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3 photos

2021 PDX Winter Storm
23 photos
11 Feb -

Washington 2021
2 photos
Washington State.

Oregon 2021
31 photos

Polaroid 225 Automatic Land Camera
2 photos

Concrete Stamps
1 photo

Series. Under the Bridge
18 photos
December 22, 2017. A photo walk beneath the St. John's Bridge, Portland Oregon.

Washington 2020
3 photos

Vanport Oregon
15 photos

Fuji FP films
30 photos

Azalea - Quines Creek
16 photos
Azalea - Quines Creek, Oregon.

Remote Alaska
2 photos

Polaroid Duochrome
41 photos

Olympus Stylus Zoom 140
7 photos

FPP Derev Pan 400
19 photos

Cacti and Succulents
25 photos

Alaska 2019
2 photos

33 photos

Seen (walking in Portland)
18 photos
Photos taken primarily with phone on daily walks with the dogs in Portland neighborhoods.

Public Lands
11 photos

Lomo'Instant Automat
53 photos

Roid Weeks 2020
24 photos

44 photos
Portland Oregon, house, yard and out the windows.

8 photos

Historic Oregon
4 photos

Oregon 2020
109 photos

Nunivak Island (Nuniwar)
29 photos

Kelly Point
58 photos
Where the Willamette River meets the Columbia.

Peninsula Park
16 photos
Portland, Oregon

Polaroid Originals
30 photos

15 photos
Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweetgum)

12 photos

Flashback Friday
66 photos
Started July 26, 2019. An attempt to regularly post older film images from my archives.

St. John's
42 photos
In and around St. Johns, North Portland Oregon, USA.

14 photos
Gardens other than my own.

116 photos
We were BeingThere, now we're BeingHere

Washington 2019
43 photos

Oregon 2019
93 photos
Oregon in the year 2019.

Roid Week 2019
14 photos

8 photos

2018 Fairbanks Alaska to Portland Oregon.
103 photos, 4 videos
9 Days, 4 Dogs, 2,558 Miles in December 2018.

'Roid Week Fall 2018
11 photos

'roid week Spring2018
12 photos

2018 Spring Trip
52 photos
Washington - Oregon

30 photos

Older Stuff
7 photos
From my earlier days. Film of course.

Yukon Quest 2018
7 photos

Dogs 2018
59 photos, 3 videos

290 photos

Alaska 2018
176 photos, 2 videos

Mushing 2017-2018
28 photos, 3 videos

5 photos
Sun prints on paper coated with emulsion made from plant pigments.

14 photos
Contact printing on expired photo paper with the sun as light source.

Oregon 2017
60 photos, 1 video

Iditarod 2017
5 photos
The 2017 Iditarod Sled Dog Race began in Fairbanks Alaska on March 6, 2017. Seventy-one mushers and their dogs left Fairbanks at two-minute intervals beginning 11am on a Monday morning. The...

Dogs 2017
125 photos, 2 videos

Alaska 2017
184 photos, 2 videos

Oregon 2016
52 photos

Mushing 2016-2017
45 photos

Cell Phone Images
36 photos, 1 video
Yes, I've crossed to the dark side.

364 photos

2016 October Trip
39 photos
Fairbanks Alaska to Portland Oregon

14 photos

185 photos

6 photos

Alternative Processes
39 photos

5 photos

Impossible and Polaroid Originals SX-70 Film
33 photos

120 Film
46 photos

AnalogApril 2016
36 photos

Washington 2016
33 photos

29 photos

Yukon Quest 2016
21 photos
Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. 1000 miles, Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Alaska 2016
185 photos

Dogs 2016
76 photos

Fuji 35mm Film
50 photos

Polaroid SX-70
114 photos

College Road, Fairbanks.
77 photos

Diana F+
11 photos

Mushing 2015-2016
7 photos
Dog Mushing in the 2015-2016 season.

2015 Washington Fall Trip
50 photos
Mount Rainier, Seattle, Anacortes, San Juan Island

Disposable Camera
62 photos

13 photos

The 1999 Polaroid Dogs
17 photos

2015 Oregon Spring Trip
27 photos
A long weekend in Central Oregon. April 30 - May 4, 2015.

Minolta SRT cameras
140 photos
Minolta SRT 100, 101, 102, 201.

Shirley & Alice
3 photos

15 photos

82 photos

43 photos

Alaska 2015
280 photos

Mushing 2014-15
33 photos

Olympus XA
77 photos

October 2014 Trip
41 photos

Fuji _FP Film
3 photos

28 photos
Georgetown Neighborhood, Seattle, Washington.

Golden Days Parade 2014
21 photos

Vacation 2014
62 photos
Seattle and Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, U.S.A. June 27 - July 4, 2014.

Alaska 2014
110 photos

34 photos, 1 video

M System Trailer
10 photos

Polaroid 600 Film
110 photos

Fairbanks Neighborhoods
101 photos

35 photos

86 photos

9 photos, 1 video
Not my dog, but dearly loved.

Disposable Culture
54 photos

JDMIA (Junior Mushers)
13 photos

40 photos

Wide Angle
20 photos
Tokina AT-X Pro, 11-16 mm, F2.8 (IF) DX

Vacation 2013
24 photos
Seattle, Montana, and points in-between.

63 photos

82 photos
Acquired July 25, 2013 as a Second Chance League (SCL) foster dog. A victim of Yukon River flooding of the village of Galena. Her name is pronounced with a long U and the second s is "sh"...

pavement paint
56 photos

Walmart National Park -ing Lot
9 photos

Alaska Summer Trip 2013
31 photos
Short trip from Fairbanks to Denali Park across the Denali Highway from Cantwell to Paxson and North on the Richardson back to Fairbanks. Overnights at Nenana River south of Denali Park and McLaren...

14 photos
1962 GMC Pickup truck.

214 photos

3 photos

44 photos
Polaroids. Manipulated, mixed, repurposed, or some combination of the three. Or two of the three.

17 photos

64 photos

555 photos

Life Around Forty Below
54 photos, 1 video
Pics taken around interior Alaska when the temps rest around minus forty. It's the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Victoria, B.C., Canada
94 photos
August 2012.

310 photos
Polaroid Film, Impossible Film, Fuji Instant Film. Polaroid cameras, Minolta Instant Camera.

85 photos
Through the Viewfinder of the Kodak Duaflex III TLR, gifted to me by Mr. J*Dawson of Flickr fame and fortune. December 23, 2011 - and now several others, including a Duaflex II, a Brownie Reflex, a...

24 photos
Through a found transparency frame.

Textures, Vintage Effects
146 photos

Being There Kennel
1141 photos, 19 videos
Pictures of our dogs, on the trail, in the yard, in the house, wherever we might be. It really began with Chance, a Collie-Shepard-Husky mix. Named after Chance the Gardener, or Chauncey Gardner....

dogs and mushing
466 photos, 5 videos

Raven Veterinary Clinic
100 photos, 2 videos
Jeanne Olson, DVM. North Pole, Alaska.

32 photos, 1 video

13 photos

Sustainable Art
21 photos
Began the set with photos of items from the University of Alaska's Office of Sustainability 2012 Sustainable Art Show. Then added a few items related to the Office from around the campus. May add...

Mush for Kids, 2012
15 photos
Mush for Kids, an annual event to benefit the Alaska Children's Trust, Fairbanks, Alaska. A group of us gave dog sled rides to hundreds of kids.

Vacation 2012
160 photos
Fairbanks to Seattle to LaConner/Bellingham to Victoria, B.C.

California Trip 2011
1 photo
Medford Oregon to San Francisco California. June 2011.

Vacation 2011
42 photos

Ohio 2011
83 photos

Cleveland and Suburbs
123 photos
In and around the Greater Cleveland area.

201 photos

Washington-Oregon Trip 2010
216 photos

Washington State 2009
108 photos

Washington State Trip 2008
103 photos

Ain't that America
3 photos

Oh Canada.
141 photos, 2 videos

213 photos
Old and newer. Mostly old.

Jim's Trains
21 photos
My brother-in-law, Jim has imagined, designed, and built a most amazing model train layout in his basement. Heavily influenced by his past employment in the transportation industry - Jim was a semi...

Doodle & Sketch
20 photos
Sketch & Doodle

refuse, recycleables
70 photos
Mostly shot at our local (Fairbanks North Star Borough) transfer stations. About the Transfer Stations: The areas outlying Fairbanks don't have trash pick up, many of us haul our trash to...

149 photos
Fairbanks North Star Borough trash transfer stations at the East and West ends of Farmer's Loop Road. About the Transfer Stations: The areas outlying Fairbanks don't have trash pick up, many of us...

The Homestead
218 photos, 2 videos
Stuff around our home and Old Dog Achers.

413 photos

Blur Me
190 photos

Ice & Snow
86 photos

Steele Creek
41 photos

11 photos
Open North American Championship sled dog race. Fairbanks, Alaska, each March for over 60 years. The granddaddy of them all.

584 photos
Our little town. A nice place to live but you wouldn't want to visit.

Fairbanks Old Neon
56 photos
Old neon signs, functional or mostly not, around Fairbanks, Alaska.

Tanana Valley State Fair
25 photos

junk, rust, trash and decay
85 photos

6 photos

Prehisteric Pets
12 photos

House Reconstruction
17 photos, 1 video
2009. We decided to add a basement and a garage.

Boreal Owl - Aegolius funereus
20 photos, 4 videos
Boreal Owl (Aegolius funereus) nesting pair, spring 2009. The owls are nesting in a nesting box nailed about 12 feet high in a spruce tree our in our dog yard. I chose the location years ago because...

143 photos
University of Alaska, Fairbanks Campus

Coin KIng
57 photos

Gaffney Road
71 photos
Stuff to see, Gaffney Road, Fairbanks Alaska. Stick four tokens in the washer (the big Milnor) and go for a good hour long walk.

Fox, Alaska
20 photos

North Pole, Alaska
27 photos

Garden Island / Graehl / Slaterville
84 photos

Anchorage, Alaska
27 photos
Photos from in and around Alaska's largest city.

Rural Alaska
55 photos

Alaska Railroad
10 photos

977 photos

Vietnam Veteran's Bus
12 photos

Mobile Homes & Buses
75 photos

161 photos

363 photos

220 photos

doors & windows
28 photos

Old trucks and cars
150 photos

Abstract more or less
67 photos

10 photos

68 photos

Drums and Cans
21 photos
Primarily the 55 gallon drum, but also any container, especially if it has been modified for another use. Plastic and wooden barrels too, but mostly the steel 55 is what I'm interested in. I also...

116 photos

Mushrooms and Fungi
21 photos

30 photos

Horses/Farm Animals
39 photos

New York - Just Like I Pictured it.
5 photos

44 photos
Oh me oh my oh. My old home.

5 photos

West Side Market
18 photos
Cleveland, Ohio.

Old Family Photos
18 photos

33 photos
Current and recent past family photos.

Dog Mushing Material Culture
32 photos
The equipment and stuff of dog mushing.

5 photos
Chance, aka Chauncey Gardiner. 7/11/1984 - 6/28/1999.

1 photo

8 photos
Weasel, the third addition to the kennel.With Weasel my unlikely start into dog breeding/mushing actually began. Weasel is the mother of Toaster and therefore the grandmother of all of her pups,...

6 photos
Fee walked away on Oct. 12, 2007and we never saw him again. He was nearly 17 years old. It was a day with new fallen snow and I tracked him out of the yard and then his tracks just seemed to...

3 photos
Zeddie-mon. The Zedster.

52 photos
7/23/1993 - 12/3/2010. Rest or run in peace, Precious. This beautiful dog of mine. I can barely tell you how much I love her, but you are all dog lover's so I know you understand. She is a very...

12 photos
SweetBoy. (Nov. 1993 - Aug. 2008) Born on the banks of the Yukon River in 1993, Biscuit came to us as a yearling the following year. He was "bullet", I changed his name to...

7 photos

8 photos

3 photos

9 photos
1996 -2008. Daughter of Toaster and Biscuit, littermate/sister of Pickle and Garnet. Aka Sweetsox.

129 photos, 2 videos
Born May 28, 1996. Parents: Toaster, Biscuit. Littermates: Willow (d.2008), Garnet (d.2006); and Nika, Denali, Summit (adopted out). Here is one amazing dog. I love his spirit and everything about...

86 photos, 2 videos
aka: Kabe, KB, and lately Stink... Daughter to Toaster and Biscuit. Littermate to 2Spot and Sadie. Lead dog. Spunky. Full of herself. b. May 14, 1998. d. July 2, 2013. Sorely missed.

119 photos, 1 video
Sadie. Born May 14, 1998 to Toaster and Biscuit. Littermate of Wrinkle and TwoSpot. Lead dog, intelligent, sweet-natured. A real sweety.

66 photos, 1 video
Son of Toaster and Biscuit. Littermate to Wrinkle and Sadie. Big Spotty. Strong, handsome, loyal and a bit neurotic. Wary and nervous-aggressive until he knows you (or your dog), then soft as...

121 photos, 3 videos
March 8, 2001 - September 8, 2018. A pup from Toaster's final litter. Littermate to Cholie, Salty and Ruby. A hard-working and affectionate boy. Much loved, and one ear up, one down.

86 photos
Male. From Toaster's last litter. Littermates: Frodo, Salty, Ruby-darlin'. Namesake: Moose Cholok Nicknames: Pup-pup. Cholie. Cholie-pup. aka The Immovable Object. Much loved around these parts.

115 photos, 1 video
Ruby. From Toaster and Biscuits' last litter. March 8, 2001 - July 6, 2015. Litter mate to Cholie, Salty and Frodo. Nickname: Darlin' (because she is). Beautiful girl, sweet natured, hard working....

101 photos
Salty, one of the four pups of Toaster from her last litter, daughter of Biscuit. A very dedicated, hard working and seemingly tireless puller. A big lover, except with her sisters who she considers...

15 photos, 1 video
Bozo, 1994-2010. Lab-husky mix. Bozo died at 16 years on November 16, 2010. I think, at least for now, I'll leave his description here in the present tense. I acquired him in 2001, a gift from a...

32 photos
Cracker is about eight years old (2009). He was rescued from the back of a borough animal shelter van by my friend Carol. He was within a few breaths of his death. He came from an extreme neglect...

100 photos
Acquired May 11, 2007 from Fairbanks Animal Shelter via Second Chance League Sled Dog Rescue. Estimated birth date January, 2003. For some reason she was turned in to the shelter by a musher who was...

100 photos
What can I say about Beluga? In the Being There neighborhood he is in a class all by himself. He's an import but not a "rescue" dog. I acquired him in 2009 as a seven year old. He came to...

78 photos, 1 video
Storm. Female. Born August 1999. Truly a sprint dog, but after quite some time learned to pace herself for longer distances. She was one of the first dogs we imported from another Musher, seems like...

341 photos, 1 video
Here's Sandy's happy story. She was adopted by a family as a pup. A single mom with three small children. As she grew she became a handful, there was no time to housebreak her and she was getting too...

322 photos, 5 videos

199 photos
Wesley came to me as a Foster Dog with the Second Chance League in April of 2009. He was left, along with his brother and sister, at the Fairbanks Animal Shelter by a professional musher. I'm sure...

27 photos, 1 video
Alaskan Husky. Six Years Old. Acquired February 8, 2012. She's been to Nome.

27 photos
Frequent guest dog who belongs to my good friend Kathy.

5 photos

20 photos

3 photos

The Triplets
3 photos
Temporary boarders. Big Jim and his sisters/littermates, Jerry and Sassafras.

Not My Dog
228 photos, 1 video

12 photos

48 videos

116½ Ordinary Objects
7 photos
Images of ordinary stuff, produced with no fuss, often in error, sometimes under some influence and with a minimum of post processing. Just because.

116 photos
Stuff shot from within a moving or barely stopped vehicle.