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User / Diana Michaels / Two Volcanoes
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Two volcanoes and two of the Westman Islands (Iceland) in the background.

The red volcano, Eldfell, is still warm, and it ceased activity in July 1973, leaving the evacuated town under a heavy layer of ash, and a lot of new lava in the surroundings.

The 'green' volcano, Helgafell, is a dormant volcano. It hasn't erupted for 5000 years, or so they say. A population of 4100 people live and thrive at the feet of those two volcanoes.

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Exif 4 frames: ISO 100 ; f/5.6 ; 1/80 ; @14mm
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  • Taken: May 5, 2012
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  • Updated: Jun 10, 2015