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User / bob.worthington1955 / Excavator at Lions Park, Coleambally 20140311
Bob Worthington / 193 items
Bucyrus Erie Excavator
This excavator is one of four machines imported from the USA and used to excavate the main channels in the Murray Valley. After finishing the Malawa canal it was bought to Coleambally to commence the canal work in the local area. On completion the machine was driven to it’s present site. It is still in working order and is started up during the biennial Vintage Machinery Rally which is held in August of each odd numbered year. I was careful not to park the Corolla too close to the bucket, just in case someone wanted a working demonstration of its capabilities.
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  • Taken: Mar 11, 2014
  • Uploaded: Mar 14, 2014
  • Updated: Mar 29, 2014