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176 photos, 1 video
From a trip in 2009. Starting in Santiago, Chile and taking the journey to the deep south of Chile and Argentina (Patagonia). Crossing southern Argentina to the East Coast and taking the journey back...

For friends
78 photos
With my enormous "Thank You" for many pleasant interactions in this Flickr world.

2020/21 as seen and felt...
261 photos, 1 video
Older and recent images, traveling back in time sometimes, special moments, moods, memories...

fantasia 2020
9 photos

53 photos

76 photos

Christmas 2019/20
18 photos
home, lights, decoration, Christmas time...

21 photos
England, 2019

Streets, everywhere
22 photos

indoor scenes 2019
61 photos
A new series, taken with a mobile most of the time. Indoors and at home, little details, here and there...

For Ilse Batten
2 photos

*Flor 2019
41 photos
Flower takes, along the years. Older and recent shots...adding beauty and colors to my life.

2019 (posts) Aleatory captures along time
26 photos
I am digging in old and new files. I want to see everything I have been photographing. It is way too much and yet, worth and worth it, over and over again. Thank you for stopping by...

B&W - aleatory along time
39 photos
People and places, objects, moments...life... (no chronological order)

new ideas / experiments
12 photos
In the last few days I was posting the "usual", but somehow I am over this time. Trying new angles, new colours (or not), new solutions. I am not worried about subjects right now... I am...

The City where I live...
22 photos

Landscapes 2019
8 photos

Christmas 2018
8 photos

Travel 2
13 photos

46 photos
Along these 12 flickr years I made a number of travel shots in many different places, with different cameras and obviously different quality. I am selecting urban and nature shots and maybe one or...

Memories of the sea...
182 photos
Old images which mean a lot to me, taken next to the sea, my favorite place on Earth, in different years. Thanks for stopping by

11 photos

39 photos
Once in a while...a flower take...

41 photos

54 photos
A new album for nature shots, here and there...everywhere.

Hand Project
10 photos

About Gui
82 photos
:) coming next...

About Livia
52 photos, 1 video
Little Livia was born, my first granddaughter. I was fortunate to be close to her parentes, when she came to this world. This album shows a little bit of her world. I wish you happiness, my sweet...

About Felipe
15 photos
Felipe is Gui´s little brother and now he will have a special Set for him on my stream as well. He is an adorable little fellow.

Urban Views
74 photos, 1 video
Indoor and Outdoor... starting in 2015... Thank you for stopping by!

2 videos

England 2015/016/017
97 photos, 2 videos
From the time I stayed in England, awaiting and welcoming my little grandchild, Livia, in 2015 and in the years that followed...

Monochrome 2015/2016
79 photos
Taken, edited and also revisited in 2015/016

47 photos

49 photos

17 photos

10 photos

Food & Table
22 photos

47 photos

Indoor images
105 photos

76 photos
A new album, with no specific purpose. I will see what to do...later on..

130 photos
Some revisited images from older files, which I love, though and with a different touch sometimes.

Mobile shots
91 photos, 1 video
I surrender and post some mobile shots from now on as well. Sometimes my Nikon is way too heavy. That is why! :)))))))

Brasil - daily scenes
79 photos
It is 2014. I have been opening a number of photosets since I joined flickr in 2006, mainly of images taken on my trips out there, to other worlds. Today I decided to open this set, for simple daily...

England 2014
37 photos

Brighton, England..
16 photos
Images of a trip some time ago. I am going through older files and thought I should publisch them. Thank you for stopping by!

47 photos

147 photos
Provence and other areas of this amazing country, which I love so much: France

Paris 2014
100 photos
One of my favorite cities in the world. A few images try to say it.

34 photos
...experiences, impressions, feelings...time...life...

21 photos
I used to be at seaside places at this time of the year. Things changed a bit. So here I am, photographing trees and the skies beyond. Also nice... :)

2014 Artistic
27 photos
Sometimes it is fun to post process an image, changing colours, moods, adding textures, etc. So, this is the set for 2014. Once in a while a picture will be added. :)Thanks for stopping by..

245 photos
These are images I love. I hope you enjoy them as well! Thank you for your presence here!

85 photos
A new time. New experiences, subjects...another atmosphere... hopefully a good new year! Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

10 photos

Autumn & Winter
54 photos
In Brasil, the Winter is not so rigid, but we also have some cold days, which give us amazing images to watch, once in a while. I am fascinated by the Winter atmosphere, always.

26 photos
For over years I took pictures in and of this place, which happened to be my second home...

Getty Images / on sale
88 photos
These images have are being licensed through www.gettyimages.com

Monochrome 2014
75 photos

Monochrome 2013
36 photos
Starting a new SET for monochrome images

Monochrome II
252 photos
Monochromes, sometimes "duochromes", if there is this word. I Thank you for stopping by.

Monochrome I
23 photos
After a time in the world of photography...you suddenly become aware about the mistery and the magic of black & white pictures. Happened to me... ...I am enjoying more each day... :))

Curitiba / Brasil
159 photos
New urban images, under a different perspective now, after over 3 flickr years. I hope you like it.

54 photos
I love taking pictures of objects. They speak a lot to me..

To remember
90 photos
To remember... ...a wonderful time with my my mother, who died on February, 6th, 2013. I started this Set when she was very ill already, in January, 2013. It speaks so much of her, a nature lover,...

My way
103 photos
Things I see and love. Probably my favorite kind of images, but not the only kind, of course...

Golden II
68 photos
Almost starting 2012. This is a new Set for my "Golden" Images. I hope you like them

176 photos
some golden works. thank you for dropping by.:)

About doors&windows
17 photos
sometimes open, sometimes closed...or not at all... things are not always exactly how they seem to be..

Indoor images
174 photos
I think I have a Set like this already, but I was too lazy to check. So, as I love indoor shots, ambiences, I will select what I like most for this one.

109 photos
New images, starting in 2012.

Monochromatic England
46 photos

England 2012
158 photos
A trip to England...to be with the family...

36 photos
England 2012

39 photos

Argentina / other views
18 photos
I am on older files again. As images are forever, I decided to post another series of my long trip to Patagonia, 4 years ago. Thank you for stopping by.

Uruguay, next door..
15 photos
I am going through older files and I am finding some images I had barely noticed before. I am posting them now...later in time... No problem, as the moments were perpetuated anyway.

Feminine world
8 photos
things we enjoy every now and then... :)

25 photos
I never learned how to do that - portraits. Mine are taken from the heart, with no technics at all... I included some old photos of my mother, grandmother and aunts, just because I love them:))

7 photos
...trying something new... ...will take me some time... ...but it is ok... :))

145 photos

98 photos
...young and old family members... PORTRAITS and details

45 photos
I have been attracted to so many images taken on the streets and well...I am doing some myself. Day and night...blureed and not... whatever:)) I like variety. :)) Hope you like it!!!

Textured Works
145 photos
A new Textures Set, with new and more elaborated works. I hope you like it

32 photos
New Year, happiness, birthdays, this and that...

85 photos
I love cups and glasses and plates and food and kitchen scenes and tablesets and the day-by-day in a home. This SET is about this secondary world in our lives and yet...marking so important and...

86 photos
landscapes, seascapes, skies, clouds and beauty everywhere. timeless images...

Sunrise Sunset
35 photos
How many Sunrises, Sunsets in a lifetime? Are we aware of them?

Textured Paintings
27 photos
I have been making these works on Photoshop, digitally using similar techniques as those I learned in the art schools, for paintings. It is about creativity only and for my pleasure. :)

19 photos
About nature...micro world sometimes...leaves...in the rain...droplets...magical...I think. Thank you for stopping by. :)))

The Garden
16 photos
Flowers from my mother´s garden. She took care of it for a lifetime. Thank you for visiting. :))

New Home/New Garden
14 photos
Dear people had to move on... to a new home... creating a new garden... Life! Some images...some moments...dear to me :)

88 photos
Trees, leafs, bushes, branches, fruits, all variations of beautiful greens in nature... I thought it was about time to prepare one set dedicated to this subject.

7 photos
MON - Museu Oscar Niemeyer Curitiba Paraná Brasil A special place...deserving a SET just for itself Enjoy. :))))

177 photos
In my hometown, my own country, along my roads and travels...

46 photos
I recently opened a group for this kind of pictures and I realized that I have some to show too... So...here they are...

33 photos
Windows... and pictures showing windows within the composition, like buildings or indoor shots, focusing another subject. Always fascinating to me and these scenes catch my attention. That is why I...

78 photos
I cannot help it. I love seeing and taking images like this. They say so much...just listen... :)

11 photos
I love them :)))

Still Life
26 photos
I love this kind of images. I took many in the past, but there was something missing. Experience, I guess... Now I like them better:))

51 photos
This is one of my favorite sets. Enjoy!!

14 photos
Light - main attraction to me, especially candle lights. Luz - atração principal, sempre, especialmente luz de velas.

5 photos
...creating a SET for hands, inspired on Christine Lebrasseur´s new group... ...a rich subject... ...so many stories to tell... Enjoy!!! :)

15 photos
water... it speaks for itself... :)

About Paintings
13 photos
New work, after 4 years. I am finally doing what I love again. Thanks for visiting. * Also: Some of my works of the last 20 years...

20 photos
:) I love this place!

21 photos
Do you, too? Then come in...and enjoy... :)))

Paradise in Autumn
24 photos
Seaside, Autumn, 2009. Images of my small Paradise, in the Autumn. Doesn´t change so much, but colours are amazing! :)

95 photos
In over 2 Flickr years, pictures taken next to the sea, one of my Passions. I have so many!!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))) Thanks for dropping by

Summer 2011
80 photos
2011 It was a very rainy Summer. However, once in a while the sun gave us a break and well...it was beautiful in spite of... Here, indoor and outdoor images, using two different lenses, making new...

Summer 2010
76 photos
The season of reflections, sparkles, fantastic moods, freedom, has started. Enjoying it, from the very beginning!!! These are my Summer Days and days by the sea all over 2010. (a few images were...

Summer 2009
137 photos
This was a different Summer...and still...amazing beauty here and there. When I had time, I captured some details of light, colour and beauty. I am sharing it with you. petra :)

Summer 2008
47 photos
About clouds and storms...about sunrises and sunsets...about the sea...boats...about the beauty of colours...about fishermen and their hard work...about their smiles without a single tooth in their...

Summer 2007
17 photos
Come...spend some time with me in my small Paradise. I promise you moments of incredible delight. No trouble, no sadness, no problems are allowed here... ...only happiness... ...it will be only the...

Christmas 2017
5 photos
I love this time, I love the atmosphere...

Christmas 2015
7 photos
A Christmas album for 2015. I couldn´t miss it...

Christmas 2014
21 photos
Every year I add a few Xmas time images, since I joined flickr. So, this year again. Thank you for stopping by

Christmas 2013
16 photos
Every year a Xmas Set. Well, I love this time of the year. :)

Christmas 2012
16 photos
This was not a Christmas time as in other years. I took much less pictures and there was not enought time to be here either. However, this was a year with little Gui and in spite of having only a few...

Christmas 2011
27 photos

Christmas 2010
18 photos
Indoors, outdoors, light, colours, beauty... it is Xmas time again.

Christmas 2009
24 photos
Be happy... :))) thank you always... petra

Christmas 2008
4 photos
time...to celebrate... ...time...to clean the heart... ... ...time...to live again

Christmas 2007
1 photo
Every year, magic comes to me again...at Xmas time. Enjoy it with me, in this Set. Thank you

Christmas 2006
2 photos
I love Christmas since I was a little girl. This time, November and December, is magical to me. I enjoy each moment so much. That is why I decided to have a Christmas Set. :) Adoro o Natal desde...

My tribute to fishermen
74 photos
It is a fascinating world. I have been watching so many of their moments... and eternalized a few of them...

On the Road
4 photos
...as I always have a camera around me...some shots...along trips...on the road. ...have fun... :)))

2007/Friend´s Home
1 photo
Olga e Herbie...seu novo lar em Joinville. Olga and Herbert...the home of two very, very dear friends to me. I love it, because it has so beautiful light in it...shining all over. Enjoy :))

My Home
40 photos
...rooms...things...small things...this...that...day-by-day...feeling good...best place on earth...HOME... :))))

My FIRST book
1 photo
...containing photographic works and some "day-by-day" texts. I love it. Sharing it with you.

Trip to my Past
4 photos
Images of the small town were I was born and surroundings...where especially my mother spend her youth and was very happy. I love these places and went back there...to take some...

22 photos
Photos taken in the city where I grew up and at my parent´s place, especially my mother´s beautiful garden and flowers Fotos tiradas em Joinville, onde eu crescí, inclusive na casa de meus...

S.Catarina/R.G.do Sul
1 photo
A trip to southern and southwestern Brasil, states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, in july/2006

19 photos
Florianópolis, in Santa Catarina, Brasil is one of my favorite spots on Earth. Unfortunately I don´t go there very often. Here are some memories...

Florianópolis SC Brasil
7 photos
In southern Brasil, main city of the State of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, one of the most beautiful spots to be, in this country. It is an island, with over 40 amazing beaches, all around.

Ilha do Mel
9 photos
Paraná - Brasil Southern Brasil If you should ever come to this country...this would be a place to visit...and to relax.

Lapa / Paraná
1 photo
I went on a trip countryside of Paraná, on roads I had never been before. Beautiful sceneries... ...another angle of green Brasil. :))

2 photos
Beautiful places...greens, mountains, rivers...nature... preservation area... beauty... I love it... Sharing it with you... Enjoy

26 photos
A trip to Amazonas and its main city, Manaus, in northern Brazil. Uma viagem ao Amazonas, mais especificamente, Manaus.

Amazonas II
16 photos
the city, Manaus, the harbour, market, people... a different world, in the rain forest, Amazonas, Brasil.

F. Noronha
1 photo
One of the most beautiful spots in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is an island at the northeastern coast of our country. Amazing preserved nature. It is worth it to spend some days there. Um dos...

2 photos
In the heart of Brazil, Tocantins, the incredible place, called JALAPÃO.

England/Scotland II
60 photos
Old images, edited now, in 2011. I thought I should not miss doing this, as I am better with editing now:))

49 photos
Everything, absolutely everything is about a huge and wonderful garden. Amazing England. I am loving each step taken here. ...in 2008... :)))

17 photos
I always wanted to go to Scotland. Well...I did... In 2008. Unforgettable! :))

South America
46 photos
...the beauty of a precious Continent...

129 photos
Some are special... I will collect them here... :))

156 photos
And again we crossed the border to this country...which I love for ages. Beautiful images to be posted here...

82 photos
Uruguay was the most amazing surprise to me. It is like travelling in a wonderful garden. I did not know I would get to know so much of it, as our original plans were to cross the border straight...

Gente / Viaje a Chile/Argentina/Uruguay/2009
31 photos
People, moments, stolen moments, as suggests de name of the new group of a dear friend. Gente, momentos, instantes...

Chile/Argentina/Uruguay/ Indoors / Outdoors
40 photos
I love these things... They are also part of what we "see"... :))Enjoy!

Flora/Fauna - Chile/Argentina/Uruguay/2009
61 photos
Along the road, in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil, some flowers, grasses, branches... I love it... ...the garden of the world ...and some cute animals too:))

On the road / Chile/Argentina (mostly Patagonia)...
61 photos
I took so many images of roads taken, along the road...both of my life and of my latest trip to southern South America... Here...some of them... :)

Architecture/South America
87 photos
I love to see how people live, how their ancestors built their houses, what is kept until these days... well...here it is...:))

37 photos
Getting to know a fantastic country. Chile. Here I am sharing some images with you. Thank you.

Chile / Chillán
16 photos
Starting the trip to southern Chile, to Patagonia, Chillán was the first place to stop.

28 photos
One of the highlights of the trip, Pucón and the fantastic volcán Villaricca, A MUST! Great memories!!!

Chile / Puerto Varas / Puerto Montt / Isla...
130 photos
Going south... ...and even more south... Puerto Varas, Chile, a lovely place to be...as well as Frutillar, the island Chiloé and Puerto Montt

On Pacific Waters
22 photos
A dream coming through. I always wanted to meet the Pacific Ocean. I did it:))

Chile/Argentina/ VillaLAngostura /Bariloche
59 photos
Entering Argentina for the first time on this trip. :))

Argentina/Chubut/El Bolsón/Esquel/Parque...
32 photos
Leaving Bariloche (heart was heavy) we took a road to the south, always in the middle of this fantastic Cordillera de Los Andes. Impressive beautiful sceneries along this road. And the adventure was...

Esquel/Trevelin (Argentina / Chile)-Futaleufu-...
53 photos
New very special surprises to come. :))) I love Patagonia. Did I say it before? LOL

To Coyhaique / Chile / Patagonia
21 photos
Leaving Puyuhuapi, Provincia de Aisén in Chile, going south, to Coyhaique, always along the Carretera Austral. A pass to cross and magical beauty to see! Thank you for dropping by!

Chile / To Lago General Carrera / Puerto Rio...
47 photos
These were very special days of the trip. Unforgettable and indiscribable beauty! Emjoy! Petra

From Chile to Argentina(again)
26 photos
Leaving Puerto Rio Tranquilo, all along the lake (Lago General Carrera) we were going towards Argentina again, crossing the border at a place called Chile Chico. Then the road would take us to...

To El Chaltén/Santa Cruz/Argentina
51 photos
A new and wonderful part of this journey was starting. Now, a bit distant from de Andes, but always seeing them, we would travel towards El Chaltén, Province of Santa Cruz, southern Argentina. The...

El Calafate / Glaciar Perito Moreno / Argentina
48 photos
Still leaving El Chaltén, next to the impressive and wonderful Lake Viedma and the unique Mount Fitz Roy, we started our way to what would be another extraordinary experience - El Calafate and the...

El Calafate/Perito Moreno/Argentina
6 photos
Absolutely powerful and irresistible, one of the most beautiful spots I know. Glacier Perito Moreno and El Calafate, in southern Patagonia, Argentina.

Torres del Payne / Chile
39 photos
Some images on the road, still in Argentina and then, in Parque Nacional Torres del Payne, one of the most fantastic places I have ever seen! You got to go there! It is FASCINATING!!

Península de Valdés / Argentina
8 photos
A MUST!!! One just HAS to be here, at least ONCE in a lifetime!!!

Argentina - along the coast - to Buenos Aires
70 photos
Out of Chile, crossing Argentina we finally arrived at the Atlantic Ocean, starting our trip to home. Our first sight of the Atlantic was in Rio Gallegos.

Buenos Aires / impressions
20 photos
This was my 5th or 6th time in Argentina and unfortunately I could not stay for long in Buenos Aires, as we needed to cross the border that day. So, I took some pictures from the moving car and I...

269 photos
From gardens here and there... flowers and details...

Brasil 1
152 photos
Pictures taken here, next to me, which have something to do with Brazil and us, brazilians, in general, as we are a huge MULTI CULTURAL community. Amongst us there are to find many many aspects...

Brasil 2
44 photos
Taken in Brazil, a multi cultural land, colourful, sometimes confusing, but wonderful.

Brasil 3
4 photos
To be reviewed by Getty.

Brasil 4
19 photos
Images of different places in this country

Brasil 5
14 photos
Taken in Brazil..

Brazil 6
24 photos