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35 items

Microbus 100
44 photos

Vancouver BC
4 photos

Freight Bandit
3 photos

CoR - Colossus of Roads
3 photos

Texan Gothic
1 photo

Whistle Blower
17 photos

100 strangers
56 photos
I accepted the challenge and quit

200 photos

All things Train
5 photos

26 photos
Some trials and one winner

23 photos
Kimber You have been with me for three short years, You have been with me through the best and gotten me through the worst of times. You are truly my best friend! You have eaten an ipod, destroyed...

March du le Nain Rouge
7 photos
300th ANNIVERSARY OF THE MARCH OF LE NAIN ROUGE, DETROIT’S LITTLE RED DEVIL March 15, 2010 – Detroit, MI On Sunday, March 21, Detroiters have an opportunity to revive an important tradition —...

13 photos
Hobo monikers, Train Art, Freight art, Folk art, boxcar art, Benching. Here it is

126 photos

Random Acts
151 photos
...of Photography

20 photos
More than the super-slab- A collection of photos taken of my experience on the road riding with friends. Check out the LWNC set for solo adventure riding.

Roadside Memorial
1 photo
A toast to the deceased, one mile at a time.

41 photos

19 photos

1 photo

382 photos

North Carolina
7 photos

71 photos

Washington State
25 photos

1 photo

California Graffiti
8 photos

Detroit Graffiti
141 photos
A collection of Graffiti, street art, wheat pastes and murals. Good or down right awful, it always grabs my attention...

Oregon Graffiti
187 photos

Reader, Read more books, Read up, Bookman,...
43 photos
all things Reader past and present.

Seattle Graffiti
11 photos

Washington state graffiti
14 photos

North Carolina Graffiti
3 photos

Utah Graffiti
1 photo

Portland Graffiti
108 photos

Idaho Graffiti
2 photos