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36 items

Pacific Northwest
482 photos
Captures from various visits to the Pacific Northwest.

213 photos
Photos of mine that made flickr's Explore group.

18 photos

236 photos
Some of my favorite reflections I've captured while on Flickr.

1011 photos
Landscapes are my favorite subject, especially if water is involved. Many of these were taken at National, State or even City Parks.

Autumn Favorites
365 photos
Autumn is my favorite season. A set of my favorite Fall shots I've captured while on Flickr. Enjoy!

Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park
127 photos
Captures from my visits to Glacier National Park in Montana and the Canadian Rockies.

My Favorites
100 photos
In no particular order, 100 of my personal favorites taken while on Flickr.

Spring in the Southwest
59 photos
Captures from Utah and Arizona

67 photos
Captures from my Alaskan vacations. Aug/Sept. 2013 & Aug/Sept. 2016 & 2019 2019

400 + Faves
261 photos
Images of mine that have been favorited over 400 times.

41 photos

21 photos

AlCan Highway
9 photos
My captures from the Alaska Highway, which connects the lower 48 USA to the state of Alaska via Canada. The route travels through British Columbia & The Yukon Territory, Canada and ends in the US...

Autumn in Upper Michigan
111 photos

56 photos

Crater Lake
22 photos
Images from a Summer 2011 visit to Crater Lake as well as Winter 2015.

108 photos

96 photos

309 photos
Photos taken close to home

31 photos
Captures from my visits to Yosemite National Park in February 2011 and April 2012.

220 photos
Gardening is a past time of mine. This set has a few pics from my own garden as well as many more from other beautiful gardens I have visited.

Pics with an iPhone
24 photos

Getty Images
29 photos
My photos selected by Getty Images that are available for licensing . www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?assettype=image&am...

Summer 2013
34 photos

Big Sur
18 photos

Northern California
104 photos
A set taken during my trips to Northern California in February 2011 & April 2012.

89 photos

Cole's Photobook
100 photos

Cole's Photobook 2
99 photos

Summer 2012
45 photos

Spring 2012
60 photos

57 photos
A set taken during my vacation to Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii - Jan 2010

Summer 2011
94 photos

Spring 2011
45 photos

October 2010
65 photos