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74 items

Christmas 2018
27 photos

Night on Broadway
14 photos

Christmas 2017
85 photos
Glendale in Lights!

This why you do Post.
4 photos

Milky Way @ Joshua Tree
20 photos

Balloon Juice - On the Road
44 photos

Brand Library & The Doctor's House
11 photos

A Pack of Snarling Jackals
3 photos
Balloon Juice Meetup - December 18, 2016

I Heard the Mission Bells(Part III)
36 photos
Mission San Juan Capistrano

Wonderful Christmastime.
48 photos

Griffith Observatory and Mt. Hollywood - A...
16 photos
Playing with the fisheye lens and HDR

I Heard the Mission Bells(Part II)
20 photos
Mission San Gabriel Arcángel

Good Vibrations and Sloop John B
28 photos
Watts Towers, the Falcon 9 rocket, the Beach Boys monument, and the Queen Mary and Long Beach harbor.

How the other half live(or don't live)...
35 photos
Churches, West Adams, and Pyramids.

26 photos
The reason behind the Hollywood Sign.

Shakespeare and Disney
18 photos

I Heard the Mission Bells - Part I
17 photos
Mission San Fernando Rey de España

Welcome to Fantasy Island...
24 photos

Fisheye, fisheye; Roly-poly fisheye; Fisheye,...
11 photos

Loaded on the Bus and headed to Beverly(Hills...
41 photos

Wait...Another Space Shuttle?
16 photos
It's a memorial to the Challenger and Columbia shuttles.

Celluloid Heroes, History, and a Big Rock
54 photos

The Villa
33 photos

Candle in the Wind
26 photos
A University, a Cemetery, a Temple.

Endeavour(and the Journey Home)
45 photos

An Evening at the Huntington
31 photos

Looking for Endeavour...
46 photos
Short Answer: I'm still looking.

The Getty and a Return to UCLA
29 photos

Happy 4th(belated) from Burbank and Cahuenga Peaks
20 photos

Mount Whitney & Manzanar - From the Archives
21 photos

Back to School
37 photos
I'm not actually going to take classes at UCLA, just a visit. The movie 'Back to School' was partially filmed at UCLA, so I thought it appropriate.

For Baud!
43 photos
Expo Line to Santa Monica and DTLA

Dinner @ Mori's
2 photos
A 360 Degree Expirement

The Huntington
33 photos
Chinese Gardens and Japanese Tea.

Seeking Inspiration
38 photos
A hike to Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point. Echo Mountain was developed in the 1890's with an incline railroad to a hotel on Echo Mountain and an additional railroad from Echo Mountain to what...

Flash Experiment
2 photos
Can you use flash with infrared, yes you can.

Franklin Canyon Revisited(In Infrared)
6 photos

21 photos
...or How I Learned to Love the Bomb

An Experiment
14 photos
In addition to producing fun and artistic photos, infrared is able to "see thru" haze. I've attempted to try to combine visible light photos with infrared photos. These were shot on a...

In an Octopuses Garden in the shade...
48 photos
A visit to Descanso Gardens

In a Van...(in Infrared)
15 photos, 1 video

Glendale in Infrared
28 photos

Picture of the Day
10 photos
A New Photo for each Day

Saturday, In The Park...
31 photos
OK, it was really Wednesday. A visit to Echo Park and the Victorian homes in Angelino Heights.

Alaska - From the Archives
41 photos

Light Side of the Moon
17 photos

This is the City...
9 photos
Nighttime in LA from the Griffith Observatory.

Down By the Fishin' Hole with Sheriff Andy and...
29 photos
A hike around Franklin Canyon.

Yellowstone - From the Archives
42 photos

The Korean DMZ - From the Archives
21 photos

JejuDo - From the Archives
18 photos
JejuDo is a volcanic island off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula.

You say it's your Birthday, It's my Birthday too...
23 photos

Glendale...After Dark.
35 photos

Holy Hollywood Sign, Batman!
13 photos
Bronson Caves and a hike up Brush Canyon Bronson Caves was the filming location of TV's Batcave.

24 photos
Kodachrome.. (I'll note the camera and Film, were applicable, used in each album)

It's Morning in LA...
15 photos
(Snow edition)

Happy New Year
19 photos
A Visit to Cedar Grove and a Return to Beacon Hill.

Seoul - From the Archives
53 photos

Paying respects to Leslie Brand.
13 photos
Leslie Brand developed the City of Glendale and donated his home to the city after his and his wife's passings. His home is now the Brand Library and the property also houses the Doctor's House(an...

Yosemite-From the Archives
16 photos
Photos from hiking in Yosemite, 1978

Glendale Peak to Mt. Hollywood via the Hogback...
16 photos

There's Snow in Them Thar Hills.
11 photos

31 photos
OK, boys and girls; time to put on your red and blue 3-D glasses...

95 photos

20 photos

Vermont Canyon to Mt. Hollywood
1 photo

Breaking in the New Camera
85 photos
The Old Zoo, Mt. Hollywood, the Hogback Trail & Beacon Hill.

The Verdugos with Jane
4 photos
The Beaudry Loop

Beaudry North
4 photos
Labor Day 2015

Verdugo Peak
33 photos

On A Clear Day...
15 photos

Mt. Thom & Tongva Peak
28 photos

Amir's Garden & 'Taco Peak'
26 photos

Climbing Mt. Hollywood
12 photos
Hike up Mt. Hollywood with Jinsun