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Christopher Hall / 82 items

4 photos

Daly City
4 photos

2 photos

6 photos
My second home for 21 years. Sadly, now closed.

Counting to 240
29 photos
Swedish bricks

Disappearing San Francisco
25 photos
Gone, or soon to be gone

Paris 2019
26 photos

3 photos

Iceland 2018
35 photos, 1 video

Iceland 2017
51 photos, 1 video

Eugene, OR
22 photos

Maryville, TN
3 photos

Berlin Potsdam 2016
45 photos

Chinatown revisited
4 photos

35 photos
South of Market, San Francisco. All shot within a few blocks of where I live.

Monterey Pacific Grove
10 photos

12 photos

Berlin 2015
30 photos

Berlin 2013
24 photos

The Streets of San Francisco
682 photos
Cars I've found here in San Francisco. Want a book of your own? going nowhere ...

London 2014
38 photos

55 photos

Color Coordination
75 photos

55 photos

Lost Coast
46 photos
In and around Humboldt County, CA

Botany Monotony
20 photos

The essence of nowhere
14 photos

92 photos

6 photos

Mean Streets of Berlin
52 photos

The ones I really, really like. (Now, anyway).
68 photos

Schau Fenster
47 photos

S & J & D
35 photos

Up North
73 photos
Just north of San Francisco, a whole other world.

510, baby!
110 photos

Health Sciences
22 photos

Some other time, some other place
170 photos
Scenes which remind me of my childhood, houses and cars of another era, which is long past. I grew up in a place like this, and sometimes I find bits and pieces of those memories. ...

Paris 09 & 11
70 photos

45 photos

Good Chevrolet
4 photos
One of the many American car dealers that has gone out of business, Good Chevrolet was located in Alameda, CA. Out of business for many months now, the owners apparently still use the location to...

USS Hornet
5 photos

NYC 1984
3 photos
Shots from my first trip to New York in 1984

San Francisco Nights
18 photos

Final day on Howard Street
4 photos

Portland, for free
18 photos
Stuff left on curbs, found in Stumptown.

San Francisco, for free
51 photos

Olympic Peninsula
15 photos

East Bay, for free
17 photos

Great White North(west)
168 photos
A love affair with the state of Washington.

Home of Eternity
8 photos

92 photos

Oh ! San Leandro.
5 photos

Out in the delta
25 photos
Shots from a day trip to the delta along the Sacramento River.

Detroit's finest
165 photos
I don't have one, but I like taking pictures of them. (Not all from Detroit, strictly speaking. You might find some of the finest from Stuttgart or Paris, too). ...

Anchor Glass
7 photos
Abandoned bottle factory in Antioch, CA

Beelitz Heilst├Ątten
16 photos
A now abandoned hospital complex just South of Berlin. Originally built in the 1890's, it was last used by Soviet Forces in East Germany as their main hospital.It was the largest hospital complex...

86 photos

Um, evil, or something
38 photos
Things that I think are funny. You might not agree.

Fun at the fair
3 photos

most highly faved
143 photos
Photos I like, or maybe that someone else likes.

16th Street Station
19 photos
Abandoned station in Oakland, CA. The station has been empty since the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. In years past, transcontinental trains departed from this station.

strangers I haven't met
45 photos
I didn't realize how often I seemed to take shots like these until someone else pointed it out.

notice how it sparkles down there
64 photos
My dog, Janie Sparkles

Morning Coffee
70 photos
Pics from my kitchen window, taken when I really like the sunrise view. I take this usually while waiting for the water for my coffee to boil. My kitchen window has wire mesh, which is why you see...

15 photos

41 photos

Standard Portland Cement
9 photos
Abandoned cement plant, last operated n the 1930's, in Napa County

Skid Row
19 photos
The rougher side of town in San Francisco. I'm trying to take pictures in this area before it all disappears. I think re-development and gentrification mean that the areas near Sixth and Market...

Byron Hot Springs
6 photos
Byron Hot Springs was an early 20th century resort with many Hollywood stars and San Francisco socialites for clients. The hotel closed in 1938, then was used during World War II as a POW...

28 photos
Seattle and Tacoma

Washington Packing Company
31 photos
An abandoned tuna cannery which operated for about 5 months until it was shut following a botulism outbreak in the early 1960's.The building has stood empty ever since. Difficult to find a way...

San Francisco Waterfront
56 photos
Collection of pics taken while wandering along the waterfront.

Your Tax Dollars, Hard at Work
99 photos
Abandoned military bases around the San Francisco Bay Area

Fort Ord
11 photos
Once the sprawling home of the Army's 7th Infantry Division, it is now has thousands and thousands of abandoned buildings, though redevelopment is slowly proceeding.

Berlin Vintage
41 photos

19 photos

37 photos

34 photos

SP Roundhouse
18 photos
Abandoned ruin of a railroad roundhouse. Located in the former Bayshore yard of the Southern Pacific Railroad, just south of San Francisco, in Brisbane, CA.

Fading Away
6 photos

Kaiser Richmond Shipyard
23 photos

16 photos