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User / RJAB2012 / Kalanchoe Wendy
Ron Brindley / 1,707 items
A form of Kalanchoe manginii.
"A native of Madagascar, this perennial, evergreen shrub grows to just 30 cm high with an equal spread. It has fleshy, ovate, glossy, mid-green leaves carried on multiple reddish stems while the terminal, pendant, tubular flowers are red with yellow margins. It is quite a prolific flowerer.
This plant dislikes frost and prefers temperatures above 10°C and a full sun or partial shade position. It also makes an excellent indoor plant. Like most succulents it has a definite need for a well drained soil and a summer rainfall. Winter should see the soil almost dry out before re-watering and if your climate seems unsuitable then use it as an indoor plant so you can provide acceptable conditions."
Reference: www.olelantanaseeds.com.au
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  • Taken: Sep 29, 2020
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