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User / Roland Bogush / Excellence in Wingwalking
Roland Bogush / 6,248 items
Always a thrilling display, Aerosuperbatics have been doing this for decades. I think their 'Excellence in Wingwalking' slogan is fairly recent, and it does raise the question as to whether any other standard of wingwalking would be survivable. 'Mediocre at wingwalking - but not for long!'
Apparently, anyone can have a go at this for a small fee (you pay them, not the other way round!). If you are interested, let me know and I'll book a slot for you. Don't all rush at once.....
One of the wingwalkers in the picture was interviewed befiore the show and said she got the job by applying to an advertisment. I imagine turning up for the interview was enough to secure the position....
The aircraft are Boeing Stearmans, if anyone is interested - very noisy as they have a similar engine and propeller to the T6. Texan/Harvard.
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  • Taken: Jun 2, 2024
  • Uploaded: Jun 5, 2024
  • Updated: Jun 12, 2024