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The Netherlands-Terschelling
View on the village West-Terschelling and its monumental lighthouse Brandaris on the Wadden isle Terschelling (Skylge in Frisian). The Brandaris is the oldest lighthouse in The Netherlands. From 1323 the tower of the late Saint Brendans church functioned as a beacon to guide ships on their way to Amsterdam through the narrow sea channel, between Vlieland and Terschelling. A good position marking was necessary because the Dutch Wadden islands in the North Sea looked very similar. When the sea flooded Terschelling in 1570, the church and its tower were completely destroyed and replaced by the current tower, built in 1594, still named after the early Irish monastic Saint Brendan, also known as The Navigator.
The image also shows Terschellings' marina, with the Wadden Sea in the background. Made with kite and camera (attached to the kite's line). © Tom Kisjes
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  • Taken: Jun 6, 2021
  • Uploaded: Jun 6, 2021
  • Updated: Jun 7, 2021