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… is candid and uncropped in color.
I was on the steps of the temple around Durbar Square and he passed by. I had no time to change the aperture setting (I tend to shoot aperture priority mode) hence the shallow DOF.
I think this hard working boy is the same boy as the one in the photo shown as the first comment to this posting and both photos are in MY BEST 25 SHOTS album.
I don’t think he attended school and the money he earned collecting plastics for recycling probably supplemented his family’s meager income (If he even has a family).
Meanwhile, in the first world, children skipped school so they could protest about ‘fairy tales’.

Nepal is my favourite country to visit and I have been there 6 times, spending about 20 months in total.
I was there during the 2015 earthquake, the 2010 week long strike where nothing (except tourist buses) moves, the constant power cut (which was called load shedding) which at worst days during the cold months electricity was only available for an hour each day, the worst hail stone in 2016 plus many other memorable events and many people too.
Yet, in all the time there, I have never gone trekking nor will I ever go trekking. When shocked people asked me, “Why not?”
My response, “I do like to walk but I don’t like to walk more than I have to and trekking is too much unnecessary walk.”
People are different…

ps: As usual, I am pushing my ONE gallery called WHY NOT???
The obsessively chosen and truly excellent photos there are attention catching, nicely framed, aesthetically pleasing, sharp and clean portraits of children from all over the world.
Please visit the gallery and enjoy.
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