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Robert Y / 45 items

32 photos
Some of my favourite photos

Front garden
15 photos

Wooden fenders
19 photos

New bike week
7 photos

Kanata cyclocross Nov 2nd 2008
4 photos

Cyclocross 26/10/2008 at Mooney's bay
9 photos
At Mooney's bay, Ottawa Ontario Canada

Voodoo 29er cyclocross
8 photos

Shed build
45 photos

New flashing
5 photos
Lets see the water get through that!

Digging a hole, August 2008
14 photos

Parliament 23/03/2008
16 photos

Kanata lakes
11 photos

Oct 21st cyclocross
6 photos

Oct 14th Almonte cyclocross
14 photos

Thanksgiving 2007
9 photos

Sept 30th britannia beach cyclocross
14 photos

Ottawa to Halifax 2007
89 photos
Heather, Sara and I biked to Halifax in July 2007. These are some photos from the trip as well as the side trip (by car) to Cape Breton Heather and I took after we arrived in Halifax.

Heathers LHT
7 photos

Ottawa to Montreal May 2007
31 photos

Miyata 1000
12 photos
My sis's new touring bike

Abandoned buildings near Wakefield
13 photos
April 21 2007

Touring bikes I saw
11 photos
I saw a lot of touring bikes along the way. It was interesting to see what people were touring on, there were so many variations.

Otago rail trail
71 photos

Tongariro Crossing
37 photos
See rjytravel.livejournal.com/16113.html for a bit of a write up.

Tiritiri Matangi
15 photos

Northland NZ January 2007
126 photos

34 photos

Heather's New ┬ÁBike ("mew"Bike)
6 photos
This is Heathers excellent new bike. I'm posting these photos of this excellent bike here to share them on the internet. 650c wheels, 46x16, chopped drops. BASK IN ITS TINY AWESOMENESS!

New Camera!
42 photos
This is the first set I've taken with my new Camera, a Canon S3 IS. The photos were taken around my uncle's garden.

Port Arthur 2006
18 photos

Painted cliffs
18 photos
Beautiful rock formation on Maria Island.

Convicts cells
13 photos
These cells are on a really barren part of Maria Island. I never did figure out what the box was for!

Maria Island 2006
63 photos
There were so many amazing things to photograph on Maria Island. This set includes the painted cliffs, various abandoned buildings, the landscape and a few critters. :)

Freycinet National Park 2006
15 photos

Myrtle Rainforest
8 photos
These are of a Myrtle tree rainforest near Weldborough, Tasmania.

Melbourne 2006
65 photos

Melbourne bike fix
6 photos

Melbourne Graffiti
26 photos

Bush fire survivor part 2
4 photos
Riding to Yarram, I noticed these gum trees that had been burned by bushfire. The regrowth was amazing!

Bush fire survivor
4 photos
This was a really interesting old tree on the side of the road that seems to have survived quite the bush fire. It's entire trunk was blackened.

Weird tree
5 photos

NSW Art Gallery
6 photos

Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens
10 photos

Raleighbot v1
3 photos

September 10th 2006
8 photos
Heather, Steph, Anthony and I went for a night bike ride and found a really interesting abandoned mill building along the way!