

Agfa Isolette II
40 photos
I taped the pinholes in the bellows. Somehow I managed to break the hard grease in the lens, it operates smoothly now. In other words: this one is in working condition.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II
62 photos
Famous SLR from the '60-ies. M42 screwmount, which means a lot of low priced quality glass readily available. So far I obtained Helios, Industar and Super Takumar lenses in several lengths. I got...

No.3 Box Brownie
5 photos

Box Brownie
8 photos

Calumet 4x5 - sold
21 photos

Canon FX
14 photos
1965 SLR

Certo Dolly Super Sport - sold
11 photos

Dacora 1 - broken shutter
37 photos

Dacora Digna I
4 photos

Exa 1a - for sale
1 photo

Exakta VX1000
34 photos
body replaced by another one, now fully functioning again

Hasselblad - sold
301 photos
After my Kiev 60 died, I was so frustrated that I bit the bullet and got myself a Hassy. A joy to work with. However, it is sensitive and too pretty for my style now, so it will be sold.

Kiev 60 - sold
91 photos

Kodak Retina 1a - sold
9 photos

Kodak Retina IIa - sold
8 photos

Kodak Retina IIIc - broken
16 photos
I dropped it, now it is a total loss.

Kodak Retina IIIS - sold
21 photos

Mamiya 645
16 photos
Van Tijn

Mamiya C220 - sold
49 photos

Mamiya RB67 - sold
42 photos

Minolta Himatic 7S
2 photos

Minox 35 EL - sold
36 photos
new batteries and ready to go!

No-name 9x12 folder
7 photos
Estimated vintage ca. 1920. I've sprayed the inside of the bellows with matte black paint, which seems to have closed the pinhole light leaks. The plate holders are still not perfect when holding...

Olympus XA - sold
16 photos
not broken anymore, don't ask me why....

Pentacon Six TL - sold
8 photos

Polaroid Land 210 - sold
2 photos

Polaroid Pete
15 photos
Zoom 4x5" pinhole, from a modified Polaroid Land camera. By Wheehamcam.

Ricoh 500GX - sold
18 photos

Rollei 35S - sold
18 photos

Royer 6x9
33 photos
I have two of them: the one with Berthiot lens belonged to my father in law, who documented his honeymoon in 1956 with it. The other one I bought on the internet, because it has an Angenieux triplet...

Voigtlander Vito B - sold
4 photos

Vito CLR
15 photos

Wanderlust Travelwide - sold
18 photos
With a Schneider Kreuznach Angulon 6.3/90mm lens (not sold)

Yashica Electro 35 GT - sold
5 photos

Yashica Mat TLR - retired
162 photos
TLR Yashica-Mat, dated ca.1958, 120 film, no meter. F3,5 Lumaxar lens, CLA-ed.

Zeiss-Ikon Nettar - ex
18 photos

Zorki 4 - sold
36 photos

Exhibition #1
10 photos
My first exhibition at the 3D print shop in Haarlem, 20/12/2015 - 25/02/2016

Exhibition #2
9 photos
April 2016 exhibition in the Kunstkelder, Haarlem. Basic Dunes & Trees in 2 tryptiches and 1 duo at the entrance.

Exhibition #3
10 photos
May 2016 exhibition in the Kunstkelder, Haarlem. X-ray film and landscapes.

Exhibition #4
7 photos
Vijfhoekkunstroute, Haarlem 17-19 May 2019 Bruno Klassiek vijfhoekkunstroute.nl/mark-dries/ Theme: Lucid Dreams

16 photos

105 photos

178 photos

288 photos

292 photos

196 photos

163 photos

147 photos

120 photos

160 photos

> 50 faves
328 photos

245 photos
Proud to be Explored. 10 in 2021 23 in 2020 24 in 2019 13 in 2018 15 in 2017 15 in 2016 25 in 2015 32 in 2014 56 in 2013

Least interesting set
50 photos
Least interesting pictures, for content management purposes. Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 18th October 2021 at 3:14am BST

Most interesting set
50 photos
My most interesting pictures according to Flickr. Thanks for watching! Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 18th October 2021 at 3:15am BST