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User / Tom Kisjes / Cabo de Gata flora
Tom Kisjes / 2,951 items
Southern Spain
Image made in the arid nature reserve Cabo de Gata, close to its visitors centre, east of Almeria and Retamar. Along the road the yellow flowering Mediterranean strawflower (Helichrysum stoechas-curry plant-strobloem) and the withered stalks of Sisal (Agave sisalana) stood out. Sisal -one of three formerly introduced agaves- is native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries. The sisal fibre is traditionally used for rope and twine, and has many other uses, including paper, cloth, footwear, hats, bags, carpets, geotextiles, and dartboards. Mediterranean strawflower prefers dry, rocky and sandy areas. Extracts of Helichrysum stoechas have been used in traditional medicine to treat colds, as a nerve tonic, to reduce inflammation, and facilitate the healing of bruises. A number of studies have confirmed that the constituents of its flowers, stems and foliage have an inhibitory effect on some bacteria and viruses. Due to the intense fragrance of its leaves and flowers, Helichrysum stoechas is used in perfumery and aromatherapy. © Tom Kisjes May 2012
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  • Taken: May 3, 2012
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