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Alaska & B.C.
27 photos
Photos taken in Alaska and British Columbia.

Personal Favourites
120 photos
These are a few of my personal favourite images.

Most Interesting
42 photos
This set contains the 42 images from my photostream deemed "most interesting" by Flickr. Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 3rd October 2023 at 12:53pm BST

112 photos
These photos have appeared in Flickr Explore at one time or another. Some may still be there, others have dropped out. I may even have missed some.

Best of 2022
12 photos
Every year, I wonder if I should call this collection "Favourites" rather than "Best" since it usually contains several images that are important to me due to memories they bring...

Best of 2021
15 photos
A collection of my 15 favourite images created during 2021.

Best of 2020
12 photos
A few of my favorite shots taken during 2020.

Best of 2019
15 photos
A few of my favourite images from 2019.

Best of 2018
15 photos
A few of my favorite images created during 2018.

Best of 2017
12 photos
My favorite dozen shots taken in 2017.

Best of 2016
12 photos
My favourite pictures taken during 2016.

Best of 2015
12 photos
My favourite photos from 2015.

Best of 2014
10 photos
My favourite 10 shots of 2014.

Best of 2013
12 photos
My favourite dozen images from 2013.

Best of 2012
12 photos
My favourite dozen images from 2012.

Best of 2011
9 photos
My favourite pictures from 2011.

Best of 2010
11 photos
My favourite images from 2010.

Best of 2009
9 photos
These are my favourite images from 2009. You can read more information on these over on my "Best of 2009" blog post.

NxNW 2022 - Utah
20 photos
Photos taken during our 2022 NxNW return expedition to Moab and Hanksville in Utah.

NxNW 2021 - Utah
17 photos

NxNW 2019 - Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
13 photos
Photos taken during the September 2019 NxNW trip to Canada's Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

NxNW 2018 - Great Smoky Mountains
9 photos
Photos taken in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, during our 2018 NxNW photoblogger get-together.

NxNW 2017 - New England
6 photos
Photos taken during our NxNW photoblogger meetup in New England, October 11-15, 2017.

NxNW 2016 - Grand Tetons
8 photos
Photos taken during our 2016 NxNW gathering in Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming.

NxNW 2015 - Palouse
24 photos
Photos taken during our June 2015 NxNW photoblogger trip to the Palouse region of Washington state.

NxNW 2014 - Maine
14 photos

NXNW 2013 - Moab, UT
13 photos
Photos taken during the 2013 NXNW Photoblogger get-together in and around Moab, Utah.

NXNW 2012 - Oregon
8 photos
Photos taken during the NXNW photoblogger meetup in and around Portland, Oregon during August 2012.

48 photos
Photos of and containing aircraft.

10 photos
Photos taken during my July 2022 visit to Croatia.

Road Trips
16 photos
Various photos taken on assorted road trips around the USA.

5 photos
Photos taken in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

74 photos
Photos taken from above the subject, usually from a drone but sometimes from an aircraft or some other elevated position.

24 photos
Various abstract images.

51 photos
Photos of motorcycles and motorcycle racing.

Wildwood Portraits
2 photos
Images from my ongoing project to take portraits of all my neighbours.

8 photos
Photos taken during our December 2016 trip to Fiji.

2016 US Grand Prix
12 photos
Photos taken at Circuit of the Americas during the US Grand Prix weekend, October 21-23, 2016.

Circuit of the Americas
229 photos
Pictures taken at various events held at Austin's "Circuit of the Americas."

78 photos
People pictures.

Marching Bands
11 photos
Photos of marching bands other than the Texas Longhorns (who have their own album).

Dripping Springs Tigers
8 photos
Photos shot at Dripping Springs High School football games, band competitions and other events.

Washington & Vancouver Island, 2015
7 photos
Pictures taken during our family vacation to Seattle and Vancouver Island, summer 2015.

UK Trip, 2014
24 photos
Photos taken during our family trip to the UK during summer 2014.

10 photos
Photos taken during my August 2013 trip to Taipei.

US Grand Prix Weekend 2012
25 photos
Photos taken during the weekend of the first United States Formula 1 Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas in Austin and downtown at Austin Fan Fest.

9 photos
Images taken in the Hawaiian islands.

Formula Expo 2012
4 photos
Photos taken at the Austin Formula Expo 2012 on June 17th, 2012 at the Austin Visitors and Convention Center.

Yosemite National Park
4 photos
Photos taken in Yosemite National Park, California.

Dick's Classic Garage
7 photos
Photos taken at Dick's Classic Garage motor museum in San Marcos, Texas.

Longhorn Band
55 photos
Shots of the University of Texas Longhorn Band taken during various football games at Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin.

37 photos
Shots taken with the Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens.

66 photos
Shots from various central Texas rodeos.

476 photos
These are tonemapped HDR images I have created using Photomatix from HDRSoft. Each of these images is a true HDR created from multiple, differently exposed RAW files.

12 photos
Images taken during my March 2011 trip to Chicago, IL.

Austin Power Plants
18 photos
Photos taken during my March 5th, 2011 visit to the decommissioned Holly Street Power Plant near downtown Austin, Texas and my April 10th, 2011 visit to the Seaholm Power Plant in downtown Austin.

32 photos
Various shots of Christmas scenes and decorations.

33 photos
Images related to space exploration. These were taken at Space Center Houston, Johnson Space Center and the New Mexico Space History Museum.

UT Football
51 photos
Photos related to football games at Texas Memorial Stadium on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

18 photos
Various images shot in Boston, Massachusetts.

West Texas & New Mexico
42 photos
Photos taken during our Summer 2010 road trip to Fort Davis, White Sands, Alamogordo, Santa Fe and Carlsbad Caverns.

June 2010 Exhibition
24 photos
Images comprising my June 2010 exhibition at Dragonfly Gallery at Rosedale, 4007 Marathon Blvd, Austin. The title of the show is "Shining Up The Lone Star: A Brighter Take on Texas." The...

Walt Disney World
9 photos
Photographs taken in Walt Disney World, Florida during a family trip in June 2010.

78 photos
Large images stitched together from several individual exposures.

San Francisco
11 photos
Images taken in and around the city of San Francisco in California.

43 photos
Shots of various city skylines. Some panoramic, some HDR, some both and some neither.

Zion and Bryce Canyon
38 photos

Las Vegas
11 photos

Death Valley
6 photos
Photos taken in Death Valley National Park, February 20th, 2010.

New York
28 photos
Images taken during my trip to New York in November 2009.

Houston Skyscrapers
12 photos
This set of images was taken during a brief 30 minute visit to downtown Houston. I must get back there and spend longer in the area since the architecture there is spectacular.

38 photos

Exhibition Prints
27 photos
This set contains images I have used in the following exhibitions: 1. Solo Show - Blue Goat Gourmet cafe in San Marcos, TX. Jan 5 - Mar 21, 2008 2. "Ménage à Trois II", Watson Studio...

Weird and Wonderful
23 photos
The images in this set are all derived from single raw exposures. Photomatix tone mapper has been used to give an unusual and, in my opinion, appealing visual effect of some sort.

FIRST Robotics Competition
67 photos, 1 video
These images are my favourites from the FIRST Robotics Competition San Diego Regional event from March 5th - 8th, 2009. I was there to support Luminary Micro's Jaguar motor speed controllers which...

Texas State Capitol
70 photos
Images taken in and around the State Capitol building in Austin, Texas.

26 photos
The images here used Photomatix to bring out existing detail from in a single raw file. These are intended to look pretty much normal otherwise.

Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk, Austin
32 photos
Photos taken by me during the 2009 World Wide Photo Walk in Austin, Texas.

65 photos
Various photos taken with either a macro lens or extension tubes.

61 photos
Photos taken during my mission trips to Guatemala in June 2005 and June 2007. These trips were organised through Mission Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church, USA. For more information, see...

161 photos
Some of my favourite monochrome or almost-monochrome images.

459 photos
Photos taken of people and places in the state of Texas.

Austin Area
397 photos
Various shots taken in and around Austin. I recommend viewing this set on Flickriver.

Friends and Family
30 photos
Photos of friends and family members.

25 photos
Various photos taken during business trips to India. You can find some impressions of my first trip to Hyderabad here.

Flowers & Plants
30 photos

Butterflies, Insects and Spiders
55 photos
Various photos of creepie crawlies, bugs and butterflies.

Other Nature
55 photos
Various photos of nature other than insects or plants.

Washington D.C.
11 photos
Photos taken during business trips to Washington D.C. Most were taken in March 1990 when the cherry blossom was at its peak.

Arizona & Utah
82 photos

18 photos
Pictures taken in Paris during various business trips.

Clustershot Picks
157 photos
This group contains images that are available for sale on ClusterShot.com but which do not appear in my Personal Favourites, Exhibition or HDR folder.

109 photos
Photos taken during various trips back "home" to Scotland.

Getty Artist Picks July 09
10 photos
Images for consideration during the July 09 "Artist Picks" round from Getty Images.

16 photos
Various photos taken in England.

10 photos
Photos taken in Germany (oddly enough).

Wildflower Center
26 photos
Photos taken at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.

Flickr Gatherings
4 photos

24 Hours of Flickr, 2007
13 photos
Today (5/5/07) is a somewhat more busy Saturday than usual for me since I'm heading off on a business trip. During the day, though, I'm going to try to post regular photos taken with whichever camera...

Wimberley Veterans' Memorial Dedication
46 photos
These photos were taken during the dedication of the new Veteran's Memorial in Wimberley, Texas on April 21st, 2007.

Turkey Trot, 2006
7 photos
A few snaps taken during the annual Turkey Trot 5 mile fun run held each year in Austin on Thanksgiving morning.

Variations on a Theme
7 photos
Fun with Photoshop. This set contains "before and after" images and various experimentation pictures.

Images for my blog
41 photos
No, these are not artsy pictures, just snaps illustrating various family blog entries. You can find my blog here.

Zion/Bryce/Death Valley Picks
30 photos
My favourite, art images from the Zion/Bryce/Death Valley photography trip, February 13th-21st, 2010.

Top 25
25 photos
A set of my favourite 25 images intended to act as a portfolio on my iPhone when synced using the Fotomatic application.