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3 photos

1 photo

2 photos
Perth, Western Australia.

1 photo

Parade College 1960s
30 photos
Photos taken in the late 1950s or 1960-1968.

28 photos
St Joseph's, Nudgee College, Boondall, Brisbane. Photos taken 2017-2022.

Shark Bay
6 photos
Western Australia

Edmund Rice Beatification
17 photos
Rome, October 6, 1996 Those attending as part of the Edmund Rice group were issued with green scarves and shoulder packs (Edmund Rice was Irish)..

Nulungu College C7
62 photos
Groups etc Nulungu

Warmun People
13 photos
Students and people connected to Ngalangangpu School as well as members of the Warmun Community. Note: It is almost certain that this Album contains images of Indigenous people who have died.

13 photos
Third town in goldrush days to Kalgoorlie and Boulder. Not much remains now. Interesting cemetery and worth visiting during the wildflower season

2 photos
Kalgoorlie, Boullder and Golden Mile

Broome Airport
7 photos
Images related to Broome International Airport.

Old Balgo
19 photos
Celebrations at Balgo and Old Balgo in 1998.

Aquinas 69-71
17 photos
Photos taken mainly 1969-1971. Particular year might be a guess.

50 years Nulungu and Christian Brothers
70 photos
Mass, Display etc: Celebrating 50 years since founding of Nulungu College and arrival of Christian Brothers in the Kimberley Dinner: Celebrating 50 years of Christian Brother Ministry in the...

Wheelchairs for Kids 2014
18 photos
Photos taken at their premises in 2014. In 2021 Wheelchairs for Kids moved to new premises. There is an album of photos here: Wheelchairs for Kids 2021-

21 photos
Photos with a Railway connection

Broome 1970s
27 photos
Br Nick Bilich almost certainly the photographer. Scanned from negatives passed down to me.

Gordon Downs Station
19 photos
Old Station Buildings mainly photographed in August 2010. Other photos: www.flickr.com/photos/barkochre/collections/7215762371065...

44 photos

Bungle Bungles
8 photos

Fitzroy River
3 photos
Kimberley, Western Australia

NDA Breoome
9 photos

Bran Nue Dae - The Musical
5 photos
A small number of photos mainly from the 1990 tour.

Nulungu College 1990-1994
155 photos
Photos, mainly of boarders, 1990s before amalgamation as St Mary's College.

Beagle Bay Church
37 photos
Sacred Heart Church, Beagle Bay, Dampier Peninsula, The Kimberley, Western Australia.

7 photos
Mirrilingki Retreat and Conference Centre, Warmun

Sturt Desert Pea
8 photos
Swainsonia formosa. Halls Creek, The Kimberley, Western Australia.

Re-uploaded photos
10 photos
Earlier photos that do not display enlarged have been re-uploaded to provide a better zoom. They are mainly panoramic photos. -e2

Julian Tenison Woods
5 photos
Grave and monument in the Waverley Cemetery, New South Wales.

Windjana Gorge
16 photos
National Park off the Fairfield Rd south of the Gibb River Rd junction. Kimberley Region of Western Australia

Cemetery Plot Broome
4 photos
Graves Broome

The Archer
3 photos
Currently private photos. Not freely visible on internet.

Warlawurru 30 Years
29 photos
Some photos taken at the Warlawurru 30 year celebrations.

Cable Beach Intrusive parking
11 photos
Vehicles parking on the beach below the Amphitheatre and some distance to the south on Cable Beach was an occasional event before 2017. During the 2017 dry season it has been extremely rare for me...

Holy Rosary School
5 photos
Holy Rosary School, Derby, Western Australia

Derby Pioneer Cemetery
9 photos

11 photos

Monsignor Hawes
34 photos
Monsignor John Hawes architect priest and monk was active in ministry and building in the Geraldton area. He was the architect for the Geraldton Cathedral as well as several churches and...

45 photos
My photos favorited - favvourited - by others.

4 photos
Photos taken in Chester in May 2005.

101 photos
100 yaruman5 photos sorted by how interesting flickr defines them.

10 photos
Soil/sand deposition and erosion.

A Select Property
13 photos
A Select Property

View To Asia
30 photos
Sculpture display on the grassed area of Cable Beach - part of the annual Shinju Matsuri Festival in Broome.

40 photos
Most of these photos were taken by others, in particular Allanah.

Wanalirri 25
50 photos
Wanalirri School celebrates 25 years Jubilee.

New Ngalangangpum School - Dancing
7 photos
Warmun Community members and Ngalangangpum students dancing to celebrate the Opening of the New School at Warmun.

Ngalangangpum - New School
63 photos
New School built on higher ground after flood destroyed much of the previous school. Most photos taken at Official Opening June 2016

La Salle Class Photos 1972
29 photos
Scanned from old negatives or prints. First photo is from the 2022, 50th Reunion of the 1972 Year 10 Class.

Bicentennial Train Journey
15 photos
Photos taken while GM1, GM2, 3801 and Flying Scotsman locomotives were in Kalgoorlie - May 1988

Between Port Hedland and Geraldton
20 photos
Photos taken along the North West Coastal Highway between Geraldton and Port Hedland

Wolfe Creek Crater
16 photos
Wolfe Creek Crater the largest intact meteorite impact crater in Australia. Accessed via the Tanami Track south of Halls Creek.

Patrick B Kelly
10 photos
Some photos of Pat. Some links: Belinda Hawkins – Tardun Old Boys’ Reunion 2009 www.flickr.com/photos/41013281@N08/3770713225/in/album-72... Hockey WA May 2015: ...

Fitzroy Crossing
4 photos

7 photos

Memorial Park Cemetery
88 photos
Old Albany Cemetery on Middleton Rd, Albany, Western Australia.

Albany War Graves
9 photos
Mainly from the Memorial Park Cemetery on Middleton Rd, Albany Western Australia

35 photos

Primary Art SMC
13 photos
Primary students Art, St Mary's College, Broome.

Wheelchairs For Kids - 2020
16 photos
Volunteers in Perth, Western Australia, build Wheelchairs for the World's Children in need. www.wheelchairsforkids.org/ www.facebook.com/wheelchairsforkids

Stafford Lea Morgan
11 photos
John Stafford, Ada Lea, Lucy Morgan etc

Br FP Bowler
10 photos
Br FP Bowler cfc (1885-1970) and St Colman's Central School, Fitzroy. It was a one teacher school. Br Bowler taught there from 1929 until the end of 1966.

9 photos
Photos of Columbaria that I have visited.

Sturt Creek Massacre
6 photos
I also have photos of this area not yet scanned. These were taken during a commemoration visit by people from Balgo, Mulan and Billiluna.

Holy Rosary 50
37 photos
Photos taken at the Holy Rosary School 50 years celebrations.

Sacred Heart Church
14 photos

Billiluna Travel
37 photos
Travelling to or from Billiluna by road or air.

Travelling JPP
4 photos
Travelling to or from John Pujajangka-Piyirn School.

Djarindjin Lombadina
30 photos
Photos taken around the Christ the King School, Djarindjin-Lombadina.

Thomas Bay
18 photos
Lombadina Beach. Christ the King School is close to this bay.

Djarindjin Lombadina Story
7 photos
An Art celebration of the Story of the Lombadina and Djarindjin Communities of the Dampier Peninsula. Managed by Christ the King School, Djarindjin Lombadina.

24 photos
Photos taken on the Tanami Track - Western Australian section.

La Salle 1972
68 photos
Scanned Photos and slides from 1972-1976. Because of their age and the scanning process some photos exhibit blemishes and colours may have faded. There are 1972 class photos at: ...

La Salle 1973
41 photos
Scanned from photos processed during 1973. There are some scanning blemishes. Photos are mainly of a Christian Living Camp at Toodyay. The first College Walkathon from the College to John Forrest...

La Salle 1975
33 photos
Scanned Photos and slides from 1972-1976. Because of their age and the scanning process some photos exhibit blemishes and colours may have faded. You will find photos by others on the Remember...

La Salle 1974
10 photos
Scanned Photos and slides from 1972-1976. Because of their age and the scanning process some photos exhibit blemishes and colours may have faded. You will find photos by others on the Remember...

La Salle 1976
3 photos
Slides taken in 1976 and scanned. There are some blemishes. You will find photos by others on the Remember Midland Facebook Page created by Matthew Pavlinovich www.facebook.com/remembermidland The...

15 photos
Glenburn Centre for Ecology and Spirituality

La Salle
1 photo
La Salle College, West Australia

Whale Watching
27 photos
A number of photos are similar. I have included this number to indicate a bit over half the whale activity we saw on the Whale Watching Cruise of 3 hours from embarking to disembarking.

25 photos

Fitzroy Cemetery
38 photos
Fitzroy Crossing, West Australia, Main Cemetery and new location for Pioneer Cemetery graves from original eroding site beside the Fitzroy River.

Tardun Cemetery
9 photos
CBAS Cemetery

Tardun Shearing Shed
35 photos
Photos taken at the Tardun Shearing Shed after it had had little use for a couple of years.

14 photos
Views through windows or framed spaces.

21 photos
Art by Pat Mohen. Some of his poetry can be found at: christianbrothers.com.au/pmohen/

1 photo

NDA Graduation
15 photos
Graduation Notre Dame Australia, Broome Campus

Cable Beach
61 photos
Cable Beach Broome

18 photos

Nulungu (1971-1989)
146 photos
3 icons above right control this display. For Photos from 1990-1994 The Nulungu motto, proposed by Fr Kevin McKelson: "Mapu wandiya" - meaning: Be Good. If you are a former student...

127 photos
Aerial photos mainly from the Kimberley

Yaruman IT
12 photos

Kururrungku IT
13 photos
IT Photos Kururrungku

not tagged
41 photos

Tardun 2003
49 photos
Photos taken by others during 2003. Give an idea about what CBAS was like before it was closed.

Tardun 2002
28 photos
The school CBAS Tardun is now closed. These photos from 2002 taken by AS give a good idea of school life at Tardun. I did not take these photos and so © All rights reserved by AS

60 photos
Some of my photos in order of Interestingness.

kur funday
7 photos

Muddy Road
9 photos
Trip from Beagle Bay (sealed road) via some unsealed road after a thunderstorm to Broome.

Cape Leveque Road
13 photos
Broome - Beagle Bay - Lombadina - Cape Leveque (Kooljamin) - One Arm Point

39 photos

Old Buildings etc
4 photos

108 photos
Sunset photos taken mostly in the Kimberley reqion of Western Australia, particularly at Cable Beach

Luurnpa Jubilee
39 photos
Luurnpa school, Balgo Hills, Celebrates its jubilee.

110 photos
The Boab has a lot of individuality and character and is a most interesting tree. It occurs naturally in various parts of the Kimberley. It has also been planted in several towns and properties.

mullewa show
12 photos
Photos submitted for the Mullewa Show Photography Display, 2009. Class and description is on each photo once clicked upon. Large sizes can be obtained by clicking on photo and then on all sizes...

Kings Park
6 photos
Perth, West Australia

Town Beach
48 photos
Broome, West Australia

7 photos
Aquinas Munnar Retreat, July 2009

100 photos
Photos taken at and around CBAS, Christian Brothers Agricultural School, Tardun, West Australia. Tardun is about 1 hour drive inland from Geraldton. The school closed in 2009.

St Joseph's Kununurra
3 photos
St Joseph's Catholic School, Kununurra

Christ the King School
15 photos
Christ the King School, 200km North of Broome on the West Coast of the Dampier Peninsula - the Kimberley West Australia.

Sacred Heart School
1 photo
Sacred Heart School, Beagle Bay

53 photos
Wanalirri School, Gibb River Station, Gibb River Road, via Derby.

11 photos
Ngalangangpum Catholic School, Warmun via Kununurra

12 photos
Warlawurru Catholic School, Lundja, Halls Creek

John Pujajangka-Piyirn
10 photos
Photos taken at John Pujajangka-Piyirn Catholic School, Mulan via Halls Creek

8 photos
Kururrungku Catholic Education Centre

Yaruman Environs
34 photos
Photos taken around Birlirr Ngawiyiwu School, Yaruman Ringer Soak via Halls Creek

9 photos
Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo Hills via Halls Creek

The Duncan
77 photos
The Duncan Highway which runs south from Halls Creek, East and then North ending north east of Kununurra in the Kimberley West Australia. Road access to Yaruman/Ringer Soak is via the Duncan and the...

45 photos

27 photos
Photos Goolwa, Middleton, Port Eliot and Victor Harbour

Paul & Evon
1 photo
Wedding photos taken by Berkeley

Bran Nue Dae - The Movie
26 photos
Some filming of Bran Nue Dae - the Movie - was done in Broome and Beagle Bay. This was one set they used in Broome.

Harvey Fresh
1 photo

Darwin & NT
10 photos

Brisbane & Queensland
22 photos

Grafton and Maclean
10 photos

81 photos

17 photos
Yamba 2008

16 photos
Randwick: WGA Fitzhardinge, James Frederick Waverley: Stafford, Morgan, Lea, Hill Kununurra: George Gardiner

Birlirr Ngawiyiwu School
21 photos
Photos taken at Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Catholic School. +A set of some public and some private photos. The private photos can only be viewed by being given the code to view the set.

131 photos
Panoramas I have made. Mostly the photos are taken without a tripod and stitched using the panorama facility in Photoshop Elements v4. I have learnt to test the shots first for exposure, set a...

7 photos
These photos are not publicly available.

Beagle Bay
16 photos

45 photos
Shinju Matsuri street parade, Broome, 2007

240 photos
Photos taken around Broome (Kimberley Region, West Australia 6725)

Gibb River Road
186 photos
Along the Gibb River Road - mostly between Derby and Gibb River Station. Order of photos is mostly (but not totally) in order starting from Derby.

23 photos
Sisters of St John of God, Kimberley Centenary. Celebrations at Djarindjin Lombadina. June 19, 2007

Between Perth and Broome
90 photos
Photos taken driving between Perth and Broome along the Great Northern Highway or alternative roads (closer to Perth). The photos are roughly in order from Perth to Broome

Between Broome and Derby
53 photos, 1 video
Photos taken on the main road between Broome and Derby.

Between Broome and Halls Creek
163 photos
Photos taken along or near the Great Northern Highway between Broome and Halls Creek. There is a mix of aerial and photos taken on the ground. The photos are roughly in order from Broome to Halls...

Between Halls Creek and Warmun
39 photos
Photos more or less in order starting from Halls Creek.

Between Warmun and Wyndham/Kununurra
22 photos
Great Northern Highway between Warmun and Wyndham/Kununurra

2 photos

98 photos

Goal, Kenya - Nairobi
33 photos
Goal, Ireland is a humanitarian group which has a well-managed, efficient and effective presence in Nairobi. I was particularly impressed that the administration as well as building used for their...

35 photos
Photos involving reflections, mainly in water.

Most viewed
103 photos
100 of my Photos that have the most views. Mostly this means photos which turn up in web searches rather than the best photos. The set is sorted by number of views starting from the most viewed down...

Most Commented
118 photos
Photos that have been most commented on (includes 1 comment). Top photo has 19 comments.

Kenya 2005
50 photos
Photos taken on a visit to Kenya in 2005. GOAL is an Irish Charity and NGO which is very active in Nairobi. I was privileged to experience a range of their activities in Nairobi.

Scotland 2005
43 photos
Photos taken while travelling by bus in Scotland mid-2005. The first four of the 5 closeups at Iona were taken by a friend.

Tanzania 2005
12 photos
Photos taken in Tanzania during a visit in 2005

Aerial Views
147 photos
Photos taken from aircraft.

Red Bull Air Race
8 photos, 3 videos
Pert, West Australia, November 2006

250 photos
Photos of Flowers, Shrubs and Trees, taken mainly in West Australia. I would appreciate a flickr email with the scientific names for some of these I would like to add them as tags or descriptions.

Balgo & Luurnpa
91 photos
Balgo Hills, or Wirrumanu is an Aboriginal Community off the Tanami Track on the edge of the Great Sandy desert in West Australia. Luurnpa is the name of the school there. Luurnpa is kukatja for the...

Billiluna & Kururrungku
38 photos
Billiluna Station is near where the Sturt Creek crosses the Tanami Track in the Great Sandy Desert. The school is called - Kururrungku.

Halls Creek, Warlawurru
26 photos
Photos taken at Warlawurru School, Red Hill or in the Halls Creek area.

Mulan & Lake Gregory
56 photos
Photos from the Aboriginal Community of Mulan, Lake Gregory and environs. Gregory Salt Lake is a large lake fed mainly by Sturt Creek which rises in the Northern Territory. The Lake was last dry in...

Warmun, Ngalangangpum, Mirrilingki
23 photos
Photos taken at and around Warmun, Kimberley region of West Australia. Photos before the Warmun photos taken between Warmun and the Kununurra turn-off. Photos after the Warmun photos were taken...