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Beau Hudspeth / 51 items

54 photos

Egard Watches
4 photos
Forged as a tribute to the bond between a son and his father, Égard produces exceptional timepieces that do more than simply tell time — they capture moments.

Richard Paige | RPaige
6 photos
The Rpaige watch was conceived, designed and produced by Richard Paige. Richard is a 4th generation watchmaker, who founded several high profile watch stores in California. His signature store was...

Prometheus | Piranha
17 photos
The Prometheus Piranha 500m Automatic Diver Watch is powered by a Miyota 9015 Automatic Movement. It features a 60 click unidirectional bezel and is a watch inspired in designs of diver watches from...

LÜM-TEC | 600M - Abyss
10 photos
Specs: • 48mm width excluding crown • 24mm lug width • 14mm thick • 59mm tip of lug to tip of lug • Weight on leather strap 155g/5.5oz. • 316L Stainless steel case • Bead blasted...

LÜM-TEC | G Series
51 photos
Specs: • 45mm width excluding crown • 24mm lug width • 13mm thick • 57mm tip of lug to tip of lug • Weight on leather strap (approx.) 113g/4oz. • 316L stainless steel case and crown •...

2 The 9's | Product Photography
9 photos
Product photography for 2 The 9's Vapor Shop in Canby, Oregon. Assorted products used for e-cig use. The 2 The Nines FaceBook Page.

19 photos
Images of the lovely Meghan - the Beauty of Banks.

Prometheus | Sailfish
27 photos
Welcome to the sailfish collection. Released September 2013. Technical Details: • 316L Stainless Steel Case with Brushed finish • Matte Dial • SII Time Module NH36 Automatic Movement •...

Individual Design | Mark Carson | Ka La Classic &...
8 photos
Ka La means "The Sun" in Hawaiian. The Ka La Watch designs are inspired by the sun dial, an enduring way to track the passage of time. Individual Design watches are designed in Hawaii by...

Vittorium | AT48-AT42
9 photos
Watches from the Vittorium Switzerland AT48 amd AT42 Line.

Church Graphics
9 photos
Some of the graphics I have created for St. Helens Missionary Baptist Church, St. Helens Oregon. www.sthelensbaptist.com/ Listen to us live! www.sthelensbaptist.com/live-services/

Vostok Europe
9 photos

US Agency
7 photos
U.S. Agency Watch Company has created functional tactical military timepieces. In law enforcement or other combat situations, when you need to rely on a watch that will perform with precision and...

Watches - Some I Have Shot
95 photos, 1 video
Some great watches I have been fortunate enough to shoot. Many more to come. • Edmond Switzerland • Egard • Individual Design • Airforce One • Ducati • LÜM-TEC • Vittorium...

Weddings & Engagement
71 photos
Shots taken at weddings we have photographed from Washington to Tennessee.

Edmond Watches
9 photos
Watches from the Swiss watch maker, Edmond Watches. Elegant | Complex | Simplicity

Where the Child Things Are
36 photos
Child photography can be one of the most demanding, frustrating and all out exhausting types of shoots ... but the rewards can be amazing.

My Models
53 photos
Some of my favorite shots of a few models I have been lucky enough to shoot.

Watch What If's
54 photos
"Watch What-If" is a special column on www.ablogtoread.com that asks the playful question "what if an iconic watch you know and love was offered in a different style?" The idea...

Event Imagery
27 photos
Shots taken at events, concerts, plays/musicals and the like.

Gran Turismo 5/6 | GT5/GT6
60 photos
Gran Turismo 5/6 (commonly abbreviated as GT5/GT6) is the fifth & sixth edition of the Gran Turismo racing video game series. Developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer...

23 photos
Some of the souls I was lucky enough to capture with my camera.

8 photos
No Flickr portfolio is complete without a flowers set.

Prometheus | JellyFish
21 photos
The watches of the JellyFish line. You can visit the Prometheus site by clicking HERE.

Prometheus | Ocean Diver Chronograph
10 photos
You can read more about and purchase the Ocean Diver from HERE The Swiss Made Prometheus Watch Company Ocean Diver Chronograph model is the result of a design competition at Watchuseek Watch Forum...

HDR - My way
46 photos
Some of my favorite HDR shots rendered how I feel that HDR should be done: real and powerful

Firearms & Knives
53 photos
As the title suggests, here is where my images of firearms and knives reside. • Benchmade • Case XX • Beretta • Ruger • Puma • Glock • Bushmaster • RWS • Winchester •...

Cross Processed PDX
35 photos
Read about these images in my Examiner Article: Cross Processed PDX.

CBP | Magazine Ads
11 photos
These ads were created and used in assorted RC magazines for Cheap Battery Packs DOT com. All ad conception through completion was done by me with little to no direction from the client. Maybe you...

Jewelry and Other Decorative Items
2 photos
Yeah, that stuff ....

Food Photography
17 photos
Shooting the stuff we love to eat. Product photography and more ...

Gods Natural Glory
44 photos
Images of all that God has created that resides outside.

Watches - My Personal Collection
47 photos
Starting about 20 years ago, my farther stared getting me watches for just about every major holiday, and I never understood why. " "Does he think I have a terrible sense of...

LÜM-TEC | Lumzilla LZ10
6 photos
LZ10 316L Stainless Steel with Titanium Carbide dark charcoal PVD hard coating. LUM-TEC MDV technology®. Japan made Miyota OS20 quartz chronograph movement. Black dial. • 48.3mm width excluding...

LÜM-TEC | 500M-3
9 photos
500M-3 Bead blasted Titanium Carbide dark charcoal PVD hard coating. Black dial. 44mm width excluding crown./18.5mm thick. 24mm lug width. 316L Stainless steel case. screw lock crown with triple...

LÜM-TEC | Combat B15
12 photos
B15 Bead blasted SS finish. LUM-TEC MDV technology®. Japan made Miyota OS20 quartz chronograph movement, Real Carbon fiber dial 43mm width excluding crown. 22mm. Lug width. 316L Stainless...

Vittorium - Whale Series
6 photos

Vittorium - Deepdiver Series
30 photos
This set contains both commissioned and non-commissioned works of watches from Vittorium Switzerland. A few were commissioned by watch guru Ariel Adams of aBlogtoRead.com. AskMen.com and Luxist.com...

Invicta Watches
31 photos
Invicta Watches in front of the lens.

Through the Lens, Baby.
25 photos
Images taken with the Lensbaby Composer. Click here for more info on the Lensbaby Composer and next on my ,Examiner Article: The LensBaby Composer: information, examples and a short overview.

B&W & Duotone
53 photos
The world in monochrome. Sometimes it's just better that way.

Kacy Ritter
11 photos
It is not often that photographer will let them selves be shot, and even rarer when they seek you out for a photoshoot, but this was one of those times. Over the last two years ('09-'10), I have...

35 photos
Greatly modified or created solely in Photoshop, but you can see that.

Motorsports & Vehicles
32 photos
You get the idea ...

The Urban Life
21 photos
City. Urban. People. Places.

In front of the lens
5 photos
When the photographer becomes the photographed.

Fun Stuff
15 photos
Ya know, fun stuff!

Jennifer Harbin
14 photos
One of my favorite models and a great friend. You can find her on Model Mayhem HERE.

Sammy Sibert
9 photos
Sammy Sibert is 16 and looking to get in to the modeling industry. I think she can make it ...

Camera Gear
8 photos
The stuff we shoot with. Past and present.