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So then we had two.
After using Chance for packing, pulling a pulka and ski-joring, I decided he needed a companion. I had no clue what I was doing, so when I answered the classified add, "free husky-shepherd puppies" and we visited and chose Malik I didn't question her background. The mother looked like a purebred German Shepherd and the owner said the sire was a big red husky that 'lived in the neighborhood.' Later I was pretty sure that 'big red husky' was an Akita.

Anyway, Malik grew to become a big girl, topping out at 104 lbs. (47kg.). She was a little terror as a puppy but grew into a big sweetheart. At least with us she was. She was massively strong, very protective and intimidating to others, and poor Chance had to help raise the little hellion.

"Malik" is a Yup'ik (Eskimo) word meaning "companion" or "thing taken along." Our Malik had many nicknames, Pumpkin, Penny, Pea hen, Mabeline, Sweetheart.... you get the idea.
She was born January 14, 1991 and died when her body wore out on October 11, 2004.

(and now it appears I have launched into a "history of BeingThere Kennel" series, which I will continue as I dig through some boxes of old stuff; thanks for visiting.)

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