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User / Tom Kisjes / Floating bur-reed-Drijvende egelskop
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Floating bur-reed.
Digital version of an old slide image, made during a stay in the summer of 1980 on the island Unst (Shetland). Floating bur-reed (Sparganium angustifolium) has a circumboreal distribution, occurring throughout the northern latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. It is an aquatic plant, growing in water up to 2.5 meters deep. It can become abundant, practically covering the surface of the water. It is a perennial herb producing a floating stem with long, narrow, flattened leaves which can be quite long, sometimes reaching over two meters. © Tom Kisjes
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  • Taken: Jan 12, 2021
  • Uploaded: Jan 12, 2021
  • Updated: Jan 15, 2021