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Doug McLachlan / 17 items

2021-07-24 Strathcona Farmer's Market
17 photos

Garden Centre
7 photos
Last day of spring trip to the garden centre in Richmond

White Rock Pier 2016
9 photos
Visit to White Rock Pier in March 2016.

Montreal 2012
5 photos

Spanish Banks Dog Beach
8 photos
aka Spanish Banks Off-Leash Area in Vancouver, BC Canada

MoMA July 2011
10 photos
Museum of Modern Art

2021-03-06 Jericho
31 photos
Afternoon stroll along Jericho Beach in Vancouver

Rollei A110 2011-2019
14 photos
Photo's from Rollei A110 camera shot between 2011 and 2019

2020-12-05 West Broadway
25 photos
Life goes on along West Broadway in Vancouver

2020-11-11 Granville Island
20 photos

2019-08 Athens - Ermou Shopping Street
31 photos
People watching in Athens shopping district

2019-12-01 Grey Morning
12 photos
Grey Morning at Jericho Beach. Black and white shots with Fujifilm X-T2

2020-08-15 Locarno
17 photos
Summer Morning at Locarno Beach with Leica CL & Sigma 56mm F1.4

2020-08-22 Kitsilano
28 photos

2020-10-18 Granville Island
24 photos
Sunday Morning, Granville Island

2020-09-06 Beach Walk
29 photos
Jericho Beach on a Late Summer Afternoon

Rainy Locarno Afternoon
21 photos
Afternoon walk at Lacarno beach