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137 items

douglas street
285 photos
... a picture trip from mile "0" in victoria james bay to saanich north quadra at gabo creek

in explore
61 photos
... I have no idea how the following ended up in that popular stream as they aren't of cats, dogs, birds, trains, plastic toys or dramatic and over-processed landscapes ... nevertheless, the...

people in the frame
210 photos
people going about ...

victoria bc
1322 photos
... a capital city

oak bay bc
729 photos
... you have to live somewhere ... for a while, for me, it was here (august 2004- march 2020)

saanich bc
193 photos

esquimalt bc
22 photos
... place of shoaling waters

view royal bc
7 photos

colwood bc
13 photos

langford bc
20 photos

city streets
225 photos
...views from the sidewalk/side of the road.

miscellany of shops
60 photos

diptych & triptych
40 photos
commerce on city streets

dine around town
85 photos

fish & chip shops
10 photos

corner stores
65 photos
... portraits of a vanishing institution ... indeed, as of july 2023, 37 corner stores in this collection are no more; in some instances new stores under fresh branding have replaced the old but in...

8 photos
Where a guy can get a haricut on the island.

street views
176 photos
... van isle roads travelled

waiting for the light
59 photos
... to change

intersections & roundabouts
51 photos

city street with bus stop
87 photos
... gimme shelter

6 photos
... 8"x10" views

crosswalks two
8 photos
... widescreen views

pay for parking
20 photos

parking lots
40 photos

11 photos

no exit
24 photos
... no way out

end of the road
18 photos
... it all, inevitably, ends somewhere

fill 'er up!
5 photos

your speed
6 photos
... driving around town

sign o' the times
33 photos
... informing and instructing

no no no (signs)
37 photos
... do i have to spell it out for you?

12 more no nos
12 photos
... don't you dare even think about it! ... the price paid for a civil society??

kids at play (signs)
8 photos

say please
6 photos
... civility is a good thing

utility boxes
11 photos
... those ubiquitous boxes by the side of the road

canada postes
20 photos

painted posts
12 photos

12 big sticks
12 photos

totem poles
5 photos
... first nations' art.

6 photos

wood pallets
17 photos
... skids

campers, trailers, motor homes (profile views)
13 photos

campers, trailers, motorhomes
30 photos

under cover
31 photos

26 photos

6 red umbrellas
6 photos

12 more red umbrellas
12 photos
... a common sign of summer, like dandelions and butterflies

fences, walls, hedges, barriers
161 photos

gates, arbors, trellises, pergolas
26 photos

big green
84 photos

boundary corners
8 photos

urban forest
148 photos

residential streets
13 photos

home fronts
121 photos
... primarily in and around victoria bc

24 fairfield home fronts
24 photos
I've worked on a home fronts project for many years. This is a chapter on homes from Victoria city's Fairfield neighbourhood. Inspired and validated by Henry Wessel's "House Pictures" and...

home fronts (low rise)
35 photos

fire escapes
11 photos
... get out!

home fronts (high rise)
9 photos

the belmont
6 photos
... tower on a rockland hill; (eventually) 36 views

the promontory
10 photos
a big one

on the corner
79 photos

the blue door
20 photos
... because not all doors are red

the red door
48 photos
... something about feng shui and red doors

the yellow door
17 photos

back & side doors
14 photos
... more than one way out

leave a light on
32 photos

from the back porch
12 photos
a series of 12 views taken from 2014 to 2018

back yards
67 photos

the back side
14 photos

the garden hose
18 photos
... a familiar and common object seen in various settings

a window into ...
13 photos

it's a gas
8 photos
... gas meters in all their various shapes & arrangements

14 photos
... see also: (www.flickr.com/photos/bcpaterson/galleries/72157667310663...)

6 photos
... the national game

10 photos

7 photos

the day no one
6 photos

bleacher seats
12 photos

fog, mist, wind, rain, snow
144 photos

autumn leaves
34 photos
... the falling leaves drift by my window / the autumn leaves of red & gold

18 photos
... three of a kind

demo con reno
195 photos
demolition, construction & renovation ... human spaces transformed

big crane in the frame
24 photos
... obvious presence and the not so obvious

house build
27 photos
... plywood & 2x4s

house lift
12 photos

7 photos

13 photos
... as in no longer open for business

only a memory
34 photos
... all gone

7 photos

seaside living
17 photos

water views
145 photos
... I live on an island

sub/urban beaches & shorelines
57 photos
meandering around the CRD's coastline

12 mcneill bay views
12 photos

12 oak bay views
12 photos
... the light and colours of my local bay as seen at various times of the day.

bowker creek watershed
111 photos
... the creek flows south from its headwaters at the University of Victoria through neighbourhoods in Saanich, Victoria, and Oak Bay, before entering the ocean at oak bay near the Oak Bay Marina ......

lakes & ponds
5 photos

water (not just for drinking)
13 photos

local parks
76 photos
... a mix of the natural and man-made

urban parks boundaries project
8 photos

along the beaten path
7 photos

urban parks boundaries project (8x10)
12 photos

palm trees
24 photos

aspen poplars (a series)
7 photos
... uplands park, oak bay bc

pampas grass
8 photos

5 photos
the more the merrier

13 photos

19 photos
... genus of flowering plants in the family Oleaceae (olive)

kayaks, canoes, & paddle boards
31 photos
If you like my photography, I have produced a small book of 28 images from this collection. For info, see here.

park the boat
40 photos
... somewhere on dry land

bc transit
11 photos
A collection of images primarily taken in and around Victoria, BC.

trains, boats, planes
11 photos

murals & frescoes
14 photos
A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces. A fresco is a technique of mural painting executed upon wet plaster.

1 photo

creative spirit
27 photos

christmas spirit
15 photos

saanich fair
18 photos
... since 1868

5 photos

my flower garden
1 photo

oh deer
3 photos

a dog's life
16 photos

animals & birds
5 photos

2 photos
... the cat

dinah (1999-2016)
2 photos
good night, sweetie

frankie albert (??-2013)
3 photos
Frankie joined our household in April 2012 ... and sadly, left us one year and a day later ... he was the greatest.

desmond digby (1999-2011)
4 photos
A portrait album of Desmond (1999-2011) ... with the occasional photo of him with his litter-mate sister.

black & white
3 photos
grayscale experiments

saturna island day trip, may 2019
1 photo
... with the victoria camera club

matching pairs
84 photos

iPhone SE
5 photos

fujifilm x100f
1279 photos
... my primary camera as of august 2018

fujifilm x70
685 photos
... my camera of choice from February 2017 to august 2018; still use on occasion such as when my X100F is broken (December 2023)

canon powershot g16
258 photos
... my camera of record from March 2014 to February 2017

canon powershot g10
152 photos
... my camera of choice from mid-2009 until early 2014 at which point sensor dust rendered this beloved camera quite useless in that it was impractical to fix

nikon coolpix s630
3 photos

nikon coolpix p4
63 photos

nikon coolpix e5600
84 photos