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Aviation photography by Greg Bajor Find my images at Getty Images | Alamy Greg Bajor | images

Paintings, drawings, illustrations by Greg Bajor
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My paintings, drawings, illustrations... All rights reserved Copyright © 2011 Find my images... website | blog | getty images | alamy

Wake turbulence
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Wake turbulence forms behind aircrafts as they passes through the clouds when descending - few miles from landing. London Heathrow Airport. All rights reserved Copyright © 2012 Find my images......

Richmond Park
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Richmond Park is a 955 hectare (2,360 acre) urban park within London UK. Almost three times as large as New York City's Central Park it is Britain's largest urban walled park, and the largest of the...

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The Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde aircraft was a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner, a supersonic transport (SST). It was a product of an Anglo-French government treaty, combining the...

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