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Night Terrors
8 photos
Inspired by my own chronic night terrors. Night terrors are uncommon in adults and often stem from unaddressed trauma. Mine manifest as bugs attacking me in the night, and I react by screaming and...

Begin Again
11 photos
Begin Again started as an exploration of the self. What would the world look like if only I existed? Would I create more life in my own vision? From those questions the series morphed into an...

Fourth Wall
8 photos
In a world where connectedness, honesty and openness are praised and heralded as the new way of life for up and coming generations, we are seeing less truth in those actions than ever before....

48 photos

Self Portraits
539 photos

Fine Art Nude
24 photos

18 photos, 1 video
A collection of photos that were taken under water. Safe search must be off to see most of them ;-)

47 photos
All of my levitation/trick imagery :-)

The Re-Imaging of Ophelia
4 photos
These images, of which there are ten in total, make up a series where I have re-invented (or more accurately, re-imaged) Ophelia. Gone is the idea that Ophelia was a weak character. These images...

The Painter Series
12 photos
These photos were all inspired by specific paintings or painters. The inspirations can be seen on my blog.

6 photos
little statue breaking little baby breathing

In the Kitchen
17 photos

"Small Deaths"
30 photos