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Claudia G. Kukulka / 38 items

Flowers, Blossoms and Plants (Blumen, Blüten und...
139 photos

Forests, Fields and Meadows (Wälder, Felder und...
147 photos

Landscapes (Landschaften)
133 photos

Brüni and her Kittens (Brüni und ihre Kinder)
46 photos, 1 video
After I was absent for one year, I started to do some renovation work at the house in January 2013. While painting the walls etc., a young cat lady visited me from time to time, peeking inside the...

Sun, Moon and Clouds (Sonne, Mond und Wolken)
22 photos

Frightening Animals (Furchterregende Tiere)
42 photos, 1 video

Insects, Spiders & Gastropods (Insekten, Spinnen...
60 photos

People (Menschen)
48 photos
Ja, es gibt uns: die modernen Deutschen. Wir existieren. Wir sind ein Teil dieser Welt. Ginge es nach dem deutschen (überaus veraltetem) Gesetz, würden wir totgeschwiegen. Sollten Sie sich auf...

21 photos

56 photos

Jewish collective cemetery Wenkheim (Jüdischer...
8 photos

10 photos
Blutsee, Irtenberger Wald, Germany The swamp is thought to have come about by fossilized pingo. From the 16th century onward, the region's meadows were used extensively. In Kleinrinderfeld's...

Bikes (Fahrräder)
4 photos

Water drops (Wassertropfen)
3 photos

Water and Ice
2 photos

Object-oriented (Objektorientiert)
41 photos

Relax and Smile (Entspanne dich und Lächle)
21 photos

My try at Impressionism
65 photos
Some of it may not even be true Impressionism, but it's colorful and weird and hopefully not the norm. Lisa Simpson: Oo! I like the Impressionists. Sideshow Bob: The boy bands of the art world.

Funky Stuff
31 photos, 1 video

Lovin' my baby
9 photos
Lensbaby, that is. :-)

Selective Color Photography
5 photos

Black-and-white, monochrome and sepia...
24 photos
I'm usually a die-hard color photographer, but now and then I see an image of mine and it feels more like a mono or a black & white. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I give in. It's all...

Angels (Engel)
1 photo

Doors and Windows (Türen und Fenster)
15 photos

Castles and Towers (Burgen, Schlösser und Türme)
5 photos

Churches, Cathedrals and Monasteries (Kirchen,...
7 photos

Half-timbered Houses (Fachwerkhäuser)
4 photos

1 photo

Jüdischer Friedhof
1 photo

1 photo

1 photo

36 photos

Bad Windsheim
1 photo

Markt Frickenhausen am Main
2 photos

Ochsenfurt (Oxford in English ;-))
2 photos

12 photos

14 photos

11 photos