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Hamvention 2019
33 photos
Xenia, Ohio.

In the trees
21 photos
I walk to Eddie's pretty often

The ones I like since 2005
51 photos
Well, you know, the ones I like most since then.

Big Film
10 photos

One Per Year
17 photos
If I had to choose just one...

10 From 2020
10 photos

10 from 2019
10 photos

10 from 2018
10 photos

10 from 2017
10 photos

10 from 2016
10 photos

10 from 2015
10 photos

10 from 2014
10 photos

10 from 2013
10 photos

10 from 2012
10 photos

10 from 2011
10 photos

10 from 2010
10 photos

10 from 2009
10 photos

10 from 2008
10 photos

10 from 2007
10 photos

10 from 2006
10 photos

10 from 2005
10 photos

9 from 2004
9 photos

New B&W
49 photos
Post digital B&W film

Slow Photos
28 photos
Some photos are fast (see "street"). These are slow.

Common Ground
9 photos
Photographs appearing in the exhibition "Common Ground: New American Street Photography" curated by Stephen McLaren at the New Orleans Photo Alliance January 26, 2013 through March 2013....

Color Street
49 photos

Black & White Street
79 photos

On the Alley
29 photos
Madison Wisconsin, summer 1980. A documentary on the Vilas Avenue neighborhood, photographed primarily from the service alleys. Carried out with the assistance of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Wisconsin 1972-1982
55 photos
I grew up here. Best way to view is click on Slideshow link in the upper right of the screen.

Domestic Tranquility
18 photos

Italy 2010
21 photos

Out To Lunch
19 photos
Pictures taken in 20 to 40 minute walks around mid-day over a period of about four and a half years. 20 shots sorted by Flickr "interestingness" are included but the entire set can be found...

Photographing Photography
22 photos

The Commute
18 photos
For I have known them all already, known them all:- Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons, I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;

Mardi Gras the Edit
29 photos

6 photos

Old Silver
8 photos
This set includes one picture from each set in the Old Silver Collection. Originally all my older work was in this one set, but I've broken the original set into smaller more digestible chunks. The...

Apres le Deluge
65 photos
10/5/2005 - 8/29/2007 And then we got home, at least some of us. Recovering is much more boring, tedious and tiresome. And it takes much much longer, while everyone else in the country has tired of...

Our Katrina Odyssey
52 photos, 1 video
How we experienced Katrina. I put together this set over a period of about two months, during which time my family was "exiled" from New Orleans. During that time we lived briefly in a...

Pretty Pictures
16 photos
and guilty pleasures

Washington DC, 1982-1984
28 photos
Part of the the Old Silver Collection

Kids on the Bus
10 photos
In the late 70's I drove a city bus in Madison Wisconsin. For about a year, part of the job was a school run in the mornings. Toward the end I started taking pictures of the kids. When we'd arrive at...

Back Porch Radio
10 photos
In 1976 and 1977 I did a series of articles and photo essays for a free tabloid publication produced by WORT, a listener-sponsored radio station in Madison Wisconsin. The articles were on three...

Points East West & Between 1975-1985
18 photos
Somewhere in the United States.

18 photos
Scanned from boxes of old negatives. The dating is rough, to put it mildly

New Orleans 1985-1990
18 photos
In 1986 I became a dad. Funny the way that cut into my shooting time. As of 12/10, most of these are from prints, but as I (very) slowly work my way through the negatives, I'll be posting scans from...

Pods & Cavaliers
22 photos
Casual notes on one aspect of a landscape of disaster

Copenhagen and Paris 2006
9 photos
Just a start

Buenos Aires 1987
7 photos

Foreign Affairs 1980-1987
17 photos
France, Italy, England and Germany between 1980 and 1984. Mexico, 1985, Argentina 1987. One outlier from a trip with my family to Italy in 1967

70 photos
definition: mutual consent

7 photos
Mostly non-public pictures in Heidelberg and Berlin

Mardi Gras 2006
9 photos
The first carnival in New Orleans after Katrina was largely a family affair. There were few tourists, a great deal of humor and an unusual level of camaraderie. I've been sitting on these pictures...

Boring Photos
7 photos
Pictures nobody likes but I can't seem to keep from being fascinated by. Minimal requirement:: no comments or favorites. I end up keeping lots of ignored images because they're part of an essay or...

Lianna's Graduation
3 photos
Most restricted to family and/or friends

SP: Salon
45 photos
Photos submitted to the Street Photography List Serve -- www.streetphoto.info/forum/ -- Salons, now dead, but reborn as Street Photographer's salon

Alex Graduation (For Family)
2 photos
Our trip to Newtown to see Alex graduate from George School -- Most of the images are flagged for family only.

20 photos

41 photos

Consolidated Years
155 photos
All the "best of's" together