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103 items

Odisha : B&W
45 photos

19 photos

Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
10 photos

Tour de France-Le Grand Départ-Brussels-2019
74 photos, 2 videos

The streets of Brussels
148 photos

Jette near Brussels
45 photos

137 photos, 1 video

Wemmel near Brussels
136 photos

Virtual world
7 photos

16 photos

3D-portfolio 2
135 photos

107 photos

Dramatic Black and White Photography
41 photos

Show Brasil, Le Basilic 2017
48 photos

8 photos

Flanders : nature
78 photos

133 photos
3D-Renders with post treatment with ON1 Photo RAW and PortraitProStudioMAX

64 photos

21 photos

14 photos

416 photos

12 photos

Portraits, Phil Borges style
17 photos

Portraits, Hollywood Bogart style
35 photos

Vintage Look
44 photos

Hyperfocus macrophotography
12 photos
Focus stacking macrophotography

Nepal, Chitwan
77 photos

Kathmandu valley
686 photos

China : Guizhou
963 photos

Highlights of Gujarat
777 photos, 1 video
Reis met Vreemde Kontinenten (reisleider Francis Cagnie)

Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh
569 photos

Highlights of Arunachal Pradesh
280 photos

Faces I never forget
204 photos
Portraits from people in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Highlights of Orissa/Odisha
390 photos
Orissa has the third highest concentration of tribals. There are about 62 tribes existing in Orissa today. The tribal population is located mainly in the Korapur, Phulbani, Sundargarh and Mayurbhanj...

Highlights of Rajasthan
326 photos
India is a land of many contrasts. The diversity of its landscapes is matched only by that of its people.Their lifestyles and traditions are as diverse as the environments in wich they live. travel...

Vietnam highlights
120 photos
From the South to the North. Travel agency : Vreemde Kontinenten (Belgium)

Tribes and minorities
305 photos
"In the beginning we were all tribal.Human beings lived in relativy small groups that fed themselves by hunting en gathering. When we share their lives, they lead us to reflect upon our...

China, Sichuan - 四川省
116 photos

China, Yunnan
415 photos

Ethiopia: East Omo Region
257 photos

Ethiopia : the Southwest Region
447 photos

To be young in Arunachal Pradesh
174 photos

To be young in Gujarat
122 photos

Shake my hand
41 photos

Inca Tales
14 photos

Nirvana Tales
9 photos

Arab Tales
10 photos

190 photos
Highlights of Peru. Travel agency : Vreemde Kontinenten (Belgium).

68 photos
Travel agency : Vreemde Kontinenten (Belgium)

293 photos
Trip to Honduras in cooperation with Adrenalina Tours (Guatemala). Travel agency : Vreemde Kontinenten (Belgium).

173 photos

India, Assam
31 photos

Black & White Portraits
180 photos

Framed B&W portraits
26 photos

96 photos

Digital Art
24 photos

Belgium : nature
106 photos

HDR, nature
13 photos

3D Glamour World
134 photos
3D rendering models and characters older software

118 photos

3D with LuxRender
42 photos
LuxRender is producing realistic images of photographic quality in contrast with Firefly (Poser) or DeLight (DAZ Studio) without treatment with Photoshop.

3D65 days
27 photos
Set of 365 renders

3D: portrait galery
70 photos
3D portraits

3D : I like you love me
13 photos
(NVIDIA 3D renders)

3D : B&W Portrait gallery
21 photos

8 photos

Timeless Vietnam
172 photos
Digitally remastered photos of Vietnam some years ago.

Vietnam in B&W
12 photos

Timeless Mali
317 photos
Highlights of Mali. Travel agency : Vreemde Kontinenten (Belgium).

Timeless Zimbabwe
158 photos
Digitally remastered photos of Zimbabwe some years ago.

Timeless Congo
58 photos
Digitally remastered photos of Zaire some years ago.

Timeless Namibia
124 photos
Digitally remastered photos of Namibia some years ago.

Timeless Rwanda
32 photos

Timeless Algeria
205 photos

Timeless Madhya Pradesh
12 photos

Timeless India, Uttar Pradesh
79 photos

Timeless India, Jammu and Kashmir
13 photos

Timeless India, Rajasthan
39 photos

Timeless Yemen
144 photos
Digitally remastered serie of pictures

Timeless Myanmar
181 photos
Digitally remastered serie of pictures

Timeless Indonesia
149 photos

Timeless Laos
237 photos
Digitally remastered photos of Laos, some years ago.

Laos in B&W
52 photos

My own country Belgium
186 photos
"Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae" (De Bello Gallico, C.J. Caesar) "Of all these, the Belgians are the strongest."

167 photos

Macro : insects
194 photos

Macro : spiders
17 photos

187 photos

32 photos

429 photos

170 photos

10 photos

36 photos

146 photos

Asia festival & fair 2014
84 photos

Asia Fair 2012
32 photos

Asia Fair 2011
114 photos
BELASIA is a Belgian not-for-profit organisation founded in 1992. Aim of the association is to promote the social, cultural and economic relations with Asian countries and their inhabitants....

Asia Fair 2010
104 photos
The 18 th Asia Fair is a contact and information fair on Asia. Host country : Sri Lanka. Guest of Honour : Hospital without Frontiers.

Asia Fair 2009
83 photos
The information and contact fair on Asia by excellence in the Benelux. With tourism boards, airlines and tour-operators. Social and cultural associations and development co-operation organisations....

Asia Fair 2008
106 photos
-All of Asia under one roof- The information & contact fair by excellence on Asia in the Benelux with tourism boards, airlines and tour-operators, social and cultural associations and development...

Asia Fair 2007
119 photos
Belasia is a non profit organisation established in 1992, to promote the social, cultural and economic relations with Asian countries. The major activity of Belasia is the annual Asia Fair , with...

Asia Fair 2005
29 photos
Fotoreportage van de Asiafair 2005 in Wemmel. Fotografie, Frans Devriese

16 photos