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User / DameBoudicca / Woman in Sámi costume
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Vintage portrait of a woman wearing some kind of Sámi costume - though I cannot tell you the exact type. It is not just because this isn't my area of expertise (which it really isn't) but because I can't even be sure it's a proper costume. The photo is from Kalmar in southern Sweden, the Sámi live up north. It is of course possible that the woman is a Sámi travelling south, but it is more probable that the woman borrowed the costume at the photographer - it was quite popular at the time to wear traditional costumes in Sweden when taking a photo (I have a few others) and you weren't always choosing something from your own part of the country - actually it was quite common not to, it was more exotic that way.

Probably dating to the late 19th century.
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  • Taken: Mar 17, 2013
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  • Updated: Mar 18, 2021