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User / Baz Richardson (catching up) / Paddock on Cottesbrooke Estate, Northants
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Northamptonshire used to be known as the "County of Spires and Squires" because of the numerous beautiful stone churches and the country estates. This estate has at its centre the beautiful early 18th century Cottesbrooke Hall. Pictured is one of the paddocks where horses belonging to the estate enjoy the rich grass.

The iron fence is a reminder that back in the 19th century the county had numerous iron foundries which smelted the iron ore found in the beautiful brown ironstone used in the construction of so many of the county's old buildings. This led to the development of the massive Corby steelworks which sadly no longer makes steel, having been priced out of world markets. However, steel tubes are still made there from steel manufactured elsewhere.
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  • Taken: Jan 21, 2022
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