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3,938 days in a row
3700 photos, 241 videos
starting on the 1st of January 2011 and haven't missed a day yet :)

Start Here!
694 photos, 40 videos
These are a few of my favourites, the ones that make me smile or I feel proud of.... If you have time you can VIEW THESE IMAGES AS A SLIDESHOW :) or you can click on any image to view it...

365 Favourites
853 photos, 45 videos
after all these days making an image every day I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourites...

Made with Paper
1180 photos, 19 videos
I love making things with paper... Thanks for dropping by, Cat:)

Book Covers
111 photos
my images on book covers

Published Work
432 photos
A sample of my images in the wild! :) Buyers have included TED, CNN, MTV, Microsoft, Viacom, Next, The BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Oxford University Press, ABC Good Morning America, Bloomsbury, The...

309 videos

My Stocksy Images
1968 photos, 209 videos

Stocksy Video
210 videos

My Trevillion Images
205 photos
See them on Trevillion (one short t revision)

My Getty Images
793 photos
All these images are available to license at Getty Images :) These are my photographs invited to the Flickr/Moment collection on Getty Images since July 2009 . Buyers have included MTV, Harvard...

Getty Video
30 videos

365 in 2021
266 photos, 22 videos

366 in 2020
313 photos, 55 videos

365 in 2019
294 photos, 71 videos
my 9th 365 project!

365 in 2018
300 photos, 65 videos

365 in 2017
357 photos, 8 videos
this will be my 7th 365 project!

366 in 2016
350 photos, 16 videos

365 in 2015
365 photos
And so it continues into year 5!!! again hopes are that at the end of 2015 this set will have 365 images in it :D My 365 in 2014 My 365 in 2013 My 366 in 2012 My 365 in 2011

365 in 2014
365 photos
I'm hoping that by the end of 2014 there will be 365 images in this set :) My 365 in 2013 My 366 in 2012 My 365 in 2011

365 in 2013
364 photos, 1 video
I'm hoping that by the end of 2013 there will be 365 images in this set :) My 366 in 2012 My 365 in 2011

366 in 2012
364 photos, 2 videos
It seems the 365 project is addictive..it looks like I may be having another twirl on the dance floor...but I have promised to be a lot easier on myself this time round :)

365 in 2011
364 photos, 1 video
It was total madness, but I decided to start my 1st 365 on 1/1/11...and I finished it on the 31st of December 2011...I never missed a day...wonders will never cease :) Taking a photo everyday and...

IPF Fellowship Panel
59 photos
images created for my IPF Fellowship in Photography the first 20 (after the layout) made it onto the panel the rest didn't.

IPF Associateship Panel
17 photos
This was the panel of 15 images that got me my Associateship in Photography (AIPF) from the Irish Photographic Federation on April 16th 2011 :) My written statement: Once upon a time, many decades...

IPF Licentiateship Panel
11 photos
This is my successful LIPF panel I used to gain my Licentiateship from The Irish Photographic Federation in Athlone in April 2010.

Digital SLR Photography Magazine
33 photos
A sample of my articles for Digital SLR Photography Magazine

medicine cabinet
12 photos

27 photos
people saying nice things about me or featuring my photography :)

RPS Visual Art Magazine
4 photos

Nikon Creative Eye
11 photos
My pieces in Digital SLR Photography magazine's/Nikon's Creative Eye. August 2013 till it ended in June 2014 :)

Deloitte Brochures
7 photos
my images on the covers of Deloitte brochures

The Academic
5 photos
My images on the album "Tales from the Backseat" and singles by "The Academic"

Samsung Galaxy Brochure
13 photos
images taken for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge training manual

166 photos, 3 videos

Dublin City and County
71 photos
images taken in and around Dublin City and County

34 photos, 5 videos

231 photos, 17 videos

104 photos, 31 videos

Love Lensbaby
306 photos, 32 videos
shots taken with my Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35, Sweet 50 & Edge 80 and Velvet 56

Lensbaby Sol 45
26 photos, 8 videos
Shots taken on a Lensbaby Sol 45 on a Fujifilm X-T2

Would look good as a book cover
291 photos
my images I think would look good on a book cover :)

74 photos, 3 videos

389 photos
photos taken with my wonderful fujifilm X100S :)

212 photos

Scan Photography
7 photos

paper cat
7 photos

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
73 photos, 2 videos

Samsung Galaxy S8+
56 photos, 5 videos

Samsung Galaxy S10+
42 photos, 5 videos

Seeing Double
39 photos

364 photos

Merging Mediums...
110 photos
mixing things up a bit!

mock ups
9 photos

the little chair
31 photos

149 photos, 5 videos

6 photos

62 photos

160 photos, 2 videos
a set to counteract a grey day :)

I made this
312 photos, 2 videos
I'm always happiest when I'm doing something creative :) These are a few of my paintings, some pencil and pen sketches, a few digital drawings, a little bit of oragami, the odd oil painting, a few...

328 photos, 56 videos
urban and rural landscapes from Ireland

82 photos
life's a ball...

79 photos, 1 video
button button whose got the button?

173 photos, 2 videos

From Above
144 photos
looking down...

Tiny People
16 photos

12 photos

Glenasmole, Kippure and the Featherbeds
135 photos, 8 videos

Tea Cups
52 photos

205 photos

Lightbulb Moments
17 photos, 1 video

The Sea
10 photos

11 photos

115 photos

Going Green...
24 photos

37 photos

Fortune Tellers
51 photos, 1 video

Walk Away
43 photos, 1 video
walk away, walk away...I will follow :)

Flickr likes These
63 photos
My most interesting photos according to Flickr Set automatically created by dopiaza's set generator on 5th January 2018 at 1:45am UTC

30 photos

31 photos

Mirror Mirror
8 photos

Imagined Landscapes
66 photos
photos of paper models I've made usually with a little digital drawing on top :)

96 photos
when the world is in chaos there is nothing quite as soothing as a repeating pattern :)

28 photos, 5 videos
The Duffalo... a shelter kitty with a difficult start in life who is slowly finding her feet in our lives ♥

27 photos
Custard Moany Pants MacBride 1999-2012

37 photos

RUA RED Exhibition...
18 photos

38 photos

78 photos
real and un real :)

Table Top
532 photos, 1 video
Photos taken on my kitchen table...

Flypaper Textures
477 photos, 1 video
Images post processed with textures from the wonderful flypapertextures.com/ Totally recommended!

Halloween/Oíche Shamhna
57 photos
spooky (ish) shots for Halloween :)

28 photos, 3 videos

9 photos

Portrait in Possessions
7 photos

122 photos, 1 video

Sail Away...
13 photos

On White...
318 photos, 1 video

40 photos

13 photos

My Mums Hands
6 photos

The Washing Line
14 photos

22 photos

Creative Clout 2012
15 photos
Photos taken at the Getty Images Gallery London at the Creative Clout 2012 event on September 4th. a few shots were taken with my little Nikon which seems to do better underwater than it does in...

Don't cut off the head!
64 photos
The first rule of photography my Dad taught me was not to cut off the heads...it turns out I'm not very good at following rules :)

On the Sofa
6 photos
various family members doing what they do best....sitting on various sofas :)

115 photos

52 photos

Once upon a time...
163 photos
pictures that tell a story...

19 photos

MacBride Adventures
6 photos
A spot to put all the photos I'm planning to take of our future adventures :)

Black and White
78 photos

I Shoot Film
16 photos
Shots taken with my Diana F+ camera on 120 film and on my Dad's Praktica (PL nova l) and our Lomo 360° Spinner on 35mm film. More to come I can assure you! All of these shots were devoloped as...

Nikon AW100
14 photos

Dublin Zombie Walk
30 photos

On FAA...
54 photos
I've been asked so often if I offer prints or greeting cards of my images that I've taken the plunge and set up a spot for myself on "Fine Art America", new images will be added regularly...

On Redbubble
95 photos
images available to purchase as prints, cards and merchandise on RedBubble

7 photos

Image Bank
8 photos

39 photos
My Corbis images have been transferred to Getty Images after the sale of Corbis.

4 photos

953 photos, 49 videos

397 photos
RM images have been removed from Getty Images so these images will be heading elsewhere once active licences are up :)

71 photos

327 photos