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5am the alarm sounded...I'm not sure if it was the alarm or the 80km+ winds slamming against the side of the house that woke me first. The very idea of heading out in this weather made me curl back up in my bed sheets..but as I often do I reminded myself that if I'm not out there in the field how can I make any images? Sooo one foot after the other I rolled out of bed and before I knew it I was scrambling over the large rocks in the dark on my way down to the Beamer.
This location has quickly become my go to place for high westerly winds. Normally weather like this would be a day stuck at home but the large rock wall creates that perfect barrier blocking the wind.
The below image was taken an hour after sunrise and was actually an after thought image. After some failed attempts at another composition and 2min long exposures I was on my way home when this composition caught my eye...well actually the waves smashing against the rock face scared the crap out of me which made me turn and I lucked into seeing the shot.
I can only image how crazy the waves must get in this location when there are easterly facing winds. If you look closely at the waves in the back you can see the winds blowing against them creating this spray coming off the tops.
Watching the waves/current battle the strong westerly winds as it moved forward was a reminder to me that no matter what happens in life..no matter the struggles, we need to push forward..keep moving one foot in front of the other so to speak..in doing so nothing can stop us from being successful.
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  • Taken: Nov 8, 2015
  • Uploaded: Nov 10, 2015
  • Updated: Sep 27, 2016