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On display at the Fitzwilliam museum. The museum labels can tell us the following about these marble heads:

[The left one, the head of a warrior] The hand which violently pulls the hair of this head, and the expression of pain on the face, suggest that this was part of a battle scene. The piece was only roughly worked on the back and was probably cut out of a deep relief. Made in Greece about 300-100 BC.

[The middle one, the head of an Amazon] This head belongs to a female warrior who was lying on her side, after being struck down in battle. The right side of the head is only roughly carved and was not intended to be visible in the original composition. Made in Greece about 150-250 AD.

[The right one, the head of a bearded man] This head is from a small relief, perhaps a coffin decoration. The luxuriant beard and wild hair suggest that this may not be a human, but rather a god, giant or centaur from a mythological scene. Made in Attica, Greece, about 100-200 AD,
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