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3D projection mapping show Magiska Vinterdrömmar (Magical Winterdreams) by Jesper Wachtmeister (idea, director and producer).

Jesper Wachtmeister says on his LinkedIn page:

"Lead 3D Artist of the animated visual show was David Enbom. During a few hectic months in the fall of 2013 we crafted 10 minutes of animated content that will be projected onto the facade of the Gothenburg Art Museum starting december 6 and will be on display several times every evening after dark until new years eve 2013. The show also features captivating sound design by Jakob Myrman and the lights on the square of Götaplatsen will turn on and off and rotate in sync with the visuals. This entire experience is a part of a yearly christmas initiative by Göteborg & Co called Julstaden (The christmas city).

The theme for the show was chosen by Göteborg & Co and a corresponding idea and storyboard was developed by Jesper Wachtmeister. The building was then 3d-scanned by Norconsult and a low-weight polygon model was crafted based on that. After that we designed the various settings and objects we wanted to use in the show before proceeding with animation and final look.

A big thank you to Character Animator Fredrik Olsson that helped ease our burden during the animation process.
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  • Taken: Dec 31, 2013
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