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David Smith / 20 items

Silhouette and Shadow Forms
52 photos
A Collection of silhouettes and shadows, both straight up and reflected.

Black & White
92 photos
A collection of black and white images.

New York City
71 photos
A Collection of Images Representing New York City.

29 photos
A collection of building images and imagery.

Character Art.
27 photos
This album is a collection of figures captured as real persons are reflected on metallic/glass awnings, in bodies of water, or other surfaces. The reflective surfaces give them a unique and...

47 photos
A collection of landscape and cityscape images.

24 photos
A collection from the natural world

On Ice
21 photos
A Collection of images involving ice.

62 photos
A collection of abstract patterns and details.

Odd One
47 photos
A celebration of the power of one.

Reflections and Feathers
21 photos
A Collection of Birds and Abstract Reflections.

Abstract Imagery
17 photos
A collection of abstract imagery that resembles that which it is not.

Marvelous Marble
12 photos
A collection of abstract reflections and figures residing in marble floors and walls.

Window World
26 photos
A collection of window reflections, abstractions, and images.

A Shore Thing
20 photos
A collection of images inspired by the shoreline.

Abstract Things
19 photos
A collection of every day objects.

7 photos
Drive your imagination with a collection of reflections on cars and motorized vehicles.

Puddle Muddle
16 photos
Step into a Collection of Reflections found in Puddles and Pooling Water.

8 photos
A Collection of Leaf and Tree Images.

4 photos
A collection of images taken with intentional camera movement.