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User / Beau Rogers / Swiss Cheese Falls of the Coyote Gulch, Utah
Beau Rogers / 722 items
I messed up during our backpacking trip into the Coyote Gulch of Escalante and lead me and my cousin in through a more difficult and lengthy route. We had to bushwack through brush, hop across creeks in soaking wet shoes and socks, and chase ornery cattle off of the trail. Still though, once we made it to the heart of the gulch after walking about nine miles, we decided to continue on to the Swiss Cheese Falls for some waterfall rejuvenation. I've always loved chasing waterfalls; it's a hobby of mine that began when I first started hiking in the Ozarks of Arkansas as a youngster.This one is called Swiss Cheese Falls, and it's quite beautiful. There is nothing like a desert oasis with water available all around. I am planning to return in November during Veterans Day Weekend.
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  • Taken: May 26, 2021
  • Uploaded: Sep 15, 2021
  • Updated: Dec 30, 2021