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Northumbria 2020
15 photos

The Two Tabbies
4 photos

My Earring Collection
6 photos
I have always love wearing earrings and over the years have accumulated approximately 100 pairs

Lockdown 2020
15 photos, 1 video

Google Phone
27 photos

7 photos

Smile on Saturday
52 photos

Phill's 70th
3 photos

Brittany 2019
13 photos

Port Lympne 2019
10 photos

Lake District 2019
13 photos

24 photos

Berlin 2007
24 photos

France 2018
25 photos
Holiday in Brittany and the Charente

Exmouth - 2018
2 photos

Big Cat Sanctuary
9 photos

2 photos

It's the little things 2018
51 photos, 1 video
This is a project inspired by one of my contacts Bennilover who started posting photos of the 'little things' that make her happy. I enjoyed taking part so much in 2017, I am back for some more this...

1 photo

Newcastle 2017
6 photos

Budapest 2017
16 photos

Cornwall 2017
4 photos

6 photos
I love it when I come across a strange place names

Neighbour's Cats
30 photos

It's the little things 2017.................
51 photos
This is a project inspired by one of my contacts Bennilover who started posting photos of the 'little things' that make her happy.

Sri Lanka
29 photos
This was a holiday to celebrate my 60th birthday. It started rather badly with me dislocating my shoulder the day of our flight. But it turned out to be a wonderful visit despite the injury

Amazon Kindle
1 photo

Live Entertainment
8 photos

3 photos

23 photos, 1 video
We took in a stray cat in January 2016. We advertised for her owners and when no-one came forward we decided to keep her, by which time we discovered she was pregnant. On 8 April 2016 at 9.00pm she...

Marwell Zoological Park
11 photos

98 photos, 1 video
Pixie was a stray who came into our lives in February 2016. After advertising for her owners with no results we decided to keep her. We found out she was pregnant on 13 March. She gave birth on 8...

56 photos
Photos of things which don't really fit anything else!

Olympus Tough
15 photos

25 photos

Dismaland 2015
3 photos

Portugal 2015
27 photos
We had a lovely holiday in Santerem and surrounding area in August 2015

Liverpool July 2015
7 photos

St Ives, Cornwall
6 photos

20 photos

80 photos

9 photos

Wildlife Heritage Foundation
17 photos

Liberty's Owls, Rapture and Reptile Centre
2 photos

Cotswolds Wildlife Park
21 photos

38 photos
This is an album of people who I see when I am out and about. They catch my eye and I want to capture their beauty, strangeness, laughter, sadness and fun. I hope they would like them as they are...

Italy 2014
6 photos

14 photos

Alpacas and Llamas
16 photos, 1 video

Bugs and Butterflies
10 photos

Animal babies
22 photos

Whipsnade Zoo
9 photos

6 photos

National Trust
29 photos

Exeter April 2014
4 photos

Wolf Conservation Trust
9 photos

Funny Signs
30 photos
Sometimes you see a sign and it just makes you smile. Here are a collection that made me smile

Holiday 2013
13 photos

Flickr Explore
123 photos, 4 videos
These are all of my photos which made Explore and are still in there. Never been sure how Explore works but it does mean more people hopefully get this see your photos

Italy 2013
4 photos

Shetland ponies
71 photos

Italy 2012
23 photos

By the seaside
40 photos

Claudia's visit
2 photos

52 photos
Nana was Mojo's grandma. She was our neighbour's cat who gradually moved in with us. She only lived for 9 years because of leukemia. She crossed over the rainbow bridge on 11 August 2007

25 videos

Livingstone, Cat Explorer Extraordinaire"
10 photos

114 photos, 1 video
Ray came into our lives around July 2011. He was a 'stray' who would hang around mine and my neighbour's garden. Being an unneutured Tom he could be aggressive. But he had such a big round...

Italy 2011
17 photos

With A Song
30 photos, 1 video

My friends and family
134 photos, 2 videos

16 photos

Other people's cats
145 photos

Italy 2010
15 photos

62 photos

Peak District
9 photos

11 photos

40 photos

130 photos
Elsie came into our lives on 8 November 2009. I work with her owner who had split with her long term partner. Neither could afford to keep on the rented house they were in and he went back to stay...

Italy October 2009
11 photos

Port Lympne
11 photos

Scotland August 2009
6 photos

77 photos, 1 video

61 photos
I hate having my photograph taken. I am not fishing for compliments when I say I am not terribly photogenic - it's just a fact of life.

244 photos, 12 videos
Kaiser was born 13 August 2008 (same birthday as Phill) and he came to live with us six weeks later

If they could speak
55 photos

Working with textures
314 photos

88 photos

67 photos

12 photos
Holiday in France 2008 Normandy and the Loire Valley

Animals France - 2008
8 photos

13 photos

Other animals
213 photos, 1 video

564 photos
It is a strange thing to say but I am not that comfortable around horses. But I have tried to overcome this so that I can take photos of these wonderful creatures.

176 photos
I don't own a dog but when I'm out walking I like to take the odd snap or two. Unlike cats, dogs do appear to have a sense of humour, which I like.

mojo and friends
252 photos, 1 video
I have two cats - Mojo (black and fluffy with no tail), Kaiser a tabby/white kitten born 13 August 2008. Update October 2015...... I have three cats!! , Kaiser, Milu and Ray. I have four cats! ...

Feathered Friends
267 photos

The New Forest
281 photos
William the Conqueror created the New Forest as a medieval deer hunting ground in 1079. Centuries later, agreement between the Crown and local people meant the Crown grew timber for ship building and...

black and white
44 photos

Smoggy International
46 photos
Smoggy was cat who lived in Australia. Smoggy was owned by one of my contacts, Catherine ( Kitticatd). This started when I saw that Kitticatd sent out calendars of Smoggy to various cat nuts...

Nature and the great outdoors
70 photos

98 photos
All kinds of flowers - wild, cut, in the garden

5 photos
I visited Bangladesh in 1991 when I worked for The British Council

My Britain
298 photos

143 photos
I am delighted that these photos have at one time or another appeared on the Explore/Interestingness page!