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User / ✠ drakegoodman ✠ / "An English aviator after falling from 1,000 metres"
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Letter kindly translated by xiphophilos; penned sometime around 25.11.1916 and addressed to Barbara Maurer in
Pfaffenhofen. Einheitsstempel: 4. Kompanie Kgl. Armierungs-Bataillon Nr. 110. Postage cancelled 25.11.16 (14. Reserve-Korps).

Identified as an English aviator by the author of the letter, this unfortunate fellow has either chosen to bail out or has fallen from his stricken aircraft at great height.

Lt. Manfred von Richthofen of Jasta 11 describes one of his aerial victories in. Bloody April - Slaughter in the skies of Arras, 1917 by Peter Hart.

"Together with seven of my aircraft, I attacked an enemy squadron west of Lens. The aircraft I had singled out caught fire after I had discharged 150 shots into it from a distance of 50 metres. The aircraft fell burning. The occupant of the aircraft fell out of it at a height of 500 metres. Immediately after it crashed on the ground, I could see a heavy black smoke-cloud rising. The aircraft burned for some time with frequent flares of flame."
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