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William T. Ayton / 78 items

Manna from Psyche and the Psyche series
13 photos, 1 video
An augmented reality installation in Mesa, Arizona, and variations thereof.

AR & Computer Art
27 photos, 3 videos
Purely digital (mostly 3D) pieces, including Augmented Reality works.

b/w ink drawings
868 photos
Mostly done with brush on Bristol Vellum or similar. And some sepia ink occasionally. Also includes soluble carbon drawings.

of trees & men
73 photos
Works related to trees, tree [wo]men & man-trees(?)

the world series
118 photos, 1 video
A selection of works somehow depicting the world.

color / monochrome paintings
736 photos
From 1991 to the present. Mostly acrylic on various supports (board, plywood, canvas, paper). A few oils. Also many monochrome pieces.

digitally / altered
38 photos
Some drawings that have been altered in Photoshop. I don't do this very often (there are just a handful of images here), but I occasionally find it useful & surprising to modify the images...

in humanity 1991-2011
37 photos
This was a series of about 12 drawings that I started in 1991, around the same time as I did a series on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The intention was always to do a larger...

Coronavirus series
69 photos, 1 video
A series of works directly or indirectly in response to the current pandemic. Created in lockdown in Arizona. And now, back in Rhinebeck NY.

Ships & Fools
30 photos
Together or individually.

monochrome paintings
215 photos
Black and white. Mix them together, you get gray.

26 photos
Some eyes, and a cyclops or two.

Böcklin's Isle of the Dead
25 photos
And similar works/other islands.

18 photos
It's a theme.

47 photos
Darkness and such...

works on card/board
198 photos
Ink drawings on cardboard (or card). With white acrylic. Sometimes, black acrylic, too.

27 photos
An enduring theme in my artwork. Plus one Echo.

131 photos
Some artwork inspired by Greek and other myths.

Towers of Babel
50 photos
Some pieces depicting or containing the Tower of Babel...and other towers sometimes...

Kings & Queens
29 photos
Some Kings & a Queen or 2...

Working Drawings
4 photos
These are mainly for Augmented Reality (AR) projects.

New Babel AR
7 photos, 1 video
An Augmented Reality public art installation/activation in Union Square Park, NYC, for The New School's 100th Anniversary "Festival of New" and beyond.

some angels
68 photos
Most of my angels are on loan from Rilke's Duino Elegies or the Wenders movie Wings of Desire...flawed, beautiful & terrifying...

A Warning
24 photos
A series of 24 monochrome paintings.

Modified Humans
44 photos
And suchlike—a selection of some of my more surrealistic images.

156 photos
Various kinds of landscape-related pieces.

The Book of Revelations
52 photos
Or The Revelation. The End of Days. The Day of Reckoning. Ayton's Apocalypse. A series of 52+ paintings.

It's the End of the World as we know it...
42 photos
...and that can't be good...

83 photos
Round paintings & drawings. Also, an oval or two.

30 photos
Some mountains.

Heaven and Hell
126 photos
An ongoing series that has been slowly unfolding for several years (in fact, about 20). Ultimately, the series will probably comprise around 100 pieces. Or, actually, more.

4 last things
12 photos
Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. With some related works.

26 photos
Very large figures, statues & gods.

Gods, Goddesses, Deities
19 photos
An occasional collection of works on the theme of superhuman entities of various kinds.

Birds etc.
32 photos
Birds and other creatures.

Large Paintings
10 photos
Paintings of considerable physical size.

unnatural history
38 photos
Artwork concerning animals, plants, etc.

Lost Souls
21 photos
Artworks on a lost soul theme...

Printed Works
13 photos
Book covers, posters, illustrations, etc. A small selection.

The 18
18 photos
A series of 18 color paintings that serve as a "looking back" over my career so far, and a "looking forward" to the future. Also, a meditation on life, the world, humanity, and...

24 photos
Things that don't quite fit in the other sets.

14 photos
A variety of Minotaurs.

15 photos
Spring (Primavera), Summer, Fall & Winter.

seven deadly
16 photos
Some drawings & paintings for a series on the seven deadly sins.

159 photos
I wanted a place to put some of my more intricate, delicate and complex drawings.

16 photos
If you want to paint an omelette, first you have to paint some eggs.

60 photos
Eternity truncated, or the French word for summer...a series of drawings started in summer 2016.

9 photos
Very small paintings etc.

The Book of Creation
6 photos

Drawing Pad
40 photos
These drawings are all from the same drawing pad. They date from May 2013 to February 2015.

15 photos
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights drawings & paintings. From the early 1990s, exhibited in Europe & the USA. The entire series of artworks can be seen at www.udhrart.org.

The Book of Souls
32 photos
A collaboration with Tim Lowly. This collection includes the finished spreads from The Book of Souls, as well as some of the original drawings & pieces that may not appear in the finished work.

9 photos
Some Pietàs and related works.

iconic heads
108 photos
A selection from among my many drawings and paintings of heads. Most of these are invented, but some are based on actual people.

24 photos
The flipside of life...

top 36
36 photos
Originally intended to be my personal top 10, that proved impossible to whittle down to, so 36 should be easier...perhaps...

there is a land...
5 photos
A large image made up of 5 panels.

75 photos
I've destroyed the world several times now...

Timeless series
11 photos
A series of drawings from 2008.

shadow bay
24 photos
Shadow Bay is a visual noir crime novel done in collaboration with writer Donald J. Rothschild during the period from summer 2009 to early 2010. The cover painting and one additional (replacement)...

ancient heads
21 photos
A recurring theme of old & sometimes grotesque heads.

47 photos
A personal & idionsyncratic selection of some of my "best" artworks, old & new. Flickr's linear & chronological method of displaying images means that many quality works become...

select 2
48 photos
A personal selection of some of the best (IMO) pieces from the last year or so. These are new pieces, I avoided selecting new uploads of older works This set is the sequel to the original...

the holocaust
13 photos
From a series I started in 2005 that was intended to be a collaboration with a composer.

105 photos
Selected depictions of the human form.

collaboration with NCM
37 photos
A series of collaborative drawings with NC Mallory on a specified title or theme. Drawn as simultaneously as we can manage, given our 3-hour time difference & varying logistical challenges.

41 photos
ink drawings on tinted paper

88 photos
Ink drawings from several recycled-paper sketchbooks.

pencil drawings
27 photos
Some pencil drawings and sketches of portraits, etc.

drawings from life
2 photos
Mostly done in 2007 in my studio.

43 photos
Julia Kay's Portrait Party.

9 photos
Silverpoint drawings from 2009. The main problem with silverpoint drawing is its lack of tonal range, which can be alleviated somewhat by the use of colored ground & hightlighting with white.

love, war, fire, wind
9 photos
Book of poetry/art done in collaboration with NYC poet Eliot Katz. The book contains over 60 pieces. Available from Amazon & all good booksellers, online & off. Narcissus Press, 2009.

27 photos
Including head shots for Julia Kay & so on.

10 photos
Artworks made of multiple panels

5 photos
Some images of saints.

Dignity & Justice
65 photos
Socio-political artworks.

Rise of the...
16 photos
or fall...