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David klein / 21 items

Art photo
314 photos, 5 videos

753 photos, 1 video

My Model
333 photos, 1 video

Photo of what other send me
200 photos, 5 videos

Photos I took with my cell phone
331 photos
Photos I took with my Cell phone

318 photos, 4 videos

A new beginning
240 photos, 1 video

new and old art
332 photos, 2 videos
Art for the generation.

Work cited many years ago
170 photos, 1 video
Works I have done in the past when people send me pictures of it I'd like to display them.

315 photos, 5 videos

With the new camera
277 photos, 1 video
I had to buy a new camera to post my art on a different site. needed to be better than the old one which was 10 years old.

Moment in time
255 photos, 2 videos
Detailed shots

Pictures of me in front of my art
81 photos, 2 videos
Pictures of my art and me taken by other people

pictures I took.
246 photos

Ali portrait
144 photos, 1 video
Memorial Day weekend 2013 and Margaret Yorks gallery plein air on exhibit until the end of the year

folk art
135 photos, 1 video

art by me
133 photos, 1 video

my art
134 photos
what do you think

new set my art
134 photos
my art

art 1111
132 photos, 1 video

Great art
140 photos